Which oil should be used for cooking??

👉Before choosing oil keep few things in mind

  1. Use oil which is traditionally used in the region where you live like in Uttar Pradesh mustard oil , in gujrat ground nut oil and in Kerala coconut oil is used.
    If a person in north India uses coconut oil which is sweet, cold and dense in nature for daily cooking then there is chances of aggravation of kapha.
  2. Use oil which can be easily obtained from there source like it takes less effort or process to obtain oil from seeds like sesame , groundnut, mustard etc on the other hand it take much processing to obtain oil from dry bran.
  3. As per Ayurveda sesame oil is best for Internal and external use.
  4. Use unrefined oil and single filtered oil.
  5. Sesame oil, mustard oil, peanut oil and coconut oil are good options for Indian cooking.
  6. Ghee is still best fat for cooking

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Why not to use refined oils?

Refined oils are made in factories where solvent like hexan are used to  extract oils then these oils are processed at high temperature, so they don’t contain good properties of natural oil when we heat these oils  for cooking they turned into toxic plastic like substance which damage liver and also clog arteries that is why today fatty liver and blockage of arteries are very common even in young people .

👉Resturants, fast food outlets and bakeries uses these types of oil.

👉Avoid soy oil and canola oil.

🤔Can we reuse oil??
👉Leftover oil after frying has no nutritional value or oil which is burnt due to high flame should not be consumed.

🤔Olive oil is best available oil??
👉 No, for Indian cooking it is not best option firstly it is not traditional oil of India and it has low smoking point which is not suitable for Indian cooking.

🤔Food without oil or ghee is good??

👉In healthy condition Ayurveda recommends use of good fat in food as some of the nutrients are fat soluble, also as per ayurveda snigdha ( unctuous) food improves appetite and makes food easy to digest. In disease conditions consult vaidhya about usage of oil.

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