Jujube – fruit of winter!

☘️Ber or jujube fruit is a seasonal fruit of India.

☘️It is easily available in the market during the winter season. It is not an expensive or famous fruit like apple and some people may not have eaten this simple fruit till date, but it is full of good properties.

☘️Shabari had offered the fruits of the jujube to Shri Ram, which the Lord had accepted with love.

☘️This fruit is tasty and nutritious. It is rich in vitamins and minerals.

☘️It is called Badar in Sanskrit.

🤔What are the properties of ber fruit?

✅It is sweet, astringent and sour in taste
✅It is cool in potency
✅It is heavy to digest
✅It is unctuous in nature
✅It balances vata and pitta dosha.

👉There are 3 varieties of jujube according to the size of the fruits, large, medium and small.

👉Its fruits, leaves, bark and root have medicinal properties.

🤔In which health problems is ber fruit useful?

👉It is useful in bleeding disorders like nose bleeds and heavy menstruation

👉It relieves excessive thirst.

👉It relieves burning sensation in fever.

👉It pacify burning sensation in urine, eyes and in body due to excessive body heat.

👉It is good for heart.

👉It is useful in  vomiting and nausea.

👉It is useful diarrhoea, IBS and ulcerative colitis.

👉It nourishes body tissues and relieves fatigue.

👉It is excellent in  relieving constipation and gas  in winters.

👉It relieves excessive belching.

👉It purify blood and helps in preventing skin problems in winter

👉It improves digestion and taste in food.

👉As it balance vata it is good for people who are hyperactive and people who overthink.

🤔Does it causes cough and cold?
👉No, in fact it prevents cough and cold.

❌Avoid it with milk
❌Avoid its sour fruit in Acidity
❌Avoid eating it in large quantity

🤔When to eat ber fruit
✅Before food.

Be sure to eat the fruit of jujube which comes in winter and protect yourself from many seasonal health problems.

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