Ayurvedic view about epidemic.

🤔Is there any reference of epidemic in Ayurveda? 👉Yes, in all three major texts of Ayurveda there is mention of epidemic.🌱 🤔How Ayurveda describes epidemic? 👉In Ayurveda epidemic is described as’Janapadodhwamsam’ which meansJana – communityUdhwamsam- destruction.That is destruction of large community is janpadodhwansam. 👍 🤔What causes epidemic? 👉As per Ayurveda adharma is the root causeContinue reading “Ayurvedic view about epidemic.”

Ayurvedic tips to manage old age problems.

Jara (old age) 👉It’s a natural stage of life, aging is a natural process, it is considered as natural disease as it is not comfortable. 🌻 👉It is very important to age gracefully and with no or less diseases as population of old people in our country is growingand most of the aged people spendContinue reading “Ayurvedic tips to manage old age problems.”

Which is the best or the greatest medicine among all ?

👉Food is considered as mahabhaishaj, greatest of all drugs in Ayurveda , with proper food one can live without any medication and with unwholesome diet one cannot stay healthy with any medication. 🌻 👉 To protect health and to cure any disease, proper diet plays very important role. 🌷 👉 Quality food if taken inContinue reading “Which is the best or the greatest medicine among all ?”

Things you should know about detox. 🧐

👉Detox word is getting popular these days, many people have‘ detox drink’ daily to get rid of toxins.🌺👉Products are selling in the name of Liver detox, kidney detox, skin detox or body detox. 🌿👉Having some drink and then doing forceful vomit or motions is not ayurvedic detox.🌼 👉You might feel light by doing so calledContinue reading “Things you should know about detox. 🧐”

8 specialized branches of Ayurveda!

Branches of Ayurveda– Ayurvedic treatment is categorized into 8 branches 🌱Kaya chikitsa( medicine)- Treatment of metabolic disorders and general diseases like diabetes, joint pain, asthma, T. B, fever etc through oral medication and therapies. 🌱 Shalya chikitsa( surgery)- surgical procedures are described in it like for fracture, tumor, plastic surgery etc . 🌱Shalakya ( ENT)-Continue reading “8 specialized branches of Ayurveda!”

Why it is important to know what type of agni (digestive strength) you have.

🌻Agni means fire🔥 ayurveda compare digestion with agni as it converts food into energy. 🌻For healthy,long and happy😊 life balanced agni is very essential,most of the disorders originated due to impaired agni.😱 🌻You may notice🧐 in your family or in friends after having same type of food say pizza some feel absolutely fine after havingContinue reading “Why it is important to know what type of agni (digestive strength) you have.”

Shatavari prevent early aging!

What is shatavari?? Shatavari is a herb whose roots are used in Ayurveda  for its medicinal properties.It is cold, heavy to digest, unctuous, sweet and bitter in taste.It balances vata and pitta dosha in body. Is Shatavari useful for women only?? No anyone can take it according to requirement. What are the uses of shatavari??Continue reading “Shatavari prevent early aging!”

Mulethi (licorice) – excellent health tonic for elderly people.

Must keep this herb at home as it is very useful in many conditions . 🌼 It is Sweet, cold, vata and pitta balancing herb. 🌿Used in _following conditions_ 👉Acidity, acid reflux, ulcer and excessive thirst. 🥵👉Improves strength💪 and immunity. 👉Useful in Allergy rhinitis, bronchial asthma, cough, dry cough, chest congestion and sour throat.👉 EyeContinue reading “Mulethi (licorice) – excellent health tonic for elderly people.”

Ashwagandha for fatigue, insomnia, immunity and depression.

🌺Ashwagandha is most popular, powerful and useful herb of Ayurveda due to its immense health benefits .Ashwagandha means which smells like horse or which gives strength and stamina like horse .🌺 Roots of Ashwagandha are o medicinal importance . 🌺Ayurvedic properties of Ashwagandha 🍁It has katu, tikta and kashay rasa. 🍁 It is snigdha, laghuContinue reading “Ashwagandha for fatigue, insomnia, immunity and depression.”

Painful menstrual cycle (Dysmenorrhea) – it’s causes and few remedies.

🌿Painful menstrual cycle or periods is very common now a days but it is not normal. 🌿Menstruation is a monthly process in women but in some it become so painful that it interfere in her routine activities even she has to take break from her work, school and other routines.😢 🌿Menstrual pain is of twoContinue reading “Painful menstrual cycle (Dysmenorrhea) – it’s causes and few remedies.”