Ayurvedic view about leafy green vegetables.

🤔Does having leafy green vegetables in daily food is good for health as per Ayurveda?

👉No. 🙄

🤔What does Ayurvedic acharyas say about green leafy vegetables?

👉Green leafy vegetables are categorised under shaka varg in Ayurvedic division of food.🍀

👉As opposed to today’s general belief Ayurvedic acharyas suggests against consumption of leafy green for good health.🍀🍀

🤔Why Ayurvedic acharyas are not in favour of consumption of green leafy vegetables??

👉Green leafy vegetables are kashya rasa dominant, dry, heavy to digest and cause obstruction of body channels. 🍀🌱

👉In starting you might feel better bowel movement by having leafy green but eventually they cause constipation. 🍀🌱🤐

👉They increase vata dosha.🌵
👉They are not good for bones and eyes.🌿☘️
👉They causes joint related problems. 🌿☘️
👉They are not good for rakt(blood tissue) and shukra dhatu( reproductive health) ☘️🌿
👉Not good for intellect, memory 🌱
👉 They can cause early greying of hairs. 🌵☘️

🤔Is there any way to take them?

👉Still if someone want to eat green leafy vegetables he should follow few rules to reduce their bad effects 🌱🌿

👉Acharya Sushruta explain correct way of taking leafy green.🌱🌵

👉Before consumption they should be boiled and squeeze to remove water then they should be cooked in ghee or oil and spices.🌱🌵👍
👉By doing so there bad effects are minimised but even then not completely nullified.

👉Avoid use of dry leaves. 🍂

👉Use only fresh and soft leafy vegetables. 🍃

✅Have them one once or twice in a week. 🌱🍀
👉Avoid them in daily food. ✅
👉Children and elderly people whose digestive strength is not strong should avoid them . ❌

👉In old age vata is already high and by having leafy greens there vata will increase more which result in more health problems for them 🍀🌵.

✅Those with strong digestive strength and do excessive physical exertion can have it. 👍🍀

🤔Then why people of Punjab eat lots of sarson saag?

👉Sarson or mustard greens grows in Punjab and people of Punjab are habitual of eating it from generations, they do hard work and have strong digestive strength so for them having Sarson saag would not cause problems as they are accustomed of them (desh satmya), but others should avoid it. 🍀☘️🌿

🌺🌻So in place of leafy green vegetables other green vegetables like bottle gourd, pointed gourd, bitter gourd etc should be eaten. 🌷🌻😊

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