Include Fenugreek seeds in diet for managing hormonal imbalance, joint pain,obesity, acid reflux and much more!!

Methidana (fenugreek seeds)

🍀Methi is known as Meethika in sanskrit which means one which improves Medha or intelligence. 😇

🍀Methidana is rich in vitamins like vitamin B6, vitamin A,C,K and mineral like calcium, magnesium,zinc, copper and potassium.

🍀It is bitter in taste, hot in nature, light to digest, unctuous, it balances vata and kapha dosha.

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🍀Methidana uses

👉Useful in constipation, bloating , gastritis – mix its powder in buttermilk or consume overnight water soaked seeds of fenugreek.

👉 It is useful in anorexia-chew it.

👉Used in all types of joint pain, sciatica and paralysis – use internally as well as warm paste of its seed can be applied locally which help in reducing pain and swelling.

👉 It is used in fever due to cold weather.

👉It relieves tiredness and fatigue of body and mind.

👉 Improve breast milk- give 5 to 10 gm seed powder with milk or it’s laddoo once or twice a day to lactating mother.
👉 It must be given after delivery as it control vayu in new mother, prevent pain and weigh gain, normalize periods, clean and strengthen uterus.

👉 Reduces cholesterol level.

👉It is an excellent liver protective herb.

👉It contract gallbladder to release bile which helps in better digestion and neutralize acid in intestine.

👉Useful in acid reflux.

👉Type 2 diabetes-take 5 gm of powder or overnight water soaked seeds in morning empty stomach.

👉 Useful in obesity, fatty liver, hypothyroidism, pcod and fibroid.

👉It is good for children as it gives them nutrition to grow and prevent diseases.

👉Useful in Hair growth.
Used in oily scalp and dandruff– seed paste alone or mixed with aloe vera jel apply on scalp wash after 30 minutes,juice of its leaves can also be applied in dandruff .

👉 Sore throat- boil its seed in water, filter it and use this water for gargle.

👉Help in treatment of frequent urination.

👉It is good to use in skin disorders due to kapha- use it internally, also apply it paste locally.

How to use fenugreek seeds ?

👉Sabji of its seeds or leaves can be made using ghee.
👉Its overnight soaked water can be taken .

👉It’s decoction can be taken
👉Ladoo can be eaten in vata disorders and after delivery.

Dose- 3-5 gm of seed powder.

🤔When to avoid it??

As it’s seed are hot in potency. It should be avoided in following conditions –
❌Excessive body heat.
❌In diarrhea.
❌Bleeding disorder like bleeding nose and heavy periods.
✅Safe for children.
✅ Use small quantity in pregnancy.

👉Pitta person or person with excess of body heat can have it with milk or ghee before food.

🌷As Ayurveda recommends use of 6 tastes in daily food and except bitter taste all other 5 tastes usually people take so including fenugreek seeds in diet helps in incorporating all 6 tastes in food.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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