Ayurvedic regime for Rainy season to protect health .

Monsoon regime (Varsha ritu charya) 🌷With every season there is change in environment and it effects us also so to be in sync with nature and to maintain balance of dosha in body , it is important to make changes in food habits and lifestyle according to the season. 🌷For each season ayurveda suggests someContinue reading “Ayurvedic regime for Rainy season to protect health .”

Prepare and use kadha (Decoction) in correct way.

Kashayam or kadha ( Decoction) 👉Kwath, kashayam or kadha is a ayurvedic form of medicine.☘️ 👉In ayurveda there are many ways by which herbs are given orally🌿 . 👉Like herb juice, paste, powder, tablets, ghrit, oil, fermentated syrup etc.🌼 👉Kashayam is one such way in which one or combination of many herbs according to requirementContinue reading “Prepare and use kadha (Decoction) in correct way.”

What is junk food and why we should junk them!!

🤔What is junk food? Junk food or fast food are those which are🥯🥞🌭🍕🍟 👉Useless for body.❌ 👉Hardly have any nutritional value. 🍀👉High in calories 🌿👉Loaded with fat, sugar and chemicals. 🙄👉Causes diseases.😥 🤔Why everyone like to eat junk food?👉 They are convenient and easily available – in today’s fast life no one wants and hasContinue reading “What is junk food and why we should junk them!!”

Must avoid viruddh ahara ( wrong combination food) for good health!!

🌺Viruddh ahara( Incompatible food) 🌺 🌷Food or eating practices which are not good for health and causes diseases are virrudh ahara. 🌺 🌷Sometimes even after eating what you think healthy food you suffer from bloating , indigestion , gastritis and other health issues then wrong food combination and practices might be the cause of thisContinue reading “Must avoid viruddh ahara ( wrong combination food) for good health!!”

Madhur rasa(Sweet taste) -it Properties and functions 🌼

🌷 Any happy occasion is incomplete without sweet taste as it is most liked taste among all 6 tastes. 🌷This one taste is congenial right from the time of birth to body as mother milk is also sweet in taste. 🌻Properties of sweet taste 👉It increases kapha dosha, pacify pitta and vata dosha.👉It is dominantContinue reading “Madhur rasa(Sweet taste) -it Properties and functions 🌼”

🌷🌷Rajahsvla paricharya ( diet and lifestyle during menstruation)🌷🌷

🌺Menstruation is normal physiological process which happens every month in healthy women from menarch(onset of menstruation, age 12 years ) to Menopause(cessation of menstrual cycle, age 50 years).👩 🌺Its a very special time so special care should be taken during these days.🌻 🌺In old days when girl menstrate for first time her mother or grandmotherContinue reading “🌷🌷Rajahsvla paricharya ( diet and lifestyle during menstruation)🌷🌷”

Ayurvedic postnatal care(sutika paricharya)

🌷Ancient Ayurvedic acharyas are well aware of the importance of care of new mother as after delivery she becomes very weak, sensitivity ,tired and susceptible to infections . 🤰 🌷Ayurveda provide detailed guidance about diet and activities that should be followed by new mother, postpartum care is called sutika paricharya in ayurveda. ☺️ 🌷 IntialContinue reading “Ayurvedic postnatal care(sutika paricharya)”

Amazing uses of Cumin seeds!

Jeera or Cumin seed. 👉Jeera got its name form Sanskrit word Jeerna which means one who digest. 👉It is commonly used in regular Indian cooking due its taste aroma but you will be surprised to know its health benefits. 👉It is pungent (katu) in taste.Dry, light and hot in nature. 👉 It balance vata andContinue reading “Amazing uses of Cumin seeds!”

Use Ayurvedic Anjan or collyrium to protect eyes.

👉 Applying Anjan or medicated kajal is part of Ayurvedic Daily routine. 👍 👉It should be apply daily after cleaning teeth. ✅ 👉Applying kajal is not just for beautification but it is a practice to protect eyes and maintain their functions. Read what other things can be done to protect eyes ayurvedic-tips-for-eye-care 👉Ayurvedic kajal isContinue reading “Use Ayurvedic Anjan or collyrium to protect eyes.”

Neem -know uses of its different parts.

NEEM is a easily available natural anti bacterial, antiviral and anti microbial herb. Neem is light to digest and also makes body light. It is Bitter in taste. It balance kapha and pitta dosha. It is cold in Potency, useful in excessive body heat, burning sensation,fever, thirst and in bleeding disorders. If you are notContinue reading “Neem -know uses of its different parts.”

Perimenopause – it’s symptoms and ayurvedic solutions.

🌼Menopause is complete cessation of Menstrual cycle it is confirmed when there is no cycle for 12 months or more in a row. 🌼Perimenopause is time around menopause it starts around 40 years of age or in some it may started as early as 35 years of age this period may last from few monthsContinue reading “Perimenopause – it’s symptoms and ayurvedic solutions.”

Why to Eat locally sourced food items.

🤔Why should we opt for locally grown fruits and vegetables? ✅Eat locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables as they have short shelf life. ✅Eating food items locally available are more in sync with nature of people living there as they are habitual of eating them from generations. ✅Nature provide things according to demand of thatContinue reading “Why to Eat locally sourced food items.”

Health benefits of kalonji

🌻 Nigella Seeds or Kalonji is used in many Ayurvedic medicines and now a days many researches are conducting to evaluate it effect in😃 cancer, diabetes , blood pressure etc. It’s useful parts are seeds and seed oil.👌 Know about this amazing herb and include it in diet . 🌱 Nigella seeds or Kalonji benefitsContinue reading “Health benefits of kalonji”