Laddoos -delicious nutritional and traditional sweet.

😋Laddoo’s are enjoyed all over India, they are made from different ingredients in different states of our country.😃

😎Laddoo word derived from sanskrit word Laddukah which means small sweet ball.

🌷In India it is part of celebrations, puja, post pregnancy care and every mother packs some homemade laddoos for her hostel residing child.🤗

🌷They are delicious, nutritional, have long shelf life and part of our culture. 🥰
🌷It can be enjoyed throughout the year but winter is the season when they must be part of our diet.👍😋

🌷Not many years before, with the advent of winter in every home laddoos were made with different ingredients for different age groups but now many people just see them as calories ball and prevent themselves from having it.🙄

🌷 Winter is the best time to have laddoos as they also helps in enduring cold weather. ☃️

🌷In winter due to cold and dry weather vata increases causes constipation, dry skin, body stiffness, joint pain, body ache and depression all this can prevented by having laddoos of right combination. ☺️

🌷 Acharya Shushrut first used laddoos as a medium to give medicines to his patients. 🌺☘️

🌷It balances vata and pitta dosha in body.

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🌷It can be made with grain, pulses, dry fruits, herbs and spices as per requirement and season.

🌷Improve digestive strength, give energy, relieve tiredness, improve body weight,improve bones strength , good for muscles, improve immunity and relieve stress.

👉 Healthy option for kids, instead of chocolate, cake and pastries give them laddoo from early age so that they can develop taste and liking for them .

👉Good source of fiber, protein and good fat.

👉Wheat, ragi, besan, black grams suji etc are used to make laddoos.

👉Almond, cashew nuts, cardamom, dates, fig, walnut, raisin, coconut and sesame seeds can be added.

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👉Ashwagandha(immunity, strength and immunity antidepressant) , shatavari( hormonal imbalance, weakness) , methidana(improve digestive strength and relieve pain) , mushli(improve strength and stamina ) , konch(aphrodisiac) , dalchini(improve digestive strength) , javitri, jaiphal, shunthi, supari, ajwain, goond(bone tissue body pain and improves breast milk) , black pepper, poppy seeds, fennel, flaxseed etc can be used to make laddoos according to condition and requirement .

👉Use Ghee, sugar or jaggery in them.

👉Consult ayurvedic doctor to know which ingredients you should use.

👉Store them in airtight container.

🤔What is the best time to have them??

✅In morning as breakfast or before lunch laddoo can be eaten.

🤔How many laddoos can be eaten in a day?

✅It depends on individual but generally 1 or 2 medium size laddoos ( roughly 10 gms) can be consumed per day .

🙄Do they cause weight gain??
👉One important thing to remember Ayurveda do suggest to eat ghee and sweet things in winter but at the same time it also suggest to do regular exercise in your full capacity in winter, so do exercise and eat laddoos they make you strong but not fat.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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