Why to add Cardamom in sweets??

🌺🌺Ela (Cardamom) 🌺🌺

🌷Indian sweets are incomplete without flavor and aroma of cardamom. 🌼

🌷It’s a natural fragrance and flavoring agent, it can be used in place of artificial things. 🌼

🌷Cardamom not only used in cooking but it is used in many Ayurvedic medicines like it is a one of ingredient of sitopaladi and Chyawanprash.🌼

🌷It not only give distinct flavor and aroma to food but it also have many health benefits.🌼

🌷Cardamom is known as Ela in Sanskrit. 🌼
🌷There are 2 varieties of cardamom one is small green cardamom and other is greater black cardamom both are different in properties and uses .🌼

🍀Green cardamom 🍀

👉It is pungent and sweet in taste🌱
👉It is light to digest and also makes food light to digest . 🌱
👉It is dry in nature . 🌱
👉It is pungent in vpaka(after digestion) 🌱
👉Cold in potency 🌱
👉It balances kapha and vata dosha. 🌱
👉Its Seeds and seed oil are used 🌱

👉It improves taste in food . 🌱

👉It helps in maintaining blood pressure 🌱

👉Cardamom is good for lungs as it increases blood circulation of lungs. 🌱
👉It is useful in asthma, cough, cold, tuberculosis,difficulty in breathing and in chronic respiratory disorders. 🌱

👉It is good for heart ♥️
👉It relieves indigestion,bloating, constipation,Gas,Mouth ulcer, nausea and vomiting. 🌱
👉It relieves pain during passing urine, retention of urine or difficulty in passing urine. 🌱

👉It is useful in condition piles. 🌱

👉It helps in controlling excessive salivation. 🌱

👉It relieves pain in body. 🌱

👉It is useful in high uric acid.

👉Chew it to relieve dry mouth.

👉It is useful in treating burning sensation in body. 🌱

👉It relax mind. 🌱

👉Avoid its excess use 🌱

🌻Black cardamom 🌻

👉It is one of the ingredient of Indian spice mix (garm masala) . 🍁
👉It is pungent and bitter in taste.🍁
👉It is light and dry in nature 🍁
👉It hot in potency
👉It balances kapha and vata 🍁
👉It increases pitta 🍁

✅It relieve body pain. 🍁
✅It relieves bad odor. 🍁
✅It improves appetite 🍁
✅It is useful in skin disease 🍁
✅It is useful in condition of nausea. 🍁
✅It helps in controlling high blood sugar. 🍁

Why to add elaichi in sweets?

How to use it? 🤔
👉Add it in food.
👉Add it in milk and tea.
👉Add it in sweets
👉Chew it directly.
👉It’s cold infusion can be used.
Always use its freshly crushed seed powder.
Store cardamom pod in airtight container.
☘️ Add cardamom in tea if you use to have ginger in tea, as by balancing heat of ginger it prevents acidity.

🤔Why to add Cardamom in sweets?

👉It not only gives aroma and flavor to sweets but also helps in there digestion and prevents mucus production due to sweet taste.

Few remedies

✅In cough have it with honey 🍯

✅Apply paste of black cardamom in itching . 👍
✅Dry cough, UTI – Burn it on pan then crush, add honey and lick 🍀
✅In dental carries, bad breath and gums inflammation – soak it overnight in water and gargle with this water in morning. 🌼
✅Chew it in bad breath, sore throat, dry mouth, vomiting, headache and excessive thirst. 🌼

✅Excessive body heat or burning sensation -have its powder with ghee 🌻
✅Urin retention – have it with amla juice 🌷
✅ Cardamom Oil – apply it on toothache 🌷
✅Anorexia have it with paan. 🍀
✅Motion sickness have its pinch of powder.
✅In bloating–soak it in water or
overnight, filter and drink this water in morning or have cardamom, ginger and rock salt before food 🍀

✅Cough – have it with dadhi mastu.🌷

✅Chew it directly in bad breath and diarrhea. 🍀
✅Headaches – have cardamom tea. 🌼
✅To protect eye have cardamom with honey.

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