Introduction of panchkarma, most effective and powerful treatment of Ayurveda.

Introduction of panchkarma

🌷Panch – 5,karma- procedure
Panchkarma is a collection of 5 procedures to remove toxins or vitiated dosha from body.😊

🌷Due to diet, lifestyle and seasonal changes toxins enter or are formed inside the body.🙄

🌷These toxins causes diseases☘️

🌷To remove these toxins or vitiated doshas panchkarma procedures are followed.✅

🌷 There are 2 types of treatment in ayurveda one is shodhan which includes panchkarma procedures and other is shaman which includes oral medications and other external therapies.✅

🌷Panchkarma detox body deeply, purify body, mind and senses, slow down aging process, cure diseases, improve immunity and strength of body. 🥰

🌷1. Vaman- in this therapy person is made to vomit with medicines, it is specially for kapha dosha or kapha dominant problems like cough, cold, asthma, diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism, pcod, fibroid etc. 🤮

2. Virechan – this is a therapeutic purgation, it is best treatment of pitta related disorders like skin problems, burning sensation, fever etc. 🚽

3.Asthapan basti- enema with medicated decoction.

4.Anuvasan basti- medicated oils are given through anus.
👉Basti is best treatment for vata disorders like pain in body, pain in joints,headache, bloating, infertility, menstrual disorder, facial paralysis, hemiplagia etc.

5.Nasya – medicated oil given through nose, this therapy helps in head, neck, throat and brain related problems. 👃

🌷Acharya sushrut considered raktamokshan(blood letting) as one of the panchkarma procedure.

✅Panchkarma includes 3 steps purva karma (preparatory procedures), pradhan karma(main procedure) and pashchyat karma(end procedure).

✅Beauty of Panchkarma therapies is that they are not only meant for disease treatment but a healthy person can also opt for them to prevent seasonal diseases and to improve immunity.

✅ Panchkarma can be done during any time of the year but three times a year, when season changes are suggested for them.

👉 So if you have any health problem or you are absolutely healthy in both conditions you should go for panchkarma.

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