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Garlic is a natural blood thinner!!

☘️Garlic is known as Rason ( king of rasa as it has all rasa except sour)

☘️It is used from ancient time in Ayurveda as preventive as well as curative spice.

The ideal dose of garlic is 1-6 gm once or in divided dose in whole day.

☘️ It is oily, strong and hot in nature.
☘️It balances vata and kapha dosha
☘️It increases pitta dosha.

🌻Garlic Benefits

Garlic is used both internally and externally .

It is used in Ayurvedic medicines, oils and therapies.

👉Garlic is anti-aging, prevent early aging like wrinkles, greying of hairs and joint pains. 😎
👉 Improve immunity.

👉 Improve digestion, relieve bloating, constipation and colicky pain. 😊
👉Heart tonic💓, lower cholesterol deposition on blood vessels, blood thinner and balance blood pressure.

👉Good for Eyes👀

👉Good for hair growth ( can apply paste by mixing in coconut oil)👩

👉Kills Worm in Children. 🐛

👉Improve skin complexion ,used in skin disease, wound and vitiligo.🌺

👉Useful in Paralysis, neuralgia and facial paralysis. 🌷

👉Arthritis, sciatica(in joint pain and swelling it’s paste is applied locally)🌵
👉Helps in quick healing of fractured bone. 🦴
👉Good to use after Menopause to protect bones.
👉 Aphrodisiac.
👉Natural antibiotic.

👉 Useful in Sinusitis, cough, cold and asthma. 🤧
👉 Improves voice quality. 🎶
👉 Fight and prevent cancer. 👌
👉 Improve intelligence, concentration and memory. 😇
👉Prevent alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.

👉 After viral fever like in corona when coagulation activity of blood increases garlic should be consumed in morning.

When to avoid Garlic?🧐
🌷During Summer limit its use.
🌷Pitta Person should use it in moderation
🌷Avoid hot sun, excessive exercise,anger and water immediately after garlic intake .
🌷Avoid it when body temperature is high.
🌷Safe for children, pregnancy, during lactation.
🌷women with heavy period should use it with caution. Also avoid it during

🤔Why some communities or on day of fasting it is not eaten ???
👉Garlic is not consume by brahmin, jains, Buddhists, serious yogis and those who are on spiritual path.
👉Garlic is tamsic(darkness) food as its regular consumption blocks energy channels and also blocks mental clarity.
👉it increases heat in body and also creates heating emotions like anger, stress, anxiety and sexual desire.
So those who are wants to attend higher state of consciousness avoid it as a regular food.

How to consume Garlic?🤔

✅Pitta type can use it with ghee or boiled it with milk and drink this milk in morning.
✅Those who can tolerate its taste and odor can directly have 2 bulb of garlic in morning.
✅ Garlic milk- take 5gm garlic paste it and add in milk (40ml) + water (40ml). Boil this mix till it remains 40ml then filter it, drink this milk once or twice daily , milk reduce hotness and pungent taste of garlic.In rainy season when joint pain increases it is a good remedy to relieve pain.
✅It can be used in cooking specially with cooling vegetables like bottle gourd and Ash gourd.

Always consult Vaidhya before using garlic in any health condition .

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