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Arbi, nutritional and tasty substitute of potatoes!

🌱Taro roots or arvi or arbi, it is one of the oldest vegetables of the Indian Subcontinent.🌱It is largely cultivated and consumed in India and other parts of world. 🌱This tuber is rich in nutrients , easy to grow and not expensive. Arbi is a good substitute for potatoes🥔 👉Before the potato taking over the…

Khus or Ushir,A very useful herb to prevent many health problems related to summer.

🌷Vetiver is known as usiram in sanskrit. 🌷Its common name is Khus. 🌷It is a perennial grass of Indian origin, root of this grass is used for  medicinal and cosmetic purpose. 🌷In India not long ago during summer season it was common practice  to hang  vetiver grass mats   on windows to cool off  stifling summer…

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