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Some common questions that people have about Ayurvedic treatment and their answers.

🤔 This is ancient knowledge , can it cure new age diseases?

👉The beauty of Ayurveda is that its principles are based on nature , 5 elements which are valid in all ages or times, Ayurveda believes that no disease occurs without imbalance of 3 doshas and treatment depends on balancing the doshas. Therefore, it is possible to treat new diseases with Ayurvedic medicines and it is happening successfully.🌷

🧐I am not sure if ayurvedic treatment will work?
👉Ayurveda is the best and effective medical system which does not suppress the symptoms but actually cures the disease, if it does not work then this science would not survive in India for so long. For more than a hundred years, India was under the control of foreign countries who imposed their things in India, yet Ayurveda survived, so it proves its usefulness. And today the whole world is studying, understanding and adopting Ayurveda.🌷

🧐This is just home remedy, is ayurveda scientific??

👉Ayurveda is the most scientific science. Those who say that Ayurveda is not scientific , they would not have read even a single chapter of the major samhitas or textbooks of Ayurveda. If you still don’t believe it is a science, just read a few chapters of the Ayurvedic Samhita, then decide for yourself. Don’t believe what you hear.🌷

🧐 Do Ayurvedic medicines contain heavy metals which are harmful??
👉Metals and minerals all have beneficial properties. Our great Ayurvedic masters invented procedures to purify metals and make them suitable for consumption. Medicines made from these are capable of curing many complex diseases. Modern science still has not succeeded in doing this.🌷

🧐Ayurvedic treatment is slow??

👉Absolutely not, other systems which are said to be fast acting actually suppress the symptoms and their medicines have to be taken for life, on the other hand ayurvedic treatment works fast and cures the problem from the root that too without giving other diseases in the name of curing one disease.🌷

🤔Why is Ayurveda not popular or why not many people follow it?
👉This is due to the negligence on the part of the government and the tendency of the Indian people to look at their own things with an inferiority complex. It was the same with yoga, when yoga is gaining popularity all over the world, Indians are proudly saying that it is ours, it may be the same with ayurveda.🌷

🙄Not sure about the availability of good Ayurvedic doctors and good medicines?
👉 Both are very much available you just need to open your eyes. 🌷

🧐Why are there many restrictions regarding diet and lifestyle in Ayurvedic treatment?

👉Of course you have to follow proper diet and lifestyle, this is also the beauty of Ayurveda in which people are educated so that they get well soon and never fall ill again. Today, the root of many diseases is improper diet and lifestyle then it has become even more necessary to follow Ayurvedic rules.🌷

😬 Ayurvedic medicine are bitter!!

👉Most of the kwathas are bitter which nowadays also comes in tablet form. Other medicines are not bitter yet if you cannot tolerate bitter taste at all then you can ask your doctor so that he can give you medicine accordingly.🌷

🙄Had taken Ayurveda treatment once but did not get relief, that is why did not take it again.

👉This can happen in any other treatment method as well, but you do not stop taking their medicines , so even in Ayurvedic treatment, if you do not get relief at once, then you should tell your doctor so that he can give you some other medicines .🌷

🤔All ayurvedic medicines are hot and they increases body heat?
👉This is a very wrong notion, it is not so at all. 🌷

🧐I have no idea about Ayurvedic medicines and treatment!!

👉After reading this post you now know that it is a life science which not only cures diseases but also guides to protect health. Follow it from now on in both healthy and sick condition.🌷

🤔Is there any special branch in Ayurveda like modern science?
👉 You will be surprised to know that there are 8 special branches in Ayurveda, read this in detail-


🙄Ayurvedic treatment is expensive

👉Treatment depends on the condition of the patient, Ayurveda has all kinds of medicines and treatments at low and high prices. Vaidya decides the best medicines for the patient, still if you can not buy some expensive medicine then you can ask your doctor to prescribe low cost medicine but in many situations it may not be possible according to the need of treatment. 🌷

☘️Panchakarma is a bit costly in a private set up. If cost is an issue for you then you can go to government ayurvedic hospitals where the cost of treatment is very nominal.
☘️Yet Ayurvedic treatment is much cheaper than other systems. In other systems, patients have to bear the cost of many tests and sometimes unnecessary surgeries.

🌷Adopt Ayurveda, the invaluable knowledge of our own country. 🙏

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