Ayurveda recommends rock salt to use in daily cooking!!

🌺Saindhav Lavan or rock salt is one of the 5 type of salt which ayurveda indicates but it is best among all as it is pacify all three Dosha vata pitta and kapha which is rare with salt. 👌 🌺It is among the few substances which ayurveda suggest to use daily.💯 🌺It is salty inContinue reading “Ayurveda recommends rock salt to use in daily cooking!!”

Things that should be avoided in regular diet.

🌱🌱Following things should be avoided for daily consumption as per Ayurveda( nitya asevaniya ahara) 👉Dried vegetables(packaged food mostly contain dried vegetables ) 👉Food prepared by boiling curd, milk or buttermilk. 👉Curd 👉Solid part of curd 👉Recipe prepared by cooking curd and milk together. 👉Solid part of curdled milk( paneer) 👉Urad daal or black gram 👉SmallContinue reading “Things that should be avoided in regular diet.”

Nitya sevaniya ahara ( food that can be taken regularly)

🌻In Ayurveda to maintain health and to prevent diseases lot of importance is given to food. Read Ayurvedic rules about eating food 🌻Some foods are suggested to be used on  daily basis to protect health. 🌻These nitya sevaniya ( daily consumable) food are nutritive and at the same  time they are balanced. 🌻They have 6Continue reading “Nitya sevaniya ahara ( food that can be taken regularly)”

Sabudana health benefits

🌷This white round pearls are pure carbohydrates they are low in fiber and protein.🌷They also contain small amount of calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins . 🌷Starch which is extracted from stem of sago palm or from roots of topiaco goes through processing to make white round pearls. 🌷They are consumed in many parts of world.Continue reading “Sabudana health benefits”

Sattu – Ayurvedic and tradition drink for summer.

🌻Sattu🌾 🌷Sattu is very famous and traditional drink of many North Indian states. 🌷It’s reference is there in charak samhita. 🌷Sattu is a great drink for summer season. 🌷It is also useful in many disorders.🌷It can be used during traveling. 🌷Sattu is light to digest, dry and cold in nature.🌷It is a tasty and easyContinue reading “Sattu – Ayurvedic and tradition drink for summer.”

Coriander – know how to use it for detox!!

☘️Coriander is also known as Dhanyak in Sanskrit means which resembles dhan or which is dhany ( rich). ☘️It is most common herb used in Indian kitchen , it has many health benefits. It is commonly known as Dhaniya. ☘️ It is astringent and bitter in taste, light to digest, unctuous and hot in potency.Continue reading “Coriander – know how to use it for detox!!”

Jau(Barley) or yava- Recommend to use daily by Ayurveda to stay healthy.

It is food which works as medicine in many conditions, it is recommended in ayurveda to use regularly and by doing so you never suffer from obesity, diabetes and skin problems. 🌷It’s is astringent and sweet in taste, cold, dry, soft, slimy and scraping in nature. It balance all three doshas specially kapha and pitta.Continue reading “Jau(Barley) or yava- Recommend to use daily by Ayurveda to stay healthy.”

Jamun(Indian Blackberry) – useful in controlling blood sugar and many other health issues.

🌺Jamun is native of India🇮🇳, in fact India was used to known as jambu dweep only due to presence of jamun trees in abundance.😀🌺This berry is full of goodness its fruit, seeds, bark and leaves all are of medicinal importance. 🌺It’s fruits are available at the end of summer and starting of monsoon. 🌺It isContinue reading “Jamun(Indian Blackberry) – useful in controlling blood sugar and many other health issues.”

Mango – Best thing about summer 😍

🥭We all love mango that is why it is called aam in hindi mango is also refer as king of fruits due to it nutritional value. 😍 🥭It has many synonyms in sanskrit like aamra,stripriya,rasala,madhuphala etc .🌺🌺🥭Almost all the parts of mango tree is used in ayurveda for different purposes.👍🌷🌷 🤔What are the properties ofContinue reading “Mango – Best thing about summer 😍”

Moong daal( yellow lentils) – best among all.

🌺It is best among all the types of pulses as per Ayurveda .🥇 🌺It is so good that it is recommended to use on daily basis by Ayurvedic acharyas . 😀 🌺It is full of protein,carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. 👌 🌺It is known as mudga in sanskrit which means that gives happiness. 😍 ☘️Ayurvedic PropertiesContinue reading “Moong daal( yellow lentils) – best among all.”