Ayurveda recommends rock salt to use in daily cooking!!

🌺Saindhav Lavan or rock salt is one of the 5 type of salt which ayurveda indicates but it is best among all as it is pacify all three Dosha vata pitta and kapha which is rare with salt. 👌 🌺It is among the few substances which ayurveda suggest to use daily.💯 🌺It is salty inContinue reading “Ayurveda recommends rock salt to use in daily cooking!!”

Things that should be avoided in regular diet.

🌱🌱Following things should be avoided for daily consumption as per Ayurveda( nitya asevaniya ahara) 👉Dried vegetables(packaged food mostly contain dried vegetables ) 👉Food prepared by boiling curd, milk or buttermilk. 👉Curd 👉Solid part of curd 👉Recipe prepared by cooking curd and milk together. 👉Solid part of curdled milk( paneer) 👉Urad daal or black gram 👉SmallContinue reading “Things that should be avoided in regular diet.”

Nitya sevaniya ahara ( food that can be taken regularly)

🌻In Ayurveda to maintain health and to prevent diseases lot of importance is given to food. Read Ayurvedic rules about eating food 🌻Some foods are suggested to be used on  daily basis to protect health. 🌻These nitya sevaniya ( daily consumable) food are nutritive and at the same  time they are balanced. 🌻They have 6Continue reading “Nitya sevaniya ahara ( food that can be taken regularly)”

Sabudana health benefits

🌷This white round pearls are pure carbohydrates they are low in fiber and protein.🌷They also contain small amount of calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins . 🌷Starch which is extracted from stem of sago palm or from roots of topiaco goes through processing to make white round pearls. 🌷They are consumed in many parts of world.Continue reading “Sabudana health benefits”

Is fever our enemy and it should be bring down anyhow??

🌱Fever is a condition when temperatures of body increase from its normal range due to various reasons. 🌱Mostly people get scared when fever appears but it is just a symptom of main problem . ✅Fever is produced due to body defense mechanism, it’s a  natural immune response of body.  ✅When the body comes in contactContinue reading “Is fever our enemy and it should be bring down anyhow??”

🤔Why health of environment is important for human health???

यत् ब्रह्मांडे तत् पिंडे 👉Human body is miniature representation of nature what is there in nature that is also present in human body in small form.👍🌱 👉What activities goes in nature similar functions also occurs in body.🌷 👉Like air, sun and moon govern nature similarly vata, Pitta and kapha govern body.🌀🌛🌞 👉Like every thing onContinue reading “🤔Why health of environment is important for human health???”

🌼Rasala or shrikhand- tasty and healthy dessert for summers!!

✅Its reference is available in charak samhita and also in Mahabharat .👍✅ Bheem prepared this desert for Shri krishna.🙏✅It is ancient recipe used to relish on auspicious days.🌅 ✅It is a great desert for spring and summer.🌸 ✅It’s not only tasty but also good for health.👍 ✅Today when in the name of dessert or forContinue reading “🌼Rasala or shrikhand- tasty and healthy dessert for summers!!”

🤔Is eating healthy food is the only thing you can do to prevent and cure diseases??

👉Generally food rich in nutrients, are considered as healthy and every other day some healthy super food comes in the market with superpower of curing every health problem. 👉And nowadays it has become the situation that everyone is competing to eat everything all kinds of vegetables, fruits, yogurt, milk, cheese, dry fruit, seeds, pulses andContinue reading “🤔Is eating healthy food is the only thing you can do to prevent and cure diseases??”

Health benefits of Moonlight 🌛🌼

👉Today everyone knows the importance of sunlight and its benefit in preventing and treating diseases.👍 👉Similarly moon light is also beneficial in many conditions.😍 👉 Sun, moon and air are guiding forces of nature so they also effects humans. 🌺🌺Pitta, kapha and vata dosha represents these forces respectively in human body as Ayurveda believes what’sContinue reading “Health benefits of Moonlight 🌛🌼”

Ayurvedic summer diet and lifestyle rules.

With the arrival of summer🌞😎 we started summer preparations like servicing air conditioner, putting water bottles and ice tray in refrigerator,indulging in ice-cream🍦, cold drinks but these things actually not good to balance heat there are more you can do to make summer more comfortable and to prevent summer related health issues. ☘️Summer or grishmaContinue reading “Ayurvedic summer diet and lifestyle rules.”