Dandruff – it’s causes and some effective remedies.

🌼Dandruff is very common of problem of scalp it is a condition where white,dry flakes of dead skin sheds from scalp.

🌼 Even after trying many shampoos it returns.

🌼Normally also dead skin of scalp shed with replacement of new skin but it is almost unnoticeable process but in dandruff shredding become faster.

🌼 In ayurveda it is called darunaka and is categorised under minor diseases.

🌼This is not a life threatening condition but it may cause hair fall, embarrassment and if ignored sometimes skin may also get infected.


👉Due to residue of hair products.

👉Not maintaining proper cleanliness of scalp.

👉Not applying oil before head bath.

👉Stress and anxiety.

👉Due to some diseases like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis etc.

👉Excess intake sour food.
👉Excessive exposure to cold or sun.
👉Using cold water.
👉Night awakening.
👉Excessive sweating and exposure to dust.
👉Suppressing natural urges.
👉Lack of nutritional diet.

Due to above mentioned causes vata and kapha dosha gets aggravate which vitiate blood which causes dandruff in scalp.

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🙄Shredding of white dust of dead skin.
😫Hair fall.
😖Heaviness of head.
😥Prickling sensation.

🌼Ayurvedic treatment

✅ If someone is suffering from dandruff from long time then he should go for cleansing therapy of Ayurveda (panchkarma).

✅Ayurveda suggest use of external applications like oil or hair pack if dandruff is only scalp problem but when it is due to skin diseases like psoriasis treatment of causative disease is given.

✅Therapies like shirodhara,shirobasti are very useful in dandruff ,these therapies also improve quality of hairs.

✅Ayurvedic oils- bhringraj oil, durdurpatradi oil, nalparadi oil ,chemparyadi oil etc are useful.

✅Oral medication also given to balance vata, kapha and to clean blood after proper examination .

👉Mango , pomegranate, lemon, coconut, drumstick,ghee should be part of diet.
👉For healthy scalp vitamin E containing food like almond,sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, peanut, flaxseed, pistachio, soyabean, carrot, papaya, pumpkin etc are beneficial.
👉Walnut, chia seeds,
cauliflower, winter squash,fish oil and garlic are also helpful.

👉Avoid wrong food combination,curd, cold water and alcohol.
👉Avoid spicy and oily food.
👉Avoid strong tea and coffee.

🌼Few home remedies

✅ Apply khas khas and milk paste on scalp for 30 minutes then wash.

✅ Apply Mulethi powder, chironji and honey paste.

✅Soak Fenugreek overnight in water ,grind and apply on scalp for 30 minutes then wash.
✅ Apply fresh Alovera gel for 1hour.

✅Fenugreek seeds powder and Amla powder soaked in water overnight ,add curd, apply for 30 minutes then wash.

✅Take equal quantity of hibiscus flower, fresh Amla , Tulsi leaves boil them in sesame oil and coconut water mix till water evaporates , filter and apply on scalp atleast one hour before head wash.

✅Boil neem leaves or curry leaves in sesame oil, apply this oil for 30 minutes.

✅Apply camphor mix coconut oil.
✅Mix lemon juice in coconut oil , apply for 30 minutes.

* Do not use coconut oil in winters, use sesame oil instead l.

✅Apply curd ,gram flour and lemon juice pack on scalp for 30 minutes
✅Use buttermilk to wash hair.
✅Always apply warm oil before hair wash.

Use triphala water to wash hair or you can mix triphala water and shampoo to wash hair.

Apply some oil on scalp when the hair gets dry.

🧘‍♀️Yogasana to prevent dandruff
👉Adhomukh svana asan, bhujangasan, vajrasan,chakrasna,sarvangasana,Gyan mudra and kapalbhati.
👉Meditation to reduce stress

🌻To prevent dandruff do not use harsh chemicals on scalp.
🌻Use seperate comb,keep it clean.
🌻Comb hair from nape of neck to top of head that is in opposite direction of hair growth.

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