Khus or Ushir,A very useful herb to prevent many health problems related to summer.

🌷Vetiver is known as usiram in sanskrit.

🌷Its common name is Khus.

🌷It is a perennial grass of Indian origin, root of this grass is used for  medicinal and cosmetic purpose.

🌷In India not long ago during summer season it was common practice  to hang  vetiver grass mats   on windows to cool off  stifling summer heat.

❄️Freshly woven mats not only  infuse a delightful cooling aroma to the entire house, but the scented molecules actually carry cooling properties.

🌹Khus grass or its oil is used extensively in perfumes,
cosmetics, aromatherapy, food and flavouring industries.

🌷It is cool,light to digest , unctuous, bitter,sweet and highly aromatic in nature.

🤔So how khus is beneficial for health?
👉It pacifies vata and pitta dosha.
👉Khus is used both internally and externally.
👉It is beneficial in skin issues , digestive issues and neuropathic conditions.

🤔How it is beneficial in summer season?

🌞In summer, the increased agni in the environment increases the heat in the blood,that is why we experience more heat in the body and brain. Vetiver aromatically cools off the blood and with regular use can even cool the muscle and fat tissues.

🌞It pacifies fever due to excessive heat of climate .

🌞Ushir rehydrate body in summer.

🌞It pacify bad smell of the sweat and also excessive sweating .

🌞It removes fatigue due to excessive hot climate.

🌞It helps in preventing nose bleeding which is very common in summer season.

🌞It gives pleasant smell and cooling effect to  water, add some vetiver roots in water stored in mud pot and use this water to drink whole day .

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🤔How it is good for skin?

🌹One the most important use of Ushir that it firms the skin.

🌹It improves skin complexion.

🌹Useful in healing wound.

🌹It relieves burning sensation , apply it’s paste locally.

🌹It removes toxins from skin  and pacifies all doshas.
🌹It nurture skin layers and can penetrates in deep layer to remove toxins.

👉Due to its cooling nature it is is useful in ulcers , acidity, burning sensation in urine and burning eyes.

👉It Strengthens the digestive fire and calms both vomiting and diarrhea.
👉Essential oil of khus, cools the mind and improves concentration. It also calms the nervous system.

🤔How to use ushir or khas?

☀️You can add properly washed roots in drinking water storage container and replace it after every two days .

☀️Its sharbat is great cooling drink for summer, in place of aerated drink try this sharbat.

Khus sharbat recipe

🌱Soak properly washed 60 grams khus roots in 1liter of water overnight, filter this add 2kg of unprocessed sugar then boil this to one sugar syurp strand, let it cool and store in glass bottle, now just add 1or 2 tablespoon of this syrup according to your taste in a glass water and enjoy cool, aromatic drink.

🌱Khus sharbat available in market contain preservatives and artificial green colour so better to make it at home and you can store this homemade syurp upto 20 days in refrigerator .

🌱To cool skin put some of it’s roots or essential oil in bathing water.

🌷Surprisingly ushir has many beneficial properties that are similar to those carried by Sandalwood which is very costly compared to ushir.

🌷So this Summer, choose Vetiver for external and internal use and make this season more comfortable .😊

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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