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Divine herb tulsi, know why and how to use it.

Tulsi 🌱

🌱Tulsi means which is incomparable or  no one is like it, it is  so true for this small, beautiful and sacred plant.
🌱In India tulsi is not just a herb it is considered as goddess, it is there  in every home and temples.
🌱Tulsi is so special in Indian culture that without tulsi even God do not accept the offerings .
🌱In India marriage season started only after tulsi vivah. Even at time of death it is put in the mouth of the person.
🌱So it is not worng to say tulsi is inseparable part of Indian culture. 
🌱Other than its religious importance tulsi is full of health benefits that must be the reason our ancestors wisely incorporated it in our daily live.
🌱Knowingly or unknowingly many Indians have tulsi leaves first thing in morning before eating anything else.
🌱Tulsi is satvic herbs so it’s regular use gives mental clarity, purity and calmness.
🤔 It is pungent and bitter in taste, light to digest, piercing and hot in nature. ☘️
🌱It balance vata and kapha, increases pitta when taken in excess.

What are the health benefits of tulsi?

👉It is one of the best anti viral herb.
👉It is antibacterial, antimicrobial,antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti allergic.
👉It is a immunomodulaor.
👉It support lungs,it prevents excess of sputum production and remove kapha. Helps in easy breathing by relieving congestion.
  👉Smoker’s should use it regularly.
  👉Improve digestion.
👉 Useful to remove cholesterol deposition from blood vessels and improve blood circulation. ✅
👉Helps in maintaining healthy weight.
👉 It’s regular use prevent heart disease.
👉Used in skin Problems as it clean skin, remove excess oil and dirt from skin pores .
👉It heal wound and prevent infection.
 👉Useful in kidney and bladder stone.
👉 Useful in rheumatoid arthritis.
👉 Helpful in IBS treatment.
👉It has wormicidal effect. 
👉 Sip its tea in hiccups.
👉Relieves heaviness in head.
👉Reduce ill effects of radiotherapy of cancer.
  👉Help in maintaining    brahmacharya

❓Is there any side effects of tulsi??

❌Avoid its excessive use.
❌Avoid it in high pitta conditions like hyperacidity, burning sensation, bleeding disorders, heavy periods and nasal bleeding.
❌Avoid it with milk.

How to use it???
✅Its Leaves, Root and Seeds are of medicinal importance .
✅It fresh leaves or shade dried leaves can be used to make decoction and tea.
✅ 10 to 20 ml of fresh juice.

✅ Ark or its distilled water can be used.

Few uses

🌱Apply its leaves paste  on – acne, ringworm, itching and eczema.
🌱In cough and cold -make decoction of tulsi+black pepper +ginger add honey before drink.
🌱Hoarse voice-chew it with black pepper and honey.
🌱 In sinusitis related headache 2 drops its fresh juice instilled in each nostrils.
  🌱Bad breath – chew 1-2  leaves.

🌱Tulsi tea in stress and anxiety. Take  fresh leaves of tulsi wash them then dry in shade mix 1 part of it in 10 part of tea, boil 1 teaspoon of this mix to make tea.
🌱For good digestion – make decoction with tulsi+fennel +dry ginger+cardamom + coriander +cumin.
✅Tulsi plant also purify air.

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