Cucumber -know why, when and how to eat it.

🥒Cucumber or kheera is known as trapusha in sanskrit ,due its cooling property it is also known as susheetala.

🥒 It is mostly used in salad.

🥒Cucumber is used in Ayurvedic medicines also , in ayurveda it’s fruit and seed are used.

🥒Ayurvedic properties of cucumber

🌷 It is madhur ( sweet) in taste .

🌷It is laghu( light to digest), ruksha ( dry) in nature.

🌷 It has madhur vipaka.

🌷It is cold in potency.

🌷It balance pitta dosha.

🥒Health benefits of cucumber

It is used both internally and externally, here are few uses of cucumber –

✅ Due to rich water content it helps in relieving excessive thirst in summer. It’s seed can be consumed to quench thirst.It helps in maintaining electrolyte balance which may be disturbed due to excessive sweating in summers .

✅It is diuretic, cleanses urinary bladder.

✅Useful in burning urination ,urine retention,UTI and to lower blood pressure.

✅In summer urine output is decreased and sometimes blood pressure also increase due to extreme heat , eating cucumber daily proves helpful.

✅Madhur-Summer is best time to have naturally sweet taste vegetables and fruits as pitta increase during this time.

✅laghu-as it is light to digest it is good for those who want to lose weight.

✅Cold-due to its cooling property it regulates pitta dosha in body and helps in balancing high pitta dosha symptoms like burning sensation in body,palm,foot or in eyes, gastritis etc

✅ Kheera is also helpful for those who have sleep problem.

✅Calculai- it helps in evacuate small urinary calculi.
✅It prevents gallbladder stone formation, it is helpful in maintaining normal function of gallbladder and liver.

✅It is good for skin and it can be taken in skin diseases .

✅It detoxify body and blood.

✅It helps in natural movement of intestine thus relieve constipation and other digestive disorders.

✅ Nervin tonic.

✅ Headache and migraine can be triggered by heat , they can also prevented by regular consumption of cucumber juice.

✅Relieve fatigue .

✅It is useful in bleeding disorders like nasal bleeding, heavy menstrual cycle etc .

✅It is good to relieve vomiting .

✅Prevent dizziness.

✅In Gout or person with high uric acid in blood should drink it’s juice.

✅Useful in water retention, swelling , ascites etc.

✅External application-its paste or slice can be applied on face and eye to relieve burning sensation.
It soothes and moisturise skin , useful in sunburn.

✅It can be eaten raw as a salad or can be cooked as vegetable.

❌Avoid it with curd (raita)

✅Wash it properly before use, no need to peeling it.

✅Eat it half an before food but not along with food

🌷Do not eat according to trends but eat according to season, location, age, condition and body requirements. 🌷

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