Dhoopan – herbal fumigation, natural disinfectant!!

🌷In most of the Indian household burning dhoop and karpur was practised in morning and evening on regular basis that was the natural method of fumigation environment but with time this practice is almost stopped.🌷In ayurveda fumigation using herbs and minerals are done for labour room, room where newborn kept, surgery room, patient room, forContinue reading “Dhoopan – herbal fumigation, natural disinfectant!!”

Dincharya ( Daily Routine) for Healthy Life🌞🌜🌄🌃

🌴Ayurveda is a science which believe in preventing healthcare for which it emphasis on following daily routine😊🌞. 🌻Daily routine has deep effect on health it is stronger then any preventive medicine😀👍. 🌻 It is necessary for balanced body and mind. Dincharya helps in good digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients , thus gives long,healthy andContinue reading “Dincharya ( Daily Routine) for Healthy Life🌞🌜🌄🌃”

Few important points to know before using copper vessel for drinking water

1.Copper vessel should be of good quality. 👌 2.Vessel should be cleaned properly regularly , it should be shiny 🌞with no oxidized layer on it,also avoid bottles with small mouth. 👎🌻Imli or lemon🍋 can be used to clean it. 3.Copper is hot🔥 in nature it increases pitta so person of pitta body type should avoidContinue reading “Few important points to know before using copper vessel for drinking water”

Dates, tasty and full of health benefits!

🌷Khajoor or dates are used in ayurvedic medicines and in many desserts it is a healthy substitute of sugar as it is good source of protein, carbohydrate, dietary fibres, minerals like iron, calcium,zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium and vitamins ( B,C,A). Ayurvedic properties🌴 🌷It is sweet in taste, Guru,snigdha,Cold potency( opposite of common belief)It balance vataContinue reading “Dates, tasty and full of health benefits!”

Draksha( Raisin) is best fruit among all as per ayurveda!!

🌹Children, young or old all like raisins, this sweet and small wonder are dried and shrunken grapes. 🌹According to ayurveda it is best fruit among all . 🌹From ancient time its benefits are known to Indians that is why it used to be part of regular diet. 🌹It is used in many ayurvedic medicines asContinue reading “Draksha( Raisin) is best fruit among all as per ayurveda!!”

Do not drink lots of water in morning!!!

🤔There are lot of confusion about water, how much, when and what type of water to drink, ayurveda has all the answers of these questions. Q. When and how much water we should drink? 🙄 🙂There is a very simple answer to this. In healthy condition when you feel thirsty you should then only drinkContinue reading “Do not drink lots of water in morning!!!”

Know why Bitter taste food should be part of your daily diet.

🌷According to ayurveda balanced diet is one which is combination of 6 rasa which are sweet, sour, salt, bitter, astringent and pungent. 🌷Eating only one or two tastes may cause health issues.🌷Having food of all 6 tastes preserve health and cure diseases.🌷 Each taste has particular benefits.🌷Many diseases can only cured by increasing or decreasingContinue reading “Know why Bitter taste food should be part of your daily diet.”

Betel leaves are suggested to be chewed on daily basis by Ayurveda!! ☘️

🌷Tambul is good for health when used properly😊, it is also of religious importance that is why it is used in many religious ceremonies🙏. 🌷It is hot in nature, light, bitter and astringent in test, balance vata🌀 and kapha🌊, increase pitta🔥 in body. 🌷Its juice is used in ayurveda as co-drink for medicine administration .Continue reading “Betel leaves are suggested to be chewed on daily basis by Ayurveda!! ☘️”

Everything about PADABHYANG ( foot massage )

Massaging foot with ghee or oil is Padabhyang. It should be part of daily routine. Benefits 👉Relieves roughness and dryness of foot. Cure cracked heels. 👣👉Makes legs strong and stable, good for those who stands continously for many hours and who are in sports⛹️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️.👉Relieve tiredness.👉Calm body and mind, helps in sound sleep,quality of sleep improves.👉PreventContinue reading “Everything about PADABHYANG ( foot massage )”

Know why Black pepper is so precious that it was even used as currency to trade in ancient times!!!

🌻Black pepper is called Marich in sanskrit which is the synonym of sun🌞, as pepper is hot and piercing like sun, that’s where it gets the name from and another meaning of Marich is which kills ( worms)🐛.It is one of the most widely used spice in whole world🌏, so rightly known as king ofContinue reading “Know why Black pepper is so precious that it was even used as currency to trade in ancient times!!!”