Lose weight with Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and aushadhi.

🌷In ayurveda obesity is termed as atistholya.

🌷As per ayurveda only balanced condition is considered healthy ,atistholya where weight ( fat) is in excess is a state of imbalance dosha(mainly kapha and vata) and dhatu( medo).👍

🌷 Obese person is at risk of developing serious health problems like diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, psychological disorders and many other issues. 😯

🌷More and more people suffering from obesity due to faulty lifestyle and bad eating habits. 🙄

🌷There are many types of diets, treatments , excercise and supplements available for weight lose they might help you to reduce few kilograms but weight may bounce back after stopping them so what you should do for permanent, easy and healthy weight lose?🤔

🌷 Ayurveda is your solution.

🌷By following easy Ayurvedic lifestyle, diet and herb support you can come out from this weight gaining – losing cycle.🤗

🌷Vata Dosha imbalance, impaired kapha Dosha and increased formation of medo dhatu are main culprits of obesity .🧐

👉Excess consumption of heavy, sweet, cold food,lack of physical activity, lack of mental stress,excessive stress, due to some medical condition and some Allopathic medicines also increase weight.🙏

👉 Try to find your cause of increased weight then act accordingly with positive and strong willpower.👍😇🦸‍♂️

✅Vata and kapha balancing food and activities should be followed.

✅ Avoid cold, processed, oily, heavy food,Bakery products, cold drinks,junk food,curd etc💁‍♀️

✅ Have warm water with honey or Triphala kwath in morning.🧚‍♀️

✅ Increase barley consumption,you can have it’s Chapati .🌾

✅oats,moong dal,kulathi, arhar dal,soy, ragi, buckwheat, Millet,karela, honey,amla, ginger,shunthi, garlic, methidana, black pepper and cinnamon should be part of your diet. Include more of bitter and sour taste in diet. 🍀🌱
✅ Eat only after digestion of previous meal and eat 3/4 of your capacity.

✅ Have only seasonal fruits and vegetables.🍇🍊🍋🍍🍌
✅Replace unhealthy craving with light natural food.🍎🥥

✅It takes little discipline in starting slowly your body learn to only enjoying wholesome food and reject unhealthy one.😎

✅Regular excercise in morning between 6-10am as it is kapha time, atleast 30 minutes of excercise,do not over excercise . Both physical and mental excercise are important.🏃‍♀️⛹️‍♂️🧘‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏊‍♀️

✅ Have half glass of water before food as it will reduce appetite.🥛

✅Eat slowly with full attention to your food,no distractions with tv or mobile phone.📵

✅ Drink plenty of water throughout day.👍

✅ Fix your daily routine ,fix time of breakfast (8am),lunch(12pm) and dinner( between6-7pm). Avoid snacking between meals. fix Sleep( by10pm) and wake up time( by 6 am) .Try to stick to your routine as much as possible it going to prove your key to success.☑️💯

✅ Include buttermilk in diet, fermented buttermilk called takaraishta is Ayurvedic medicine for weight lose. 👍

✅ Ayurvedic medicine🌱 by boosting metabolism, regulating blood sugar level, balancing lipid levels, detoxify body, blocking formation of fat cells and reducing stress helps in easy and permanent weight lose.👍☑️

vrikshamla,Shilajit, guggul,agnimanth,dalchini, punarnava etc are some of the useful herbs for obesity.

✅ Many Ayurvedic formulations and therapies are there which are quite effective you can consult Ayurvedic doctor for that.

✅ Udvartan- it is a dry powder massage , which helps in reducing fat deposition by there dry and scraping nature ,kola kulathadi churna you can use.🍀

✅ If you are kapha prakriti person you cannot lose weight beyond one limit ,you should only try to be healthy and maintaining balance state.🙂

👉 Following above mentioned easy steps not only helps you to lose weight but give you sense of healthy and balanced life.😇

👉 Our body is a tool to achieve four pushartha dharm,arth,kama and moksha but unfortunately today many people focused only on losing weight their life revolves around only on achieving certain number on weight scale certainly it is important to stay fit but it should not be goal of your life .😇

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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  1. Ayurveda believes that if the diet is changed according to the season, it helps in maintaining a healthy body. The bodily humour increases or decreases according to the seasons. The frigid temperatures of early winter (November and December) cause tense muscles and runny noses. Vata types might become vulnerable to disease and flu. Kapha types might need to build protective layers of fat, creating ripe conditions for thick mucus. Therefore, a strong diet is required to be followed to maintain a healthy and sound body.

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