Few useful remedies to cure chapped lips.

Chapped lips

🌸 Everyone wants pink and soft lips but sometimes they cracked and not look beautiful, even hurts specially in winters.

🌸Health of your lips mirrors the overall health of your physiology.

🌸In Ayurveda text Madhav Nidan there is special section  about diseases of the lips where different kinds of doshic and toxic imbalances and conditions that can affect the lips are explained .

🌸By following ayurveda diet, lifestyle and lip care products it is possible to nourish, replenish, and even enhance the color and health of our lips through natural means.

🌸Chapping of lips is caused due to lack of moisture , as skin of other parts have oil secreting gland which maintains moisture but skin of lips lack them, which makes them prone to dryness and cracking.


👉Dry and cold wind

👉 Excessive sun exposure

🌸The best way to shield your lips from daily environmental wear and tear is to put on a good lubricating and hydrating lip balm that will nourish and protect at the same time.


🌸Stress plays a major role in the health of the lips. When we manage stress properly  in daily life, by maintaining a balanced rest-and-activity routine and meditation our overall health improves, and impacts the health of our skin and lips.

👉 Dehydration

👉Use of chemical beauty products

👉Intake of many medicines

👉 Licking lips by tongue

👉 Lack of nutrients in body

👉 Vata aggravating diet and lifestyle.

👉 Smoking

👉Excess of tea, coffee

👉 Drinking alcohol

👉 Not eating according to season

🌸Diet should be according to season as diet plays major role for slowing down aging and the wear-and-tear of your lips. For example, in cold windy weather, the ayurvedic shastras  advise us to rehydrate the whole physiology through proper foods and drinks like warm, easy to absorb and hydrating herbalized drinks, soups,and meals. Eat your meals on time. In addition use good lipids in extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold. Make sure you consume healthy fats, such as ghee. Stay away from processed fatty foods


✅ Lips becomes dry,tender with redness, flacks and cracks , even bleed.


✅Avoid points mentioned in causes

✅ Stay hydrated with drinking sufficient water.

✅Eat balanced diet and follow Ayurvedic diet rules .

✅ Do not lick lips excessively.

✅Sleep early and wake up early.

✅Avoid synthetic lip products by all means. Applying synthetically manufactured and preserved products – lipsticks, lip colors, gloss, even moisturizers with synthetic fragrance and colors will locally damage your lips, resulting in dryness, premature aging and wrinkling.

✅Through Ayurvedic Dravyaguna, or pharmacopeia, we learn about unique tree barks, flowers, and plants that can be used to make balanced lip care products so use Ayurvedic lip care products in place of synthetic one.


Following can be applied on lips to heal them for 2-3 times in day and before sleeping

👉 Ghee or white butter is best to pacify vata or extreme dryness apply them on lips specially in night

👉Cream of milk( malai)

👉Honey- it has healing property

👉 Coconut oil

👉 Alovera gel

👉Rose petals + milk cream

👉 Glycerine mixed with rose water

👉glycerine with rose water and castor oil

👉Oil pulling using sesame oil also helps in preventing chapping of lips.

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