Chyawanprash – everything you should know about it.🌷

🤔What is Chyawanprash?👉It is one of most famous Ayurvedic jam or avleh of semi solid consistency, it’s recipe is described in Ayurvedic samhitas under rasayan or rejuvenator. 🌷☘️ 🤔Why it is named as Chyawanprash?👉It was first used by sage chywan as a anti aging formulation and as it is semisolid in consistency and meant toContinue reading “Chyawanprash – everything you should know about it.🌷”

Shatadhaut ghrit – Multipurpose Ayurvedic cream.

✅Like ghee is good to use in food, it is also good for external use on skin.😎 ✅Shata means hundred, dhaut means wash and ghrita is ghee soghee which is washed 100 times with water is Shatadhaut ghrit.😍 ✅It has cool, hydrating, moisturizing, healing and cleaning effect on skin. 👍✅It penetrats deep in skin andContinue reading “Shatadhaut ghrit – Multipurpose Ayurvedic cream.”

When you have fever follow Do’s and Don’ts as per Ayurveda.

Do’s – 🌷 First and most important thing ayurveda suggest in fever is langhan( fasting) or eating light food in less quantity. 🌷Include ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cumin, Tulsi, black pepper, moong daal, old rice,poha,parval,cooked radish, brinjal, karela,moringa leaves, drumsticks,raisin and pomegranate in diet . 🌷Moong daal soup with salt, pepper, turmeric and ginger. 🌷 BoilContinue reading “When you have fever follow Do’s and Don’ts as per Ayurveda.”

🤔What can be done to improve nutrients availability and absorption from food??

👉There are few things which can be taken with food in small amount, they not only give there own benefits but they enhance the effectiveness and absorption of nutrition of other ingredients with which it is taken. 👉People whose diet is less like children or old person, this yogvahi or bioenhancer can be added inContinue reading “🤔What can be done to improve nutrients availability and absorption from food??”

🤔What can be done to improve kids immunity and maintaining their health?? 🌱👶🧒👧

👉Balayavastha is considered from 0 to 16 years as per ayurveda, it is kapha dosha dominant age, every child is different in prakriti but still kapha dosha is dominate in this age group, body tissues are not fully matured and are in growing stage, body immunity is low.👶🧒🌺👉Like every stage and state of life, followingContinue reading “🤔What can be done to improve kids immunity and maintaining their health?? 🌱👶🧒👧”

Tandulodaka (Rice water)- it’s uses and method of preparation.

It is very easy preparation and useful in many conditions.It is cold in potency, it balances pitta and vata dosha.It is nutritional. Tandulodaka is useful in following conditions Burning sensationBurning and difficulty in urineHeavy periodLeucorrhoeaNose bleedingDiarrhoeaAcidityWeaknessExcessive body heatEczemaFeverFor good hair and skin -use it  both externally and internally.Co drink of many Ayurvedic medicines. Plant fertilizer.Continue reading “Tandulodaka (Rice water)- it’s uses and method of preparation.”

Ayurvedic view about epidemic.

🤔Is there any reference of epidemic in Ayurveda? 👉Yes, in all three major texts of Ayurveda there is mention of epidemic.🌱 🤔How Ayurveda describes epidemic? 👉In Ayurveda epidemic is described as’Janapadodhwamsam’ which meansJana – communityUdhwamsam- destruction.That is destruction of large community is janpadodhwansam. 👍 🤔What causes epidemic? 👉As per Ayurveda adharma is the root causeContinue reading “Ayurvedic view about epidemic.”

Ayurvedic tips to manage old age problems.

Jara (old age) 👉It’s a natural stage of life, aging is a natural process, it is considered as natural disease as it is not comfortable. 🌻 👉It is very important to age gracefully and with no or less diseases as population of old people in our country is growingand most of the aged people spendContinue reading “Ayurvedic tips to manage old age problems.”

8 specialized branches of Ayurveda!

Branches of Ayurveda– Ayurvedic treatment is categorized into 8 branches 🌱Kaya chikitsa( medicine)- Treatment of metabolic disorders and general diseases like diabetes, joint pain, asthma, T. B, fever etc through oral medication and therapies. 🌱 Shalya chikitsa( surgery)- surgical procedures are described in it like for fracture, tumor, plastic surgery etc . 🌱Shalakya ( ENT)-Continue reading “8 specialized branches of Ayurveda!”

Why it is important to know what type of agni (digestive strength) you have.

🌻Agni means fire🔥 ayurveda compare digestion with agni as it converts food into energy. 🌻For healthy,long and happy😊 life balanced agni is very essential,most of the disorders originated due to impaired agni.😱 🌻You may notice🧐 in your family or in friends after having same type of food say pizza some feel absolutely fine after havingContinue reading “Why it is important to know what type of agni (digestive strength) you have.”