Pippali (Piper Longum)- lungs protective herb. ☘️☘️

🌻Pippali is a easily available tonic or rasayan. 😍🌻It is not only used in disease condition but it is also used to prevent diseases. 🥰🌻Its a herb whose fruits and roots are of medicinal importance.🤗🌻 It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines as it increases efficiency of medicines .☘️☘️🌻It helps to transport nutrients and toContinue reading “Pippali (Piper Longum)- lungs protective herb. ☘️☘️”

Kokam (Garcinia Indica) uses.

🌷Kokam🌷 🌻Sometimes in crowd of widely advertised yet not proven nutrients we miss nature’s precious gifts. 🌻You will not see any advertisement of kokam sharbat on tv but that doesn’t make it less useful. 🌻Many in our country not even heard name of this fruit but avacado is common name now.🌻 This neglected and underusedContinue reading “Kokam (Garcinia Indica) uses.”

Bael or wood apple- antiviral, antibacterial and anti inflammatory.

🌷Bael or bilva is one of the plant with religious and medicinal importance ,its leaves are used to offer lord Shiva so it is also called shivdruma. 🤔Which part of bilva plant is useful?? 🌷Whole plant of bilva have medicinal usage it leaves, roots, stem,bark, fruit,flowers and oil are used for different health problems. 🌷BilvaContinue reading “Bael or wood apple- antiviral, antibacterial and anti inflammatory.”

Giloy – best herb for fever!!

🤔What is Giloy? 🌷🌷🌱☘️ 👉It is a climbing shrub or creeper which is extensively used in Ayurveda, giloy which grows over neem tree is considered as best. 🌺👉It is one of those herb which you should grow in your house or should always keep in house in dry powder or tablet form as it isContinue reading “Giloy – best herb for fever!!”

Karela or Karvellak( Bitter gourd)

☘️As for maintaining good health Ayurveda suggest to use 6 taste sweet, sour, salt, bitter, astringent and pungent. 🌹☘️Karela is bitter taste vegetable which should be part of diet in healthy condition and in many disease conditions. 👍 ☘️It is bitter and pungent in taste.☘️It is light, dry, hot and penetrating in action.🌻☘️It balances KaphaContinue reading “Karela or Karvellak( Bitter gourd)”

Shatavari prevent early aging!

What is shatavari?? Shatavari is a herb whose roots are used in Ayurveda  for its medicinal properties.It is cold, heavy to digest, unctuous, sweet and bitter in taste.It balances vata and pitta dosha in body. Is Shatavari useful for women only?? No anyone can take it according to requirement. What are the uses of shatavari??Continue reading “Shatavari prevent early aging!”

Mulethi (licorice) – excellent health tonic for elderly people.

Must keep this herb at home as it is very useful in many conditions . 🌼 It is Sweet, cold, vata and pitta balancing herb. 🌿Used in _following conditions_ 👉Acidity, acid reflux, ulcer and excessive thirst. 🥵👉Improves strength💪 and immunity. 👉Useful in Allergy rhinitis, bronchial asthma, cough, dry cough, chest congestion and sour throat.👉 EyeContinue reading “Mulethi (licorice) – excellent health tonic for elderly people.”

Ashwagandha for fatigue, insomnia, immunity and depression.

🌺Ashwagandha is most popular, powerful and useful herb of Ayurveda due to its immense health benefits .Ashwagandha means which smells like horse or which gives strength and stamina like horse .🌺 Roots of Ashwagandha are o medicinal importance . 🌺Ayurvedic properties of Ashwagandha 🍁It has katu, tikta and kashay rasa. 🍁 It is snigdha, laghuContinue reading “Ashwagandha for fatigue, insomnia, immunity and depression.”

Dry ginger is a natural pain killer!!

🍁Dry ginger or Shunthi is also called vishvabhejhaj (universal medicine) due its many uses.🙂 It is a natural pain killer, used in Ayurveda to relieve all types of pain including abdominal colicky pain, joint pain, headaches and menstrual pain as it balances vata dosha in body. 🍁It balance vata and kapha dosha in body. 🤔WhatContinue reading “Dry ginger is a natural pain killer!!”

Uses of coconut water and pulp.

🥥Coconut is used in sacred ceremonies from thousands of years as it is considered as divine fruit . It is of 3 types based on its life cycle baal , madhyam and pakva. 🌷Baal or tender coconut have 95 water which has best cooling effect.🌷Madhyam which have soft pulp along with water it is mostContinue reading “Uses of coconut water and pulp.”