Why to include Almonds in diet..!!

🌺Amongst all type of dry fruits Almonds are always mentioned as nature’s best gift as they are nutritive, restorative, tonifier and a great nerve tonic.

🌺Almonds are considered a superfood as it has anti-oxidants and it slows the ageing process.

🌺Almond is called Vatada in Ayurveda.

🌺Almond is sweet in taste, it is heavy to digest, hot and unctuous in nature.
It is excellent in balancing Vata dosha, it increases pitta.

🤔Why it is recommended to soak them overnight and to be consumed after peeling off their upper layer.

👉Skin of  almonds contain high dose of tannins and phytates which prevent absorption of zinc, calcium and iron that are found in it so, it is important to remove upper skin of almond.
👉Soaking also makes them softer and easier to digest thus preventing bloating that might be caused by unsoaked almonds.

👉Also Almond contains heat which could heat up liver and blood so, soaking is recommended to cool down their inherent heat and prevent skin reaction and indigestion which might happen if not soaked.

🤔HOW pitta person can have almond??

👉As almond increases pitta🔥 so pitta body type person or person with pitta imbalances should always   soak almond overnight and peel the skin off in the morning. Then you can blend them with dates and raisins , which  reduces Pitta aggravation in the blood or simply eat soaked almonds with some raisins . They can eat up to 10 almonds in the morning and evening.

🌺Almonds are rich in nutrients
✅Almonds contain more protein  than any other nut, so it is a good protein source for vegetarians and those wishing to build muscle mass.
✅It is rich in calcium.
✅Almonds are rich in natural oils and fatty acids, from 36 to 60% by weight. Despite their oily nature, they are generally good for those with high cholesterol.
✅Almonds are good source of fat soluble vitamin E.
✅Almonds also contain minerals like magnesium that supports smooth muscle function, including the heart.

Health Benefits of Badam(Almond)

✅Almonds nourishes  metabolic fire .

✅Eating almonds reduces hunger and lowers overall calorie intake.

✅Almond is good for athletes and for those who do heavy exercise.

Those who  ate almonds report less damage and fatigue after workout.

It increases stamina
Almond has good minerals and acts as a reliever in muscle cramps.

✅Almonds lower the uric acid level,  it is beneficial in urogenital diseases.

✅Almond has also a good source of zinc and protein, so it helps to recover from tendonitis or tendon injuries.

✅In spinal cord injuries, almonds and other nuts are very useful for recovery.

✅Almonds are good for patients suffering from diabetics.

✅It helps you get rid of period cramps.

✅Their mild stimulating qualities keep warm when  the thermometer starts to dip in winters.
✅Almond is good for hair,
Eating soaked almonds on regular basis improves health of hair by strengthening  existing hair and stimulating growth of new hair.

✅Good for bone health as it nourishes bone.

✅The vitamins and minerals present in almond strengthen the bones and teeth as well.

✅Almonds rich nutritional profile makes it a blood tonic for anemia condition .

Almond is good for brain

✅Almonds have been used to preserve intelligence for thousands of years.

✅It is good for brain health as it contains L carnitine which boost cell production of brain.
✅Soaked almonds improves memory providing brain with excellent source of vitamin E and B6, help brain cell to absorb protein.
✅By adding almonds to your diet, you will feel calmer and more at ease, and improve your ability to think a little clearer.
✅Almond has protein (including tyrosine for neurotransmitter production), and quality of mood-booster.

✅It  helps in repairing the brain cells.
✅It makes you feel energetic.

Good for heart

✅Regular consumption of almonds helps to maintain good cholesterol levels.
✅Magnesium present in almonds helps to lower blood pressure.

✅Regularly having almonds help to reduce the risk of heart diseases. .

✅Almonds are high in Vitamin E, which protects your cell membranes from damage.

Great for skin health

✅Almonds  help to improve the complexion of the skin.

✅Almond oil is the best massage oil for Vata people, or those with a Vata imbalance.
✅Almond oil is a moisturizer for the face and whole body also as it penetrates the skin easily and nourishes the deeper layers.
✅Almond oil provides moisture to dry skin, helping to reduce the signs of aging and gives youthful glow to  skin at the same time it prevents skin from UV radiation, act as  natural sunscreen guard.

✅In pregnancy to reduce the stretch mark if applied regularly during pregnancy.

✅Almond oil is also useful in reducing the scar of abrasion or small burns.

HOW Almond helps in preventing cancer? 🤔

✅The best way to cure cancer is to prevent it in first place , cancer cases are increasing day by day so it is best to do things that helps to prevent cancer.

✅Eating handful of almonds everyday to prevent cancer along with healthy diet, exercise, sunshine, proper daily routine and detoxification with panchkarma helps in preventing from cancer.

✅Research also shown that regular consumption almond prevent risk of breast cancer 2-3 times.

✅In studies it is observed that people who eat nuts in early life may have better chance of fighting off breast cancer in later life. L
✅Also almond, walnut and pistachio helps in protecting against prcolorectal endometrial and pancreatic cancer.

✅These nuts are antioxidant, anti inflammatory and scavenge free radicals that trap and neutralize highly reactive molecules before they can damage the cells dna and start cancer process

✅Almonds also decrease cancer cell growth.

🤔What is the best time to eat almonds?

👉Soaked Almonds  can eaten on an empty stomach or along with breakfast .

🤔HOW many almonds one can have in a day?
👉Almond’s hearty fuel will sustain you through a long workday.
Right quantity of almonds can differ from person to person depending on their digestive capacity

✅Those  who have optimum digestive capacity, who exercise daily, drink enough water and are habituated to have almonds since long can have 20 almonds daily.
However, many people with weak digestion or those who are not used to eating almonds may not be able to digest 20 or more almonds if they start the consumption suddenly so  it is best to start eating 2 soaked almonds a day for a couple of days and then gradually increase consumption.

🤔HOW to have almond?

👉Soaked almonds can be eaten by the themselves or it  can be  mixed with other foods such as milk, grains and in many dishes .
👉You can sprinkle chopped almonds on desserts like puddings and muffin, add them in  breads, salads  or blend them with the salad dressing.

👉It can also be roasted to  enhances the flavor  and helps their digestibility.

✅Along with other nut and seeds  you can  add almond to your breakfast cereal.

✅Its powder can be boiled with milk to make an almond milk shake.

✅Mixed with walnuts, sunflower seeds, dates and raisins, can be eaten as delicious and nutritious snack or you can take with you to work.

✅Spread organic almond butter on your bread  or in chapati roll for breakfast.

✅ Can make almond milk.


✅Don’t buy  almond with their skin removed already as it is important to soak them overnight then remove it’s skin yourself as skin prevent oxidation, breakdown of fat and other nutrients that contain with in almonds

✅Also don’t buy it’s packaged milk.

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