Nasya, simple Ayurvedic procedure but helps in preventing and treating many diseases.

Nasya is a procedure where oil,herb powder or herb extract is administered in nostrils. It is a part of Ayurvedic daily routine.

Nose is considered as gateway of head so when any medicated oil is put through nostrils it reaches all parts of head and cure diseases. Nasya preserve health of healthy individual and cure illness of sick person.

Benefits of nasya

🌼 It lubricate nasal passage,open and cleanse respiratory channels thus provides easy breathing and good oxygenation of airway , prevent cold,cough, rhinitis,flu and asthma.
🌼Cure dryness of nose.
🌼It treat diseases of shoulder above body like neck ,eyes,ears and head and give strength to them.

🌷Give strength to sense organs.
🌷Cure stiffness of neck,head and jaw.
🌷 Protect and cure oral cavity diseases.
🌷Useful in headache and migraine.
🌷Good for voice and it’s disorders like hoarseness and stammering.
🌷Cure neuro muscular problems and facial paralysis.
🌷Good for hairs, prevent hair fall and premature greying of hairs,👩 makes hair long,black and lustrous.
🌷😎Good for facial skin, make it bright and gives natural glow.
🌷Prevent early aging.
🌷Give strength to bones,joints and ligaments of head. 💪
🌷Stress buster.
🌷Gives good sleep.

When to do nasya?

As a part of your daily routine🌞 nasya can be done in morning,after defecation in morning, brush your teeth then do nasya.

How to do it?

👉Gently Massage your face with sesame oil(generally) or mahanarayan oil( headache , migraine, sinusitis) or kumkumadi oil ( for good skin) then give fomentation by putting hot water dipped towel on face then lying down straight on bed and put 2 drops of oil ( you can use either sesame oil,ghee,shadbindu oil or Anu tailam according to your need or as suggested by ayurvedic doctor) in each nostril, you can take help of someone then remain in this position for few minutes. Little oil can comes to throat with sputum which should be spit out .

👉Another method is just dip your clean little finger in nasya oil and apply it by rotating finger in both nostrils.

👉Nasya in the morning is more kapha pacifying – that is it can help relieve congestion and stuffiness, clearing up pathways.
👉When applied in the middle of the day, it will help pacify pitta dosha – imbalances associated with pitta dosha would be inflammation, itchiness, bleeding, etc.   Dryness can also result from excess pitta aggravation, so when applied during pitta time, the dryness will also be addressed.
👉When nasya is applied in the evening, it will pacify and balance vata dosha, also helping calm the mind

When to avoid it?

❌During menstrual cycle
❌During pregnancy and in postpartum stage.
❌ in diarrhoea and indigestion.
❌Immediately after food or water intake
❌ Immediately after Bath or just before bath.
❌After alcohol consumption
❌In excessive hunger or thirst
❌ In fever,cold and cough.
❌ On cloudy day.
❌Not before 7 years of age and do not use after 80 years of age.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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