Autumn season (sharad ritu) regimen to prevent seasonal illnesses .

🌺Sharad ritucharya ( regimen for autumn season)

👉Sharad ritu is the time of the year when the chances of falling sick is very high.🤒

👉To stay healthy and to prevent diseases it important to follow Do’s and Don’ts for this season.🤩

👉In Sharad ritu sky is clear, sun is strong, body strength and digestive capacity is medium.salt taste is predominant. 🌞

👉Sharad ritu comprises of two months(roughly from mid sep to midnov.) that is ashwin and kartik.🌴

👉In rainy season atmosphere is cooled down due to rain, clouds and wind after that before the onset of winter, suddenly heat once again increased in autumn season.🔥

👉Due to this heat pitta dosha naturally gets aggravated and vayu dosha gets pacify in this season.🌻

👉If pitta is not managed then problems like fever acidity, burning sensation, mouth ulcer, burning in urine, jaundice, asthma, skin disorders, headaches and dizziness can occur.🤯🥵😵

👉If Pitta dosha is not balanced in this season then it not only cause problems in autumn but it also effects health in late winters. 😱

👉All should follow sharad ritucharya but pitta person should specially take care. 👍

🌺Diet rules –

✅Have food dominant in astringent, sweet and bitter taste. 🌷

✅Take less salt, sour and pungent taste. 🏵️

✅Have cold and dry food. 🌿

✅Eat in moderation and eat after digestion of previous meal. 🍂

❌Avoid spicy, hot and oily food.

❌Avoid excessive tea and coffee

❌Avoid pickles and fermentated foods.

✅Have milk, makkhan and ghee

❌Avoid curd in this season.

✅Drink water which is kept under sunlight and then in moonlight.

Include following in diet –

✅Wheat,barly,moong,chana,tuar daal, moth and Masoor daal.

✅Munakka, chironji, pista, elaichi and dates.

✅Coconut, grapes, banana, pomegranate and apples.

✅Pumpkin, parwal, turai, lauki, winter melon, drumstick,corn,chaulai, suran,karela, methidana, neem, potatoes amla, harad and 🍯honey.

✅ Have Sharbats, murrabbas and gulkand. 🍹

❌ Avoid urad daal, garm masala, ginger and black pepper in excess.

✅Drink coriander water 🌲

✅Fennel seeds water🌿

✅Black raisin water
( soak them in water overnight drink in morning after straining)

✅Have Amla+dhaniya+ sauf+ mishri mixture powder 2 times in a day.
✅Amla+roasted sauf+ mulethi powder 2 times in a day 🌻.

🌺Lifestyle to follow

❌Avoid sleeping in day time. 👍

✅Spend sometime in moonlight.

✅Wear pearl and flowers garland. 😎

✅Apply sandalwood paste on body.🤗

✅Use coconut oil for body massage. 🥥

✅Avoid exposure to strong sunlight, heat and overexertion.🥵

✅Avoid anger and stress. 🌋

✅Wear light colour clothes. 🍂

✅Avoid alcohol.

✅Listen soft and relaxing music. 🎶

✅Do regular yoga and pranayama specially Sheetli shikari pranayam.🧘‍♀️

✅ Have good night sleep and wake up early. 😴🌛🌟

✅ It is the season of ayurvedic cleansing processes Virechan and raktamookshan(blood letting). 👍

✅ Sharad ritu is a great time for blood donation.😊

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