Adravya chikitsa (non pharmacological treatment) – its a type of treatment which do not require use of any medicines or other substance.

Adravya chikitsa – treatment without use of medicines.

Adravya chikitsa.

🌻Treatment which do not involve use of any medicines is adravya chikitsa.

🌻There are two types of treatments in Ayurveda one which involves use of medicines is known as Dravya chikitsa and other which do not require any medicines or substance is known as Adravya chikitsa.

🌻Adravya chikitsa is very important, useful and interesting type of treatment which is used in Ayurveda but many times people do not understand its importance like Ayurvedic doctor never just hear your problem and give medicines but along with medicines they suggest you diet, lifestyle and some counselling which comes under non pharmacological treatment for better result and to prevent recurrence of same problem.

🌻So in this adhravyabhut chikitsa many different types methods are used which may be  physical activities, counselling, meditation, spiritual activities, religious activities etc.

🌻It can be main treatment or it can be used along with medicines.

🤔How without medicines diseases can be cured?

👉As per Ayurveda anything which brings back balance of doshas is treatment so  not necessarily only drugs which brings balance of doshas considered as treatment but any activity, thought, emotion etc which brings balance comes under category of treatment like in obesity, diabetes exercise or walking🏃⛹️🚴 is as important as oral medicines similarly in mental disorders instilling courage, positive attitude, confidence through counselling is very important part of treatment😇 .

🌻Even assurance works as treatment🤫.

🌻Also as adravya chikitsa do not require any drug it is cost effective😍.

🌻Adravya chikitsa is very effective and useful in many conditions .

🌻It can be used in both physical and mental disorders. It can be used alone or in combination with medicines.🌷

🌻It not used to cure diseases but also to prevent diseases like following Ayurvedic daily routine, seasonal routine and sadvritta one can prevent diseases.🌹

🤔What methods comes under category of adhravyabhut chikitsa?

👉Following Ayurvedic Daily routine and seasonal routine.

👉Not holding Natural urges

👉Fasting(in kapha dosha)

👉Controlling thirst

👉Meditation(increase sattva of mind)

👉Use of mantras or holy chanting(gives mental strength)

👉Spiritual knowledge(gives clarity)



👉Marma chikitsa

👉Exposure to  sun light

👉Bath with hot or cold water in different conditions

👉Spending time in nature like in gardens, near water bodies etc.

👉Exposure to moon light

👉Exposure to wind

👉Following rituals


👉In psychological problems fear, shock,making one to forgot, inducing sleep, gental touch, counselling, encouragement,frightening, praising etc are used as treatment

👉Spending time with good company.

👉Following good moral conduct like compassion, truthfulness, non violence etc helps person in maintaining mental and social health.

👉Following celibacy

👉Control over senses and negative emotions. This increases sattva quality of mind which helps in prevention and cure of psychological problems

🌻So it is clear that without medications some diseases can be cured and health can be maintained .

🙏Know more about adravya chikitsa and use it under the guidance of Vaidya.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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