What causes skin disorders?? 🙄

👉Skin is first line of defense of our body.👍👉Beautiful skin is attractive and increases confidence where as skin with issues affect negatively .😭👉Some skin problems may not be painful in nature but they give emotional pain . 😥👉 Today there is whole industry for skin care, beautification and treatment, but still every other person isContinue reading “What causes skin disorders?? 🙄”

Successful treatment of any disease depend on 4 components – Doctor,medicine, patient and attendant.

Chikitsa chatushpad (4 components of treatment) 🌷Disease is imbalance of dosha, dhatu and mala.🌷Bringing them back to equilibrium is chikitsa or treatment. 🌷 To treat any disease is not only physician responsibility but there are 3 more aspects to it. 🌷In absence of them even a great physician will not be able to cure disease.Continue reading “Successful treatment of any disease depend on 4 components – Doctor,medicine, patient and attendant.”

Exercise – why, when and how much as per Ayurveda.

🌷Exercise is called Vyayam in Sanskrit means which produce tiredness in body.🚶‍♀️🏋️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️🚴‍♂️ 🌷It is mentioned under dincharya or daily routine in Ayurveda that means benefit of doing regular exercise has been taught from thousands of years. 🌞 🌷Benefits of regular Exercise ✅Increase body strength, firmness and causes lightness in body. 💪✅Improve digestion, blood circulation andContinue reading “Exercise – why, when and how much as per Ayurveda.”

Leucorrhoea (vaginal white discharge) – cause, symptoms and remedies.

☘️Leucorrhoea is a medical term for vaginal white discharge it is a condition where excessive,thick ,white or yellowish discharge occurs from vagina. ☘️In ayurveda it is called shwet pradar . ☘️ Normally vaginal glands secrets fluid to keep vagina moist and to prevent infection but when this fluid is produced in excess it indicates problem.Continue reading “Leucorrhoea (vaginal white discharge) – cause, symptoms and remedies.”

Triphala is much more than a laxative!!

☘️Triphala is well known ayurvedic formulation mostly used as laxative but there are many more benefits and uses of it. 😊 ☘️Triphala ( tri – three, phala-fruit) is a combination of three fruits amalki,haritaki and vibhitaki mostly in equal proportion ,there proportion may vary according to patient need.👍 ☘️Triphala is part of many famous ayurvedicContinue reading “Triphala is much more than a laxative!!”

FAQs about Swarnprashan – Ayurvedic equivalent to Vaccination

Swarnprashan can be correlated with vaccination of modern medicine but vaccination which protects from particular microorganisms, swarnprashan improves overall physical and mental health. It comes in drops which is given orally, it is best to start it from early age as due to immature immune system babies are more vulnerable to diseases but as balayavasthaContinue reading “FAQs about Swarnprashan – Ayurvedic equivalent to Vaccination”

Nothing is absolutely bad or good for health!!!👍🌱

👉In today’s time we easily label anything as bad or good for health but it is not a good approach.🌺 👉As per Ayurveda nothing is absolutely good or bad for everyone and in all situations.👌 👉Like few years back ghee was blamed for every health issues and people stopped having it but now it isContinue reading “Nothing is absolutely bad or good for health!!!👍🌱”

Melasma – it’s causes and remedies to cure it.

🌷Hyperpigmentation, age spots or liver spot are common name of melasma it is a condition where painless 🌼brown patch appear on facial skin it may form on cheeks, forehead,chin,nose, upper lip or sometimes on other parts of body . 🌷 It is mostly seen in women👩 of child bearing age according to modern science whenContinue reading “Melasma – it’s causes and remedies to cure it.”

Follow Ayurvedic Rules of eating food for good health.

Follow Ayurvedic Rules of eating food for good digestion, which is base of good immunity. Eating food is very sacred thing it is said to be like yagna🔥in which offering is made to digestive fire. 🌷Eat food with moisture or little oiliness ( ghee,oil) avoid dry food.🌷Eat warm, fresh and properly cooked food. 🍛🌷Eat onlyContinue reading “Follow Ayurvedic Rules of eating food for good health.”

Why it important to take bath in morning??

👉Not a long time ago in our country almost in every culture it was important to bath in morning for everyone be it before prayers, cooking in kitchen or before starting studies.🌺🤗 👉Bathing in early morning on special days at particular place are also part of our culture, kumbh is one such religious practice. 🌺Continue reading “Why it important to take bath in morning??”