Moong dal Yush – Ayurvedic recipe to improve digestion.

Moong dal water or moong dal Yush

🌻If you are confused what to give  your kid to improve his appetite after illness then here is one ayurvedic recipe to improve his digestive fire and which is nutritious at the same time.

🌻Moong dal water is useful in many conditions, yush is Ayurvedic term for this water.

😊Most importantly this water is suitable for all.

🤔How to make moong dal yush?

👉Take whole green moong dal, wash it properly and soak in water overnight and then add water 16times to the quantity of green gram like if you take 25gm of green gram then take 400ml of water.

👉Now keep this soaked dal in open vessel to cook on medium flame, when dal is cooked properly seperate water and dal, this water is moon dal yush.

👉It can be taken like this only or you can add black pepper, dry ginger, rock salt in this water and season it with some ghee and jeera.

🤔In which conditions moong dal yush is beneficial?

✅This water improves digestion, appetite and taste in food

✅It can be taken after illness when digestion is low.

✅It improves strength.

✅It is good for voice.

✅It improves complexion.

✅It helps in detoxification of body.

✅It relieves excessive thirst.

✅It relieves tiredness

✅Useful in condition of dehydration.

✅It can act as a drink in ENT diseases.

✅This water is extremely useful in obesity and hypothyroidism .

✅In any condition where digestive power needs to be restored, this water can be taken.

✅During and after fever, infection
And injury.

✅In conditions of burning sensation this is useful. 

✅In Kapha diseases like hypothyroidism and in pitta diseases  this water is useful.

✅In Bleeding disorders like excessive menstrual flow, nose bleeding etc moong yush should be included in diet.

✅Those with excessive sweating can also have this water.

✅In swelling and joint pain have this water.

🌹Try this Moong Yush and do share your experience in comment section.

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