Dry ginger is a natural pain killer!!

🍁Dry ginger or Shunthi is also called vishvabhejhaj (universal medicine) due its many uses.🙂 It is a natural pain killer, used in Ayurveda to relieve all types of pain including abdominal colicky pain, joint pain, headaches and menstrual pain as it balances vata dosha in body. 🍁It balance vata and kapha dosha in body. 🤔WhatContinue reading “Dry ginger is a natural pain killer!!”

Uses of coconut water and pulp.

🥥Coconut is used in sacred ceremonies from thousands of years as it is considered as divine fruit . It is of 3 types based on its life cycle baal , madhyam and pakva. 🌷Baal or tender coconut have 95 water which has best cooling effect.🌷Madhyam which have soft pulp along with water it is mostContinue reading “Uses of coconut water and pulp.”

Amazing uses of Aloevera!!

🌺It is known as’ ghrita kumari ‘in Sanskrit.Ghrita ( ghee like pulp in leaves)Kumari ( used in young girl disease like acne and menstrual problems).🌺It is used internally as well as externally.🌺It is sweet bitter in taste, unctuous, heavy and cold in natureIt balances all three doshas 🌱Aloevera Benefits 👉It is a good source ofContinue reading “Amazing uses of Aloevera!!”

Chew fennel seeds after food for good digestion!!

Fennel seed or Saunf is called Mishrey or Madhura in Sanskrit. It is rich in minerals,vitamins( A,C,E and B complex) and essential oils . Sauf is used in Indian cooking very intelligently, our Indian food so amazingly designed that without our awareness we are using these great herbs in our food but slowly with cultureContinue reading “Chew fennel seeds after food for good digestion!!”

Do you know honey can heal wound??

🍯Honey is used extensively in ayurveda specially as a co drink for medicines. ☘️☘️It is recommended to use on daily basis for healthy person in ayurveda. 👍 ☘️It is sweet astringent in tastecold and dry in nature.☘️It pacify kapha and pitta, old honey pacify all 3 doshas. 🌻Here are few uses of honey 🍯It canContinue reading “Do you know honey can heal wound??”

Betel leaves are suggested to be chewed on daily basis by Ayurveda!! ☘️

🌷Tambul is good for health when used properly😊, it is also of religious importance that is why it is used in many religious ceremonies🙏. 🌷It is hot in nature, light, bitter and astringent in test, balance vata🌀 and kapha🌊, increase pitta🔥 in body. 🌷Its juice is used in ayurveda as co-drink for medicine administration .Continue reading “Betel leaves are suggested to be chewed on daily basis by Ayurveda!! ☘️”