Why thyroid gland’s function gets disturbed? Is taking pill enough to treat it?

🌱Thyroid problems are  so common today that people have adapted to live with it as they think that by just taking a small pill in morning everything will be alright.

🌱But do you know that by regularly taking thyroid medicine you are actually making your thyroid gland more weak as it is no longer required to make hormones.

🌱Without knowing the reason of its weakness and improper function, just taking medicine is not a real treatment and you will ultimately face many health problems .

🌱There are three kind of common thyroid gland problems hypothyroidism(under active thyroid gland) , hyperthyroidism(over active thyroid gland) and goiter.

🤔What is hypothyroidism?

👉It is condition where thyroid gland do not produce sufficient thyroid hormone in this condition T3, T4 will be low and Tsh will be increased, it leads to symptoms like slow metabolism, obesity, heart problems , cold intolerance, dry skin,brittle nails , puffiness of face, hoarseness of voice, muscle weakness, irregular periods, thinning of hair, increased cholesterol, memory impairment,mood swings infertility,  depression etc  so clearly it effect multiple systems of body.

🤔What are the symptoms of hyper thyroidism?

👉In this condition thyroid gland secrets excessive hormones leads to increase in levels of T3, T4 and Tsh becomes low.

👉In this condition metabolic rate becomes fast, weight loss, palpitation, tremor, nervousness, heat intolerance, tiredness, excessive sweating and increased motion frequency are seen.

👉Goiter, in this size of thyroid gland increased.

Majority of people suffer from hypothyroidism

🤔Why thyroid gland gets weakened or do not function properly??

🌱There are many reasons for its improper function.

👉Improper lifestyle, diet and mental attitude is main reason of thyroid problems .

👉Sleeping after 10 pm and waking up late.

👉Not following fix time for eating food, not eating fresh, cooked, warm and local food.

👉Taking too much soya milk and  tofu.

👉Diet low in good animal protein like ghee and milk.

👉Fluorinated water
Mercury in flu vaccine, Fish, Air pollution and old dental filling.

👉Using birth control pills for long time.

👉Improper liver function.

👉Hyper activity of body and mind.

👉Depletion of friendly bacteria in intestine.


👉Vata increasing lifestyle and food.

🌼So problem is actually not of thyroid gland but of various other factors and instead of paying attention to them and just taking hormonal pill is not going to help.

🌼In some cases after taking medicine report gets normal but still person will feel symptoms of impaired thyroid gland function.

🌼So addressing cause of problem is very important and it is a first step of Ayurvedic treatment for any disease.

🤔How to fix thyroid problems ?

👉Find out why you have this problem.

👉Improves your liver and gut health

👉Learn to relax, stop rushing and multitasking.

👉Stop using refined oil,refined sugar, ice cold beverages, ice cream, alcohol, calcium supplements, iron supplements,

👉Regular exercise, yoga and meditation in morning

👉Follow Ayurvedic diet, seasonal routine, Daily routine, Menstrual routine , care during and after pregnancy and sadvritta.

👉Use herbs to strengthen thyroid gland after consultation with Ayurvedic doctor.

😊You will be amazed how many of your symptoms just disappear by simply following Ayurvedic routine and diet.

🌼🌱You will not only prevent thyroid but other health issues associated with it.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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