Vadi- healthy, easy and fast to cook, creative version of lentils.

🌻Vadi or Mangoodi is famous food item specially in North India.

🌻They are lentils dumplings which are easy and fast to cook, yet  they are light and highly nutritious in contents.

🌻Lentils are essential part of meal and these vadis are creative version of lentils as it gives new flavour to regular ingredient since Ayurveda emphasizes that taste is as important as the nourishing  properties of a food item.

🌻Vadi, you can prepare at home or purchase from market

🌻Different lentils can be used to make them, you can even mix lentils to make mangoodi.

🤔How vadis can be be made at home?

👉Lentils like Moong, Kulathi, urad can be used to make vadis
One or more  dal can be used to make vadis

👉Kulathi dal is very hard to cook and very time taking so it a good idea to make vadis of Kulathi dal mix with  moong dal.

👉Mangoodi is prepared by soaking dal in  for 6-8 hours then  grinding it into a paste add salt, turmeric make small round dumplings on greased tray and let them dry in sun for 2 days.

👉Chilli or ginger can be added in paste.
👉Then store dried vadis in air tight container.

🤔How to use vadis

👉They be cooked with pulao, with different vegetables like radish, palak etc
👉Its sabji can be eaten with roti, rice or khichdi.

🤔How to cook vadi sabji?

👉Dry  toast  vadi  in a dry pan just enough to turn them light brown and their aroma released.

👉After this, add a little ghee, jeera, coriander powder, turmeric powder stir and toast for a few more minutes. If you like you can add any vegetable of your choice, then add water, boil for few minutes garnish with some fresh chopped coriander leaves.

👉You can add yogurt to your vadi sabji.

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