Uses of coconut water and pulp.

🥥Coconut is used in sacred ceremonies from thousands of years as it is considered as divine fruit . It is of 3 types based on its life cycle baal , madhyam and pakva. 🌷Baal or tender coconut have 95 water which has best cooling effect.🌷Madhyam which have soft pulp along with water it is mostContinue reading “Uses of coconut water and pulp.”

Amazing uses of curry leaves!!

☘️Curry leaves are used in food for its aroma but it also make food healthy. ☘️Ayurveda suggest it internal as well as external use. ☘️ It has carbohydrate,fibre, alkaloids, calcium,iron, phosphorus , vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, vitamin B etc. ☘️Curry leaves are alkaline in nature and bitter, pungent in taste. ☘️ It improveContinue reading “Amazing uses of curry leaves!!”

Kushmand, winter melon or ash gourd- best summer vegetable.

🌼It is a best vegetable for summer.🌼Light to digest, sweet taste, cold in potency and balances vata and pitta dosha in body. 👉It is nourishing, 💪increases strength and immunity of body. 👉Relieve excessive tiredness. 👉Good for those suffering from burning sensation, bleeding disorders like nasal bleeding, anal bleeding and heavy periods. 👉It is medhya i.eContinue reading “Kushmand, winter melon or ash gourd- best summer vegetable.”

Urad daal (black gram) useful in 80 types of diseases .

☘️In India various types of pulses are used as a part of our diet which slowly restricts to only moong, toor and chana. ☘️Urad daal which is a rich source of protein, carbohydrate, dietary fiber and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium is called MASH in ayurveda as it increases muscle mass ofContinue reading “Urad daal (black gram) useful in 80 types of diseases .”

Amazing uses of Aloevera!!

🌺It is known as’ ghrita kumari ‘in Sanskrit.Ghrita ( ghee like pulp in leaves)Kumari ( used in young girl disease like acne and menstrual problems).🌺It is used internally as well as externally.🌺It is sweet bitter in taste, unctuous, heavy and cold in natureIt balances all three doshas 🌱Aloevera Benefits 👉It is a good source ofContinue reading “Amazing uses of Aloevera!!”

Parwal( Pointed gourd) is good to use in healthy as well as in disease condition!!

🌿Parwal or patol( Pointed gourd) 🌷Parwal is one of the best vegetable according to ayurveda which is good for consumption in healthy as well as in diseased condition. 🌷It is so good that it is recommended by ayurveda to use regularly by all. It can be consumed round the year but summer and rainy seasonsContinue reading “Parwal( Pointed gourd) is good to use in healthy as well as in disease condition!!”

What causes skin disorders?? 🙄

👉Skin is first line of defense of our body.👍👉Beautiful skin is attractive and increases confidence where as skin with issues affect negatively .😭👉Some skin problems may not be painful in nature but they give emotional pain . 😥👉 Today there is whole industry for skin care, beautification and treatment, but still every other person isContinue reading “What causes skin disorders?? 🙄”

Successful treatment of any disease depend on 4 components – Doctor,medicine, patient and attendant.

Chikitsa chatushpad (4 components of treatment) 🌷Disease is imbalance of dosha, dhatu and mala.🌷Bringing them back to equilibrium is chikitsa or treatment. 🌷 To treat any disease is not only physician responsibility but there are 3 more aspects to it. 🌷In absence of them even a great physician will not be able to cure disease.Continue reading “Successful treatment of any disease depend on 4 components – Doctor,medicine, patient and attendant.”

Exercise – why, when and how much as per Ayurveda.

🌷Exercise is called Vyayam in Sanskrit means which produce tiredness in body.🚶‍♀️🏋️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️🚴‍♂️ 🌷It is mentioned under dincharya or daily routine in Ayurveda that means benefit of doing regular exercise has been taught from thousands of years. 🌞 🌷Benefits of regular Exercise ✅Increase body strength, firmness and causes lightness in body. 💪✅Improve digestion, blood circulation andContinue reading “Exercise – why, when and how much as per Ayurveda.”

Is chilled water is good to quench thirst in hot weather ?? 🤔

👉Drinking ice cold water is strictly prohibited in Ayurveda. 👍 👉 In summer, vata gets accumulated, vata which is cold in nature get aggravated when things similar in its properties like cold water is taken. 🌱 👉 Vata aggravation can result in 80 types of diseases like pain in body parts,stiffness, bloating, constipation, dry skin,Continue reading “Is chilled water is good to quench thirst in hot weather ?? 🤔”