If you are planning to conceive, then must follow Ayurvedic preconception tips for comfortable pregnancy and healthy child.

🤔What is preconception care?

🌹In Ayurveda measures for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth begin even
before conception.

🌹If you are planning to conceive than you must need to do some basic cleansing of mind, body and emotions for at least one year before conceiving a child .

🌹In preconception care includes cleansing therapies, lifestyle and
dietary modifications are suggested to ensure optimum
quality of ova and sperm as well as a balanced state of body
processes and emotions.

🌹Ayurveda offers a complete approach to fertility that embraces both the male and the female roles as equally important.

🌹But do you lack of knowledge of preconception preparations  in today’s time more and more women suffered through difficult pregnancies and their babies developed all types of health problems.

🤔Why preconception cleansing is important?

🌹In  Ayurveda  the preconception period just as much important as  the pregnancy period itself.

🌹The preconception time offers a golden opportunity to provide the best nourishment and care to you and your future child.

🌹When a woman is pregnant she is sharing her blood with her baby.
So all the physical and emotional toxins she has accumulated over her lifetime get transferred to the baby 

🌹And during the early childhood years the child gets rid of the toxins by getting the early childhood diseases, such as measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox, where rashes created on skin as these toxins coming out through sweat pores .

🌹These diseases create rashes on the skin as these nasty toxins come out through the sweat pores of the skin  which is the largest organ of excretion so getting these diseases in childhood is actually helps to get rid of these toxins they received from their mother and help to develop a normal functioning immune system .

👉So it is very important for mother  to undergo deep  Ayurvedic cleansing under the direction of an Ayurvedic practitioner.

👉To remove these toxins in Ayurveda some of the routines are daily, some weekly, some seasonal, and some done especially in the spring and autumn , the two best seasons to cleanse. This way the babies don’t start out their lives with such a high toxic load.

🌱Now, toxins can be physical like processed foods, air pollution using skin care products with chemicals etc and also mental toxins like anger,jealousy, greed, ego etc which also transferred to baby . So it is important that the mother do some work mentally, emotionally and spiritually since she actually has more influence on the developing baby’s personality than the husband does.

🤔What if someone is trying nontraditional methods like IVF for conception, can  they also follow these rules??

👉In those cases also Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle can be followed, step for emotional and mental wellbeing should be followed.

👉Even in the case of adoption, most of these steps still apply since the cleansing and building also serve the spiritual and emotional preparation that is common to all routes.

So what are the things one should follow if they are planning to have children?

🌱Ayurveda gives  importance for preparation of both partners before conception

🌱So here are few things which you and your partner should follow at atleast one year before conception –

1. Follow fix Daily routine wake up early, sleep early and eat on fix time.
2. Regular Oil massagewith mahanarayana oil or sesame oil before bath.

3.Have nourishing food atleast for one year.
4. Avoid extremely cold or hot food and drinks.
5. Wear light colours clothes and use light colour bedsheet.
6. Include milk, ghee, white butter, fennel, black pepper, raisin, moong daal, urad dal and water chestnut in diet.
7. Avoid curd on daily basis.

Read Rules regarding curd consumption
8. Avoid cheese.
9. Avoid night shade vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes and potatoes.

Read do-not-consume-nightshade-vegetables-like-tomatoes-potatoes-capsicum-and-eggplant-and-onion-garlic-on-daily-basis
10. Intercourse only once or twice in a month, with pure intention, invite pure soul. Try only at night, avoid auspicious days like Purnima and ekadashi.

11.Male diet should take items like Rice and Ghee as it promotes the quality of sperm. Herbs like Ashwagandha and Kaunch may be taken to improve virility.
10. Do laddoo gopal seva, chant gopal sahtranaam(optional) .
11.  Take shatavari powder +ashwagandha or ashok powder mixing with milk.

12.Women should avoid negativity like don’t get involved in arguments, walk away from negative situations and don’t watch scary movies, avoid gossiping . The emotions of anger and fear can get transmitted to the baby.

13.Medicines like Kalyanaka Ghrita and Phala Ghrita may be consumed by couple as per Physician’s advice.
14. Do chandranamaskar yoga.

🤔Who can opt for Ayurvedic preconception care?

👉Ayurvedic pre-conception care may be adopted by all couples planning for pregnancy.

😇Physical as well as mental health of couple is essential pre requisite for a healthy baby.

🌱 Normalcy of psychology or happiness of the mind of the couple is one of the most important factors for conception .

🌱It is important that the couple remain stress free and also there should be a good relationship between the couple.

😇For emotional well being I would highly recommend to learn rajyog meditation.🙏

🌹By conceiving a baby with a year’s worth of physical, mental and emotional cleansing and balancing, with clear, rested blissful mind, free of negativity helps in healthy, happy and blissful pregnancy and to ensure a happy, healthy well-balanced child.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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