What is junk food and why we should junk them!!

🤔What is junk food?

Junk food or fast food are those which are🥯🥞🌭🍕🍟

👉Useless for body.❌

👉Hardly have any nutritional value. 🍀
👉High in calories 🌿
👉Loaded with fat, sugar and chemicals. 🙄
👉Causes diseases.😥

🤔Why everyone like to eat junk food?
👉 They are convenient and easily available – in today’s fast life no one wants and has time to cook food.🤨

👉Junk food are heavily advertised, constantly shown on tv ad with attractive offers and pictures.🤑

👉They are seen as part of progressive and modern society.🤐

👉They have too attractive presentation and are tasty to eat. 🤤

👉They are available everywhere easily. 🌾

👉They are addictive in nature and more you eat these food, more you want to eat them.🙄

👉We eat them even after knowing there harmful effects comes under pragyapradh(not using intellect) which is cause of diseases.

🤔Why government allows these unhealthy food?

👉For the sake of economy. 🤑

🤔Why they are unhealthy?

👉They contain trans fat, preservatives, artificial flavors, flavour enhancing agents, artificial colours, excessive sugar and excessive salt. 🌷

👉In preparation of junk food many ingredients, many methods are used, hygiene is not maintained many times. 🍀

👉They are harmful for GI tract, nervous system and are cancer causing.🍀

👉They can cause skin problems, respiratory disorders, sleeping errors, hyperactivity, hypertension,obesity, heart diseases, diabetes etc. 🍀

🤔What are the examples of junk food?

👉Chips, French fries, burgers, pizza,pasta, cake, pastries, cold drinks, milk shakes etc.

👉Pani Puri, samosa, kachori, bhujia, chole bhatoore, kulche, medu vada, pakkore, parathe etc

👉Things mentioned under viruddh ahara.

👉Even eating healthy food in excess convert into junk food for body .

🤔How to avoid them?

✅Try to avoid them completely or eat them once in a while.
✅If you can’t stop them completely then slowly reduce the amount and frequency of intake .
✅Prepare them at home using healthy ingredients.
✅Eat mindfully, eat any food only after thinking it’s effect on your body and mind.
✅ Cook different healthy food at home which prevents craving for outside food due to same food at home .

✅Include nitya sevaniya ahara in diet.

👉 Take responsibility for your health.

🧒👧Protect your child from junk👹.

👉Children are target of junk food industries. 🍀
👉Educate your child about bad effects of junk food. 🍀

👉 Junk food may be convenient for parents but imagine children who is in growing age need nutrients for growth but we junk their body with useless food 🍀

👉Every parent wants to give best of everything to their child so why to give them useless and harmful food, give them only best food. 🍀

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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