For Allergic rhinitis Ayurveda offers effective treatment.

Allergic rhinitis

☘️ It is a condition where allergens irritate inner lining of nasal passage and causes inflammation.

☘️ Outdoor allergens – mist, dust, pollution, pollens, smoke etc
Indoor – dust, animals skin, fur or saliva etc.

☘️In ayurveda it can be correlate with pratishya.


✅Continuous sneezing.
✅Runny nose, itching in nose.
✅Blocked nose.
✅Watery and red eyes.
✅Headache and heaviness in head.
✅Itching on upper palate.

☘️ Symptoms appears mostly during change of seasons or with change of place.

☘️If it ignor this condition may change into asthma and eventually COPD.


👉Weak digestive fire.
👉Using wrong food combinations.
👉Not following proper diet and lifestyle.
👉Excessive water consumption
👉 Staying up late night and sleeping in day .
👉Living in damp, dark, cold and humid place.
👉Long term use of some allopathic medicines.
👉 Low immunity.
👉Forcefully holding natural urges(urge to urine,sneezing, vomiting etc) .

☘️Treatment –

👉 In other systems of medicines there is no permanent solution to this problem.

👉Ayurveda offers effective and permanent solution.

👉Panchkarma(detoxification therapy) is given in chronic cases.

👉Medications are given to improve digestion and to remove toxins.

👉Immunity Booster specially respiratory immunity improving medicines and therapies are given.
👉Follow ayurvedic daily routine, seasonal routine and sadvritta.

👉Massage body with sesame oil followed by warm water bath.

👉 Put anu oil in both nostrils and do oil pulling using sesame oil in morning.

☘️Things to follow –
✅Have light to digest, warm and fresh food.
✅Avoid spicy, cold and non veg food.
✅Avoid excessive sour, salt and sweet food.

✅Avoid Banana, potato, tomato, Curd, ice cream, cakes, alcohol, cold drinks.
Include moond daal, Jau, kulthi, radish, sour fruits
✅ Avoid points mentioned in causes.
✅Regular yoga.
✅Avoid anger, stress, excessive talk and overthinking.

☘️Home remedies

👉Take black pepper powder, ginger, turmeric powder with honey in morning.

👉Inhale fumes of turmeric (burn turmeric powder on pan and inhale its fumes).

👉Chew clove or black pepper.

👉Have milk +turmeric + dry ginger powder+Pippali .

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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