How to quit bad habits and adopt good ones ?

🌸People aiming at  healthy life should always consume healthy food and follow good lifestyle.🌹

🌸But many of us find it challenging to break bad habits and form good ones.🙄

🌸It takes time, effort and will power to form positive habits that benefit our over all well-being.

🌸It is important to leave habits that do not suit us in order to be healthy, recover from diseases and to prevent recurrence of diseases.👍

🌸Certain habits can be extremely harmful to health like consuming food that doesn’t suit our body and can lead to many problems, even  habit of smoking, alcohol, sleeping late etc can be extremely harmful.

🌸When  a person wants to shift from one  habit to another immediately then this sudden shift can  leads  to  so  many  difficulties.

🌸Sudden withdrawal from certain diet, practice or habit  will lead to the vitiation of dosha.

🌸As per ayurveda an intelligent person should gradually wean himself away from unwholesome/unhealthy practices (to which he is addicted) and adopt wholesome ones in the proper sequence.

🌸In  Ayurvedic texts   method    of    gradual    leaving   unwholesome diet and lifestyle adaptation  of wholesome diet and lifestyle without  causing  any harm to the body is suggested , which is known as Padamshika Krama .

👉Padamshika Krama is a unique concept in Ayurveda, which is to be observed during the change from unwholesome to wholesome to maintain equilibrium of body .

👉Padamshika Krama is  sequential regimen to adopt good habits and discard bad habits.🌹

👉This technique of gradual and smoothly adopting and leaving can be used for both diet and lifestyle.🌷

👉It can be correlated to the concepts such as tapering dose and withdrawal symptoms.🌷

👉The   concept   of Padamshika   Krama looks   like   a mathematical   formula   with   which   one   can   easily adopt good and leave bad habits.🌷

👉This concept   is   very   simple   and   realistic   with   valid approach.🌷

👉The  same  concept  is  applied  in  the  treatment  of  de-addiction

So what is Padamshika krama?🤔

🌱Pada is considered as one by fourth part,amsha is considered as division or part.🌷

👉It is suggested in charak samhits that on day one give up a quarter of the unwholesome practice and
subsequently adopt a quarter of wholesome.
On the second day, half of the unwholesome practice should be given up and half of the wholesome one should be adopted; this is to be continued for the third day also. On the fourth day, three-fourth of the unwholesome practice should be given up and three-fourth of the wholesome one should be adopted. This process should be continued on the fifth and sixth day also. The process of giving up of the unwholesome practice and adoption of the wholesome practice is completed on the seventh day.

Sequence to adopt good and leave bad habit or diet.

👉In this way by slowly , gradually and without much external help giving up unwholesome practices and by increasing the wholesome practices in a proper sequence do not cause any problems .

👉Whether it is adding new habits like yoga asana and meditation practice, becoming mindful, adapting a healthy lifestyle, or breaking bad ones like quitting smoking or streaming late night shows, this approach is the only sustainable way to good health and a long life span.

👉This change is happening in a natural way, and is not forced .

🌹When  the  amount and duration of unwholesome practice is  more Padamshika  Krama of  15,  46  or  63 days can be followed.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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