How air conditioner effects our health? Learn how we can minimise use and side effects of ac.

🌷Effects of air conditioner on health🌷

☘️Nowadays air conditioners are installed mostly in all offices, cars, shopping malls, homes, theatres, schools, flights, trains and buses everywhere.

☘️Sometimes they are used throughout the year.
☘️We hardly pay attention to how AC is affecting our health.

☘️Air conditioners were meant to give us comfort during hot days but now they have become a part of our daily life so we must know how they are affecting us.

☘️ You may suffer from many health problems due to frequent and prolonged use of AC.

🤔How do air-conditioners affect us?

Air conditioner makes both the air and our body dry.

👉Continuous use of AC can lead to the following problems

👉It increases Vata and Kapha due to dryness and coolness which can give more than 100 types of health problems.

👉Effects on skin-
Skin becomes dry and flaky. Dryness leads to itching and wrinkles can appear early. The risk of skin diseases increases and if you already have any skin related problem then it will increase even more.

👉Due to low temperatures , there is shivering , the pores of skin get closed, the muscles get stiff.

👉 AC prevents sweating, due to which the toxins released through sweat are not able to get out of the body and cause many diseases. It effects adversely on the kidney and heart.

👉Eyes become dry.

👉AC dries out the nasal mucosa, which increases the risk of infection.
Respiratory disease can occur like cold, cold, rhinitis, shortness of breath etc.
👉Ac space is closed due to which there is a lack of air circulation which helps in spreading the infection of viruses etc.

👉The power of the body to adapt itself to the changing temperature decreases.

👉Those who constantly stay in AC are unable to bear the heat, they become breathless even in the slightest heat.

👉 It can cause joint pain and increase the pain if you already have arthritis.

👉 Constantly staying in AC makes a person feel tired, lethargic and sick.

👉Causes pain and stiffness in the body.

👉Hair becomes dry, frizzy and weak. Dandruff becomes common problem.

👉The sense of eating according to the season is lost due to AC because in summer naturally there is a desire to eat lighter, less oily, sweet, juicy things but due to the cold temperature of AC, people eat heavy and fried food even in summer.People eat food against the requirement of the season.

👉Due to the constant cold temperature, thirst decreases , otherwise we tend to drink more water in summer.

👉Immunity decreases.

👉Going from AC room to heat immediately or coming to AC room suddenly from very hot outside , in both the situations body comes under unnecessary stress as due to sudden change in temperature, body has to adapt to excessively high or low temperature in a short period of time. So avoid sudden changes in temperature. It can also cause skin diseases.

👉It is also not good to exercise in AC environment.

👉Artificial cold increases appetite leading to weight gain while summer is the time to lose weight.

👉It becomes addictive, the more we stay in AC, the more we want to be in AC

👉Using air conditioners is also not good for the environment.

👉It is expensive and also increases the electricity bill.

🤔 In what situations it can be useful?

👉It is essential for a person with high pitta or a person with excessive body heat in hot climates.
👉 It is useful in case of burning sensation and bleeding due to heat.

🤔What can be done to reduce the use of AC?

✅ Plant tall, big trees around the house.

✅Keep flowers in the house.

✅Soak a cloth sheet in Khas water and cover windows with them .

✅Install running water fountains in locality.

✅Walk around or sleep in the light of the moon

✅Apply sandalwood paste.

✅ Wear a garland of flowers, pearls or sandalwood.

✅Wear thin and light colored clothes

✅Limit the use of soap.

🧐What to do to reduce the side effects of AC?

✅Try to use less AC, use it only when there is excessive heat.
✅Keep the body covered.
✅Massage daily with oil before bathing.
✅Put 2-2 drops of ghee or oil in nostrils.
✅Use ghee in food

✅Run AC at 26 degree temperature.

Do not make your body weak by staying in artificial cold environment all the time, live in sync with nature.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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