Ayurvedic regime for Rainy season to protect health .

Monsoon regime (Varsha ritu charya)

🌷With every season there is change in environment and it effects us also so to be in sync with nature and to maintain balance of dosha in body , it is important to make changes in food habits and lifestyle according to the season.

🌷For each season ayurveda suggests some diet and routine to prevent seasonal diseases and to maintain health .

🌷Generally people think it is normal to fall sick with change of season, fever, cough, cold and allergies are normal but it is not, by following simple rules they can be prevented easily.

🌷During monsoon sky is cloudy, sun is mild, due to rain environment is wet,cold, humid, water is muddy and water bodies gets polluted .
Monson season in India comprise of two months(shravan and bhadrapad) mid July to mid September.

🌱How rainy season effects body??? 🌧️

🌷In varsha ritu body strength and digestive capacity are low😷.
In this season vata dosha gets aggravated and pitta accumulates.
Food, water are dominant in sour taste.
🌷Chances of Abdominal colic pain😩, cramps, diarrhea😵, cough and cold are high in this season.

🤔What are the Do’s and Don’ts for this season??

🌱Diet to follow 👇

👉As digestive strength or agni is low one should eat light, warm and fresh food only. ✅
👉In India shravan fasting or chaturmas fasting is prevalent since long which helps in preventing Indigestion due to weak agni.
👉Have some ginger +rock salt +lemon before food helps in increasing appetite. ☑️
👉Moong daal soup is beneficial. ✅
👉As water gets polluted drink only boiled water.✅
👉 Have sweet, sour, salty and little oily food. Avoid bitter, Pungent and astringent taste foods.
👉Eat Old grains. Wheat, rice, barley, jowar, lentils, sattu, moong daal and roasted grains should be consumed. ✅
👉Have seasonal vegetables and fruits only. Mango consumption should be avoided or limited. 🥭
👉Avoid leafy green and raw vegetables. ❎
👉Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, ridge gourd , pumpkin, Pointed gourd, potatoes, ginger and garlic are favourable vegetables. ✅
👉Spices like black pepper, cumin, cardamom, Clove, cinnamon, dry ginger etc should be used in food✅
👉Avoid excessive water or other liquids. ❌
👉Avoid heavy to digest food like meat, urad dal, cheese etc. 🍗❌
👉Avoid cold and stale Food. Avoid ice-creams. 🍧🍦❌

👉Dry roasted chana, peanut and murmura should be taken.

👉Honey with water is must during these times. 🍯
👉Have harad powder(2-3gm) with rock salt .
👉Ayurvedic asav, arisht and digestive powder should be taken after doctor consultation.

🌱Lifestyle to follow

👉 Avoid sleeping in daytime as it slow down digestion which is already working at less strength.
👉Avoid exertion and heavy exercise. 🤸‍♂️

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👉Do oil massage, oil pulling, nasya and karn puran regularly . ✅
👉Do not get exposed to sun for long duration. 🌤️
👉Stay in warm, clean and dry place. ✅
👉Avoid walking bare foot on grass and in dirty water . ❌
👉Keep feet dry. 👣
👉Do not get wet in rain, keep body dry and warm.
👉Use herbal powder for😍 bath(besan, haldi, neem, lodhra, chandan, Manjishtha etc)
👉Use fumigation on your clothes and in homes (burn neem, turmeric, black pepper, loban, guggal, ghee on cow dung cake)
👉Stay away from river, water falls and other water bodies . 🏞️
👉 Best time for Basti therapy of Ayurveda to pacify vata dosha.

🤗Can we have pakodas😋 in rainy season??,
👉To balance increased dryness due to aggravated vayu, body wants fried food so yes you can have fried snacks but in moderation and if your digestion is too weak then you should eat shallow fried things.😀

🌱By following above things you can protect yourself from infections😎 and other seasonal problems. Prevention is always better than cure. 😊

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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