Buttermilk – best for digestive issues.


🌼Buttermilk is important part of Indian meal it is delicious and at the same time very healthy drink.

🌼About buttermilk it is written in ayurvedic texts that like there is nectar for deities buttermilk is for humans so its effect is compared with nector in Ayurveda.

🌼Buttermilk is easy and quick to make, do not require many ingredients.

🌼It is said those who take buttermilk regularly never fall  sick as it is helps in maintaining digestive fire and as per ayurveda balanced digestive fire is most important   to maintain health.

🌼This tasty drink has many health benefits it can be consumed in healthy condition to maintain health and in many  disease condition medicated buttermilk is  given to treat the ailment in Ayurveda .

What are the properties of buttermilk?

✅It is sour, astringent in taste its after digestion effect is sweet.
✅It is hot in potency
✅It pacify kapha and vata dosha

🤔What are the health benefits of buttermilk?

👉It improves taste in food.
👉It helps in digestion of food.
👉It is light to digest and also makes body light.
👉It is a  nutritional

👉It improves absorbtion of minerals and nutrients from food
👉It act as probiotic that is helps in maintaining quantity of friendly bacteria in gut and it is wonderful that Ayurveda recognise the importance of probiotic in diet long before .

👉Helps in well formed stool

👉Best in stomach problems
👉It  gives a feeling of satisfaction after a meal which prevents overeating.
👉Open blocked channels of body
👉Drinking buttermilk after eating excessively ghee or oily food helps in their digestion .

👉It is aphrodisiac.

👉It helps in maintaining a healthy weight so it can be consumed by everyone.

🤔What are the other conditions where buttermilk should be included in diet?

✅Loose motion, IBS
✅Spleen inflammation
✅Heavyness after food
✅Chronic Fever
✅Nausea, vomiting, motion sickness
✅Dry mouth
✅Body pain
✅To lose weight
✅Difficulty in passing urine
✅Heart tonic
✅High cholesterol
✅Uterine fibroi
✅Fatty liver

✅Disinterest in food
✅Worms infestation
✅Keep mind pleasant

✅It remove toxins from body

🤔What is best time to have buttermilk?

🌹Spring, monsoon and winter season is best time to have buttermilk.
🌹It can be taken any time during the day but lunch time is preferable.
🌹In summer it should be used less

🤔HOW to make buttermilk?

🌻Take fresh homemade curd add water in the ratio of 1:4 or 1:2 churn it, remove makkhan or froth which comes on surface due to churning and buttermilk is ready .

🌻In different conditions and requirement different ingredients can de added in buttermilk.

🌻Add ginger, salt to buttermilk and then temper it with ghee, cumin, asafoetida, curry leaves.

🌻In vata disorders, vata prakriti person use sour buttermilk with salt.

🌻In Pitta conditions and pitta body type use fresh buttermilk with  mishri.

🌻In Kapha conditions and body type add trikatu yavakshar in buttermilk.

🌻For weight loss use buttermilk +garcinia +coriander, jeera powder, salt, dry ginger powder.

🤔In which conditions buttermilk should be avoided?

👉In dizziness, bleeding disorders,bleeding piles, weakness, burning sensation, injury avoid buttermilk.

👉In extremely hot weather pitta person should avoid it, others can have it to maintain electrolyte balance but in less quantity.

✅Have only fresh homemade avoid packaged one

✅Thinner is better

🤔What is the difference between curd and buttermilk?

🌷Many people think buttermilk and curd have same effect as simply water is added in curd  and churned to make buttermilk even simple process like adding water and churning completely changes property of curd so curd and buttermilk have  very different effect on body.

👉Curd is heavy, buttermilk is light to digest.
👉If curd is not consumed in right way it can cause digestive issues where as buttermilk helps in preventing digestive issues.

👉Curd block body channels, buttermilk open and clean body channels.
👉Curd cause weight gain and buttermilk helps in losing weight.
👉Curd can cause  swelling if consumed daily, buttermilk helps in removing swelling.

👉Curd contain less water buttermilk is more fluid contained thus helps in hydrating body in summer.

Buttermilk is a better option than so called health drinks available in market so must include it in diet in right way.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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