Is chilled water good to quench thirst in hot weather ?? 🤔

👉Drinking ice cold water and drinks are strictly prohibited in ayurveda. 👍

👉 In summer, vata gets accumulated, vata which is cold in nature get aggravated when things similar in its properties like cold water is taken. 🌱

👉 Vata aggravation can result in 80 types of diseases like pain in body parts,stiffness, bloating, constipation, dry skin, rough skin,black discoloration of skin, hair fall,dandruff, tinnitus, pulsation, tremor, memory loss, convulsions, unstable mind etc. 🌷

👉 Extremely cold water dampen digestive fire which causes Indigestion resulting in accumulation of toxins which clog body channels and ultimately cause many diseases. 🌷

👉Use boiled and naturally cooled down water as it is easy to digest and improve digestive fire. 🌷

👉Use khas, rose buds, amla, chandan, Manjishtha, fennel, clove, mulethi etc to make water cool, boil them with water and let the water cooled down, filter it and store in mud or silver pot.
Make it fresh daily.

👉This type of cold water is good for use in hot weather, in alcoholic intoxication, fatigue, vomiting, excessive thirst , burning sensation,increased pitta, blood toxicity and in bleeding disorders.

Can we drink warm water or hot water in hot weather??

👉Vata and pitta dominant person should avoid hot water in hot weather, kapha person or in kapha disorders warm water can be taken .

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