Everything you should know about constipation!

🌞In Ayurveda day  starts with the early morning bowel movement and if you are having one a day, every day, then you don’t need any detox.

🌞Proper daily bowel movements are essential for good health.
If you are not having daily bowel movements, or your stool is not as it should be – it’s too dry, or loose etc then you must pay attention towards it.

🌞Having at least one good daily bowel movement through which one evacuates toxins from the body on a daily basis can be the ultimate secret for a long and healthy life.

🌻The stool is the waste of the food we eat – all that is left over, after the body has taken in and transformed the food we ingested into nutritional packets and energy.

🌻It can become toxic if  not evacuated in due time on daily basis

👉Instead of forcing body to clean the gut, it should be gently initiated changes to restore body’s natural ability to discharge bowel normally.

🤔What is constipation?

Constipation is a condition with one or more of following symptoms

👉Straining during a bowel movement.
👉Frequency of bowel is not regular.
👉There is no  bowel movement at all.
👉There is a sense of incomplete bowel movement.
Hard stool

🤔What Ayurveda says about constipation?

🌻As per Ayurveda apan vayu is responsible for expulsion of stool but when it’s function is affected it result in constipation.

🤔What causes constipation?

Constipation is a common occurence which can be caused by following reasons
👉Excessive consumption of dry,too light, too heavy, rough, pungent, astringent and salty food.
👉Night awakening, not enough hours of sleep per night .
👉Drinking less water.
👉Working in strong sun.
👉Sitting for  long time.
👉Long walk.
👉Heavy travelling.
👉Use of antacids.
👉In conditions like Parkinson’s,Rheumatoid arthritis , depression etc.
👉Due to Pregnancy.

👉Excessive mental activity.

Due to above factors apan vata get aggravated results in constipation.

🤔Why not to ignore constipation?

🌻Constipation is not just slow bowel movements or simple problem with little discomfort but it signals vata imbalance and blockage  of channels and if not treated on time it may result in more serious issues.

🌻Neglecting constipation and continues causative factors can result in severe issues like
Piles, fissure, bloating,stomach cramps, rectal pain, headache and other diseases.

🌻Constipation may cause other problems like Migraine, depression etc  and   by relieving constipation there is relief in symptoms of those problems .

🤔What can be done to cure constipation?

🌞If constipation is frequent or chronic then you get lots of advices eat this!drink that! To clean gut! from every other person but  we forget that our bodies are actually already perfectly equipped with ability to discharge bowel naturally we just have to support the default mechanisms of daily bowel movement.

🌞In Ayurveda diet, lifestyle changes are suggested, depending on imbalance medicines are suggested.

✅Include fruits, vegetables, legumes raisin, guava, fig, orange, parwal, lauki, gulkand, prune, tamarind, amla, radish, Kulathi in diet

❎Avoid excessive tea, coffee nonveg food , heavy and fried food
Avoid soy products, maida

❎Avoid  things that enhance absorbtion like too much cumin, pomegranate, too salty snacks and stress.

✅Must include homemade buttermilk in diet.

✅Never delay or skip meals.

✅Use proper spices in cooking.

❎Do not engage mind while eating
✅Chew long and well
✅Squeeze lime in food
✅Slow walk after dinner
✅Massage every night below naval to support bowel movements.
✅Do regular exercise.

✅Do not hold natural urges

👉Addition to adjusting and correcting life-style and behavior, and diet, you can add some ayurvedic formulas or herbs to help ease constipation.

Some remedies to ease constipation

👉Have fruit pulp of aragwadh
👉Have castor oil in milk at night
👉Have haritaki
👉 Take ghee with milk at night
👉Take alovera pulp in morning
👉Do yoga asanas which puts pressure on abdomen.

Always consult doctor for constipation as overuse of laxative worsen constipation

🤔Why it’s better to pass stool in morning?

It is great when bowel gets cleaned  before sunrise as after the sun rises, the body’s goes in absorption mode so there are chances residual toxins in the form of fecal matter or other in your physiology get inevitably re-absorbed into your body.

🤔What can be done if there is no bowel movement in morning?

If you don’t get the urge to have bowel movement first thing in the morning,  no stress as stress will further delay it, you can do following things
👉Eat a delicious dish of stewed fruits like apple or pear with 2-3  cloves.
👉Do ayurvedic oil massage before bath.

👉Use  rock salt in food.

👉You can train your gut to discharge in the mornings by following a good routine during the previous day like ate your meals on time the previous day.

👉Drinking warm water with some fresh squeezed lime in it can also help with the process.

🤔Why some remedy work for one person might not work for other?

🌻No two people will ever have the same bowel tendencies, and each needs to be addressed individually.
🌻Everybody is born with one of these koshti prakriti-s or innate natural bowel tendencies
✅Krur kosthi tendency which means an individual is by birth prone to constipation regardless of what kind of diet they keep.
✅Madhya kosthi which is a bowel tendency that is neither loose nor constipated;
✅Mridhu kosthi – bowels that tend to be always on the soft loose side.

🤔Which is  Ayurvedic formulation for constipation ?

🌻Whenever anyone is experiencing mild imbalances in their daily bowel discharge, then the classical triphala formula helps to correct it by re-establishing the intelligence of the colon, and thus supporting bowel evacuation.
🌻Unlike other natural or synthetic laxatives, it does not force colon to bring about a bowel movement.
🌻Triphala create a very good environment for friendly bacteria to thrive in as friendly bacteria is the key to optimal health as they facilitate not only elimination but absorption of nutrients as well.

🌻These friendly bacteria help in  connecting your colon to your mind, so that your bowel movement occurs daily and regularly.

🌻Triphala do not have any side effects and it will not create dependence as well.

🌻It support the colon and rejuvenate it with long term use as well.

🤔Why to avoid harsh laxatives and remedies?

👉Remedies are harsh on colon  and habit forming

👉The colon  which is  is a longest part of large intestine removes water, salt, and some nutrients, forming the stool.
👉But this colon is not just a tube which we should be flushed, cleanse or torture using different harsh things as in colon billions of  friendly bacteria lives and also colon decide what materials to absorb and what to evacuate that means colon play very important role in our health .

👉So instead of using high dose of laxatives using enema, you should focus on colon care by reawakening its intelligence  of what to receive and what to eliminate and when to do so, and how much.

Hopefully you got some insight into very common and troublesome problem of constipation via this article.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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