Urticaria – it’s causes, Ayurvedic treatment and few effective home remedies.

Urticaria or hives

☘️It is a condition where rashes appears on skin of particular body part or all over body which can last for few hours, few weeks to sometimes a whole year.

☘️It is not life threatening condition but it should not be ignored and it should be treated  at earliest.

☘️As per modern science hives is an  allergic reaction of body to particular food, medicines, seasonal changes or other irritant ,for the treatment of hives they
gives antihistamines, histamine blocker, corticosteroids which gives relief in symptoms  but do not cure the problem and also reduce body’s  immunity.

☘️It can be managed effectively through Ayurveda

☘️As per Ayurveda urticaria is caused by vitiation of all three doshas.

🌺In Ayurveda it can be of 3 types according to dominant dosha which are shitapitta, urad and koth.
☘️Udard in this kapha dominant it mostly appears in winter and  spring season.

☘️Koth in this pitta dosha is dominant it appears in rainy season. Pitta is aggravated due to excessive use of sour, salty and fermentated food. Frequent acidity and and anger also causes pitta imbalance.

☘️Sittapitta in this vata dosha is dominant it appears any time its is caused due excessive intake and exposure of cold.

🌻Causes of urticaria

☘️The knowledge of causative factors is very important as complete cure is  possible only after causes are prevented  or removed .

👉Excessive salt, pungent and sour food intake
👉Excessive consumption of mustard
👉Cold food and drink.

👉Taking incompatible food or viruddh ahar.
👉Exposure to colds air immediately after taking bath or exercise.
👉Sudden change of body temperature.
👉Stay in cold air.
👉Sleeping in day time.
👉Staying awake late night.
👉Suppressing vomiting urge with anti emitic medication.
Insect bite.

Due to above causes Vata and kapha gets aggravated and they also cause imbalance of pitta then they spread  in whole body and produce rashes and other symptoms.

🌻 Symptoms before actual manifestation of urticaria (prodromal symptoms)

Excessive thirst, tastelessness, nausea, fatigue, heaviness in body and reddishness of eyes.

🌻Main symptoms

Skin rashes
Redness of skin
Pricking sensation
Burning sensation

🌻Ayurvedic treatment for urticaria.
Three steps are followed in Ayurveda to treat urticaria
✅Avoid causative factors
✅Panchkarma therapies
✅Oral medicine according to dosha

Consult Ayurvedic doctor for proper treatment of urticaria.

🌺Few effective home remedies 🌺

✅Apply mustard oil regularly before bath.

✅Apply warm mustard oil with rock salt on body.

✅Boil one finger thick and long giloy stick in 1 glass of water till water  reduces to 1/4 glass, strain and add mishri, drink this in morning empty stomach.

✅Take black pepper with  ghee in morning.
✅Take trikatu with honey or milk.
✅Take turmeric, black pepper and ghee

✅Take ginger juice with jaggery.

✅Boil ginger in 1 glass of water reduce water to 1/4 add jaggery and strain this water, drink this in morning.

✅Apply Mulethi paste and  ghee.
✅Apply rose water

✅Use of  herbs like giloy, neem, mulethi, amla, durva, turmeric etc are helpful.

✅Include aged rice, green gram horse gram, karela,parwal, pomegranate, Ash gourd, black pepper, ghee in diet.

✅Have Kokam sharbat, khas sharbat, durva ras etc.

✅Avoid excessive use of milk and milk products.

✅Avoid alcohol.

✅Avoid excessive sugar
Avoid regular use of capsicum, eggplant, tomato, oily and fried foods.

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