Do you know malfunction of gallbladder can be a cause of high cholesterol, vitamin D deficiency and hormonal imbalance??

🤔What is gallbladder and what it does ??

👉Gall bladder is a small pear shaped organ located beneath liver in the upper right side of abdomen.🌻

👉 Gallbladder stores bile which secrets from liver. Gallbladder release this bile in duodenum to digest food. 🌻

👉Bile is used to digestion and absorption of fatty food, fat soluble vitamin like A, D, E, K and minerals.🌻

👉Mostly gallbladder is not seen as important organ like heart and kidney but it is a very important part of body .

🤔What happen if gallbladder do not work properly?
👉If gallbladder do not release bile or bile becomes thick due to various reasons then it causes following conditions

🌷vitamin D deficiency .
🌷High cholesterol level
🌷Acid reflux
🌷Acidity of blood which results in many serious diseases like autoimmune diseases, heart diseases, inflammatory diseases etc
🌷As bile breaks estrogen hormone, gallbladder malfunction results in high estrogen and low progesterone hormone level this high estrogen causes things to grow results in tumors, polyps, cyst, fibroid, thyroid nodules and even breast cancer

Mostly in above symptoms role of gallbladder is overlooked and medicines are prescribed just to relieve symptoms but to cure the problem correction of gallbladder function is very important .

🤔What are the common gallbladder problems?
Gallbladder stone
Gallbladder infections
Gallbladder cancer
Gallbladder Inflammation
Gallstone pancreatitise

🤔What is gallstone, their types and causes??

👉 Gallbladder stones are solid material accumulated in gallbladder they may be multiple in number and there size varies from sand particles to the size of tennis ball.

👉Gallbladder stone cause other gallbladder problems.

🌷Types of gallstones

  1. Cholesterol gallstones- when there is excess of cholesterol which bile is unable to digest this excess cholesterol may accumulate to form gallstone.🌿
  2. Pigment gallstones- excess of bilirubin can form this type of stone🌿
  3. Mixed type 🌿

🙄Gallstones mainly form due to 3 reasons

  1. If there is excess of cholesterol in bile☘️
  2. If bile contain excess of bilirubin☘️

3.If gallbladder fail to empty correctly☘️

🤔Who is at risk of having gallstones?

👉 Overweight and underweight person🌺

👉 Women are more at risk then men🌺

👉 Age above 40 years🌺

👉 Person who consume high fat diet🌺

👉 Person who lose weight suddenly🌺

👉 Women who are using contraceptive pills or other hormonal treatment🌺

👉Diabetic person🌺

👉Those who are taking fat soluble vitamins capsules like vitamin D, vitamin E, evening primrose oil, fish oil etc, these supplements can give extra burden on gallbladder. 🌺

👉Anxiety, stress causes apan vayu to move up and prevent gallbladder to empty bile. 🌺

🤔What are the symptoms of gallstone??

👉Usually gallstones are silent ,80% are asymptomatic . Symptoms appears only when stone irritate gall bladder.

👉 Severe pain in right upper abdomen which can spread to chest , shoulder or back.

👉 Indigestion, nausea,low appetite

👉 Fever

👉Clay coloured stool

👉 Yellowish skin

🤔 How to diagnose it ?

✅It can be diagnosed easily by ultrasound examination with appearance of other symptoms.

🤔What is the treatment of gallstone in Ayurveda??

✅In ayurveda it is called pittashmari which can be treated and prevented by proper diet , medicine and therapies

✅Small stone can be cleared by dietetic control but surgery becomes necessary if size of gallstone is very large.

🤔How to protect gallbladder
👉Proper bile flow is very important to prevent gallbladder problems and other problems like high cholesterol, vitamin D deficiency, acid reflux etc.

👉In Ayurveda there are herbs which activate gallbladder so as to contract it and empty excess bile for that consult Ayurvedic doctor .

Follow following things for proper functioning of gallbladder

✅Eat warm and cooked food.

✅Include Carrot , beetroot, cucumber, lauki,alovera, turmeric, dried ginger, black pepper, long pepper ( pippali), hing, fenugreek, kalonji etc in diet

✅ Have Citrus fruit

✅Diet low in fat should be taken.

✅Avoid refined oils like canola, safflower etc use ghee, sesame oil, groundnut or mustard oil for cooking.


✅Avoid coconut oil for cooking if it is not part of your traditional cooking or common in place you live.
✅Avoid channel clogging food like cheese, tofu, heavy food at night etc.

✅Avoid cold food and drinks.

✅Avoid cold smoothies

✅Herbs like neem, haritaki,aloevera, Gokshur etc are useful
✅Weight should be maintain by diet and excercise.

✅Fasting , light diet are also effective.

✅Follow ayurvedic diet rules, Daily routine and seasonal routine .

✅Yoga- yoga poses like vajrasan, pavanmukt asan, pashchimottan asan,shalbhasana etc are good.

✅Do meditation to relieve stress.

🌷Today gallstone becoming a very common problem and also removing gallbladder is seen as common .

🌷Many people think removing gallbladder will solves all there problems but if you continue with your same diet and lifestyle which cause gallstone then same mechanism will damage your other body parts.
🌷 Removing gallbladder is not the solution but start of other health issues so at first place try to protect your gallbladder and maintain its proper functioning.

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