Do you know Radish is beneficial in fatty liver, kidney stone and diabetes!

☘️Radish is one of the most nutritious and healthy vegetable but very understated,not many people know its benefits. 🌿

☘️ It is commonly believed it form gas but it only released the blocked gas which is actually beneficial in long run. 🌺

☘️It is among the few things which ayurveda recommend to use on daily basis. ✅

☘️In Ayurveda its root, flower, leaves and seeds are used.🌺

☘️ It is sweet, katu( pungent) and tikta ( bitter) in taste. 👍

☘️ Hot in potency.

☘️It balance all there Doshas👌

☘️There are 2 varieties of radish

  1. Bala(tender) – it is small,soft , less pungent, balance all three doshas and has all the benefits of radish. 😊
  2. Mahat(big and matured) – it is big,hard, more pungent, imbalance all three doshas, cause burning, constipation and other problems. This big variety can be used after cooking with some oil. ✅

☘️Radish is full of dietary fibers and nutrients like carbohydrate, vitamins,minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium , copper etc. 😎

☘️Useful in indigestion, improve appetite,taste and constipation.😄

☘️ Stimulates bile flow thus help in fat metabolism. 🤗

☘️Cleanses gallbladder and prevent gallstones formation. 🤩

☘️ Cleanses liver and blood. Radish is useful in jaundice and fatty liver disease.🌻

☘️ Help in breaking kidney stones.

☘️ Good for diabetic person as it is low in glycemic index, manage blood sugar levels and clear constipation.🌼

☘️ It is very helpful in piles , regular use is advised in piles as it relieves constipation and helps in easy bowel movement.🌷

☘️It heal fissure.

☘️ It helps in weight lose😃as it is rich in fibre which gives feeling of fullness, prevent overeating and also keep good bowel movement.

☘️ It has no cholesterol and has negative calories means it takes more calories to digest radish then it contain.🥰

☘️ It maintain blood pressure due to good amount of potassium .👌

☘️It is good for heart .❤️

☘️It acts on urinary tract , prevent urinary disorders, due to its diuretic action it, it also reduces water retention.✅

☘️Radish has antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.✅

☘️It strengthen bone and teeth. 😁

☘️Radish prevent arthritis.🦴

☘️ It act as decongestant, useful in cough, cold, asthma and other respiratory system.🙏

☘️It is good for throat,clear vocal cord .🎶

☘️ Radish calm nervous system.😇

☘️Due to its rich water content it keep skin moistured, prevent skin diseases.😎

☘️ Good for hair, its juice can be applied on scalp to cure dandruff and hairfall.💁‍♀️

☘️ Improve immunity. 🙏

☘️Fight cancer
☘️It’s seed oil used to apply on leucoderma.

☘️ Few rules regarding its consumption

✅Eat radish in between food not before food.

❌Radish and fish should not be consumed together.

❌Milk should be avoided immediately after having radish.

❌Radish should avoid with black gram

How to use it?

✅It can be consumed raw as salad .

✅Cooked with little oil is good for all body types (prakriti) .

✅Can be added in soup.

✅Can be pickled or dried .

✅It’s leaves can also be used they are good for eyes and skin.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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