Feeling fatigue?? Ayurveda Can Help You!!

🌷We all feel fatigue some or the other time due to various reasons but if feeling of tiredness becomes normal state of living then it is important to fix it.🌷 In today’s busy world it is very common problem to feel fatigue physically or mentally.😰 🌺Symptoms of fatigue 🌼laziness * lack of energy * weaknessContinue reading “Feeling fatigue?? Ayurveda Can Help You!!”

8 factors on which nutritional value of food depends.

Whenever we are not well and visit a doctor, he generally suggests a blood check-up and if someone is diagnosed with some deficiency related to protein, vitamin, minerals etc our entire focus shifts on having that food which are rich in those particular nutrients, we feel that by having these food in large quantity weContinue reading “8 factors on which nutritional value of food depends.”

5 steps to improve oral health using Ayurveda.

It is amazing that thousands of years ago Ayurvedic acharya knew the importance of oral health and include it as part of daily routine (dincharya). They suggested some very easy practices which help in maintaining oral health, preventing problems related to teeth and gum, improves the sense of taste, increase digestive strength and aids inContinue reading “5 steps to improve oral health using Ayurveda.”

Why you should never hold urge to pass urine ??

👉Urge to pass urine is a natural reflex which occurs when body wants to expel unwanted liquid out of body.👍 👉Urine 💧form on regular basis due to metabolism it is a waste product of body . 👉Through urination this waste product is thrown out of the body.🌺 👉Body gives signal to urinate, now it isContinue reading “Why you should never hold urge to pass urine ??”

🌾🌻Vasant ritucharya(spring seasonal regime)

🌼 Sun slowly become strong,days are getting longer, heat increase in day,mornings and night are still bit cold, new leaves, flowers are blooming on trees and birds sings in joy of beautiful nature and welcoming king of all seasons‘ VASANT’.😍 🌼 Like every thing around us in nature is changing with the advent of springContinue reading “🌾🌻Vasant ritucharya(spring seasonal regime)”

Ayurveda should be first choice of treatment of diseases.

🌷There are many systems of treatments available today like allopathy ,homopathy,Unani,siddha and ofcourse ayurveda.👍 🌷Among all allopathy or modern medicine 💉is most prevalent and easily available but other system of medicines🌞 are also helpful that is why in-spite of presence of modern medicine hospital or clinic all over, traditional system of medicines survived and gainingContinue reading “Ayurveda should be first choice of treatment of diseases.”

Dhoopan – herbal fumigation, natural disinfectant!!

🌷In most of the Indian household burning dhoop and karpur was practised in morning and evening on regular basis that was the natural method of fumigation environment but with time this practice is almost stopped.🌷In ayurveda fumigation using herbs and minerals are done for labour room, room where newborn kept, surgery room, patient room, forContinue reading “Dhoopan – herbal fumigation, natural disinfectant!!”

Dincharya ( Daily Routine) for Healthy Life🌞🌜🌄🌃

🌴Ayurveda is a science which believe in preventing healthcare for which it emphasis on following daily routine😊🌞. 🌻Daily routine has deep effect on health it is stronger then any preventive medicine😀👍. 🌻 It is necessary for balanced body and mind. Dincharya helps in good digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients , thus gives long,healthy andContinue reading “Dincharya ( Daily Routine) for Healthy Life🌞🌜🌄🌃”

Few important points to know before using copper vessel for drinking water

1.Copper vessel should be of good quality. 👌 2.Vessel should be cleaned properly regularly , it should be shiny 🌞with no oxidized layer on it,also avoid bottles with small mouth. 👎🌻Imli or lemon🍋 can be used to clean it. 3.Copper is hot🔥 in nature it increases pitta so person of pitta body type should avoidContinue reading “Few important points to know before using copper vessel for drinking water”

Do not drink lots of water in morning!!!

🤔There are lot of confusion about water, how much, when and what type of water to drink, ayurveda has all the answers of these questions. Q. When and how much water we should drink? 🙄 🙂There is a very simple answer to this. In healthy condition when you feel thirsty you should then only drinkContinue reading “Do not drink lots of water in morning!!!”