Know how to use poppy seeds for good quality of sleep!!

☘️They are seeds of opium.

☘️Opium resin, seeds and roots are used in ayurvedic medicines.

☘️Poppy seeds are rich in minerals, enzymes and fatty acid, so it’s a natural health supplement useful for all age groups.

☘️ It is very good source of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. It is free from cholesterol.

☘️It is slightly sweet and nutty in taste when roasted .

☘️It is light, dry, cool and fast in action.
☘️It enters in deep tissues of body
☘️It balances vata dosha in body.

☘️ It increases Immunity and strength of body. 💪

☘️It is good for Diabetic person.✅

☘️ It moisturizes skin when applied externally and with internal use it improves skin quality. 😎

☘️ It improves quality of sleep. 😴

☘️ It helps in controlling high blood pressure. 💓

☘️It is useful in joint pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout. 🦴

☘️It makes bones strong. 🦴💪

☘️Useful in muscle pain. 🤗

☘️ Used in condition of abnormal growth like abscess, tumor and cancer. ✅

☘️It relieves burning sensation. 🥵

☘️ It gives instant energy. 🤗

☘️ Useful in Neurological disorders . 👍

☘️ Useful in depression and anxiety. 😇

☘️ It is good in improving female fertility. 👩

How to use it??? 🤔

👉Milkshake, sweets, sabji, kheer, laddoo can be made using it.

👉It’s Kheer(cooked with milk) is specially beneficial in insomnia.

Old or freshly made which jaggery is better??

🌿Gud or jaggery is used in ayurvedic preparation not only for its sweetness but also for its nutritional value. 😊

🌿 In India it was tradition to give gud with cold water to guests as it gives instant energy and rejuvenate one.🤩

🌿Gud is unrefined ,raw, concentrated sugarcane juice.🌱

🌿It is rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium,iron,zinc, calcium phosphorus.👍

🌿Ayurvedic properties of gud

According to ayurveda there are 2 types of gud🌻
1.dhaut( washed)- it does not increase kapha, balance vata and pitta more pitta balancing .It increase urine and stool.

2.Adhaut( unwashed or unrefined)- it balance vata and pitta . increase fat and strength in body ,it cleanses bladder,blood but in excess can cause intestinal worms.

👉Fresh gud increase kapha in body and cause Indigestion, those with strong digestion can use it.

👉Old gud is more sweet then fresh gud but it is easy to digest, balances all 3 doshas, so gud should be 1 year or more old for consumption.

👉 White or yellow gud is not of good quality.

🌿Health benefits of jaggery

☑️It improve appetite, digestion and relieve constipation. 😊

☑️ Jaggery with jeera before food give relief in bloating, flatulence and burping. 🤗

☑️It provides instant energy and reduces weakness. 😎

☑️ Good for heart, control blood pressure. Relieves palpitations. ♥️

☑️ It act as blood purifier. 👌

☑️Useful in Anemia. 👍

☑️ In obesity, swelling, high cholesterol and hypothyroidism use it with ginger.

☑️ Bladder cleanser ,it increases urine output,help in burning urination

☑️ fresh or new jaggery helps in gaining weight. 😀

☑️Useful in cough and cold ,use it along with black pepper and dried ginger powder. 🤧

☑️ It should be used as preventive in asthma and allergic respiratory disorders. 🌿

☑️ In hiccups, body ache, joint pain and difficulty in breathing use gud with dried ginger powder is useful. 🍀

☑️ In migraine and headache gud with cow ghee is beneficial. 🌵

☑️ It is helpful in Premenstrual symptoms like cramps, abdominal pain , backache,mood swings, jaggery with black sesame seed twice daily give relief in Premenstrual symptoms and this also works in Anemia. 🌺

☑️ In burning sensation use it with harad powder. 🌹

☑️ In piles it should be used with haritaki before food. 🌸

☑️ Improves sperm quality and quantity.

☑️Gud ,ghee along with chapati increases strength and stamina.

🌿Side effects

👉In excess it increases body weight.

👉Long term use can cause intestinal worms.

👉Ayurveda suggest not to use radish and gud with fish❌

👉 Avoid it with milk. ❌

Have Amla or indian gooseberry to prevent early aging!!

🌷Amla or amalki means which is sour in taste.

🌿According to ayurveda Amla has 5 tastes except salt but sour taste is predominant.😃

🌿 It is best anti-aging, rejuvenating and nourishing fruit. 😎

🌿One of the most used herb🥇 in ayurveda,main ingredient of famous ayurvedic jam Chyawanprash and one of the component of Triphala.

Properties of amla

👉It has 5 rasa ( sweet,sour, pungent, astringent, bitter)

👉It is guru(heavy to digest) and dry in nature.

👉Balance all three Dosha ( vata,pitta, kapha) , very few herb have this quality.

👉It is Cold in potency.

👉It is a great source of vitamin C (20 times more then orange) and it doesn’t lose its vitamin C even after heat or drying .

Health benefits of amla

✅Maintain healthy digestion, increase digestive fire. 🔥

✅Useful in constipation and hyperacidity. 👌

✅Improve respiratory immunity, strengthen lungs, helps in treatment of asthma, cough, cold and congestion but in combination with other herbs only Amla can worsen cough and cold as it is cold in potency.

✅Good for eyes, improve vision. 👀

✅Improve complexion of skin, moisturize skin , prevent it from bacterial infection, cure itching and burning sensation. 😎

✅ Good for hairs , prevent premature greying.

✅ As it boost calcium absorption so it is good for bones,teeth,nails and hairs. 🦴😁

✅It is a naturally tone muscle so athletes and body builder should consume it. 🤸‍♂️⛹️‍♀️

✅Maintain healthy blood sugar level so very beneficial for diabetic person. 🙏

✅ It is good for heart, lower high cholesterol levels, maintain normal blood pressure. 💖

✅Useful in bleeding disorders
It increases hemoglobin and RBC formation🌺

✅ It is useful in urinary tract infection, burning urine. 🔥

✅Remove toxins from body, cleanses and protect liver. 😊

✅ It has anti-inflammatory action.

✅Nourishing brain, improve memory, intelligence, tonic for sense organs. 😎

✅ It have antioxidants which slow down aging process and protect internal organs of body ,it improve lifespan of a person. 🦸‍♂️

✅ Improve reproductive health of both men and women,nourishes ovary and sperm. 👍

✅ Maintain healthy menstrual cycle but if someone with less bleeding and late periods should avoid it. 👩
✅It improve voice and good for throat. 🎶
✅It rejuvenate and remove lethargy. 😀

💐Part used

👉In ayurveda all parts of Amla tree is used like it’s leaves, fruit,seed, root,Bart and flower.

How to use it??🤔

👉It is always best to use fresh fruit you may consume it as chutney, pickle, juice or can be mix in vegetables and daal. 👌

👉It can be taken in powder form😊
👉Amla candy,Amla murrabba and chywanprash are also good way to use amla. 🤗

✅Amla can be taken whole year. 💯

✅Ready made juice of Amla should not be consumed for long✔️.

✅It’s powder is better than tablet or capsule. 👍

✅It is safe to use in pregnancy, children and during lactation. 🤰

💐Few remedies using Amla

👉Amla powder with honey useful to treat obesity and respiratory issues. 👌
👉Amla juice with giloy juice useful in fever and to improve immunity.
👉 Amla juice with karela juice and turmeric in diabetes. 👍
👉Amla juice with turmeric and dry ginger powder useful in cough and cold. 🤧
👉For grey hair soak it overnight in iron vessel and then apply on hair, leave this mask for45 minutes then wash.
👉 Mix it with coconut oil then boil filter this oil this oil is good for hair growth and greying. 👩
👉Amla powder with ghee help to relieve allergic rhinitis. 🤧
👉 For skin problems it should be consume along with turmeric.
👉Amla with alovera is good for skin, hair. 🌸

🌻Side effects

❌In excess it can cause dryness , diarrhoea and cramps.
❌Avoid it in night. 🌛🌟

AYURVEDIC VIEW ABOUT EATING RAW Food or raw vegetables as salad .

It is general perception that to lose weight or for good health eating raw food is good but that is not true for everyone , no doubt raw foods are rich in nutrition but it is our digestive system which should be capable enough to absorb those nutrients, so eating raw is not always beneficial.

  • Raw vegetables are heavy to digest, eating large amount of raw veggies depletes digestive fire which leads to accumulation of toxins and then causes disease.
  • Raw food gives instant energy and you feel better elimination but in long run it causes gas, bloating, constipation, dryness of skin, coldness and sleeping problem.
  • Cooked food are easy to digest. Steaming and sautéing of vegetables Infact make easy to absorb nutrients but over cooking should be avoided.

*Uncooked foods are dry,cold, rough and activating in nature so they increase vata dosha in body this increased vata causes many physical and mental disorders.

  • Ayurveda recommends to eat raw fruits, nuts and spices that too according to individual digestive capacity.
  • Person with strong digestion can have raw food but that should not be dominant part of meal.

Sesame seeds contain more calcium than milk!! it’s a must in winter.

Eating til ladoo in winter is part of our tradition specially on the day of makar sankranti but after knowing til or sesame seeds benefit you definitely want to eat more of it this season.

In ayurveda til seeds, oil and its whole plant is used, til oil is base of most of the ayurvedic oils.

Til oil is considered best among all types of oil for consumption as well as for massage.

  • There are 3 varieties of til, black which is best one, white is medium and red one is minimum in health benefits.
  • Til is hot in potency, heavy in nature. It balance vata and kapha dosha.
  • It is rich in vitamin E, K, B1, B6, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and dietary fiber.
  • Til increase body strength and immunity.
  • It improves digestive strength, act as laxative, cleanse body channels.
  • Excellent for skin as it moisturize skin, improves skin quality. Used both internally and externally for skin.
  • It is extremely good for hair, regular application of til oil on scalp and eating til seeds helps in growth of hair , prevent hair fall and premature greying of hair .
  • Til is good for oral health also it can be chewed or oil can be used for oil pulling.
  • It gives strength to bone, muscles and joint, oil of choice for daily massage, good for babies massage also.
  • It improves memory and intelligence. It calm nervous system, helps in stress and depression.
  • Helps in weight loss. Maintain cholesterol level.
  • Til is good for heart. It prevents hypertension.


Til seeds can be eaten directly or in form of ladoo, gajak, add it in vegetables or khichdi. It’s oil can be used in cooking, for daily massage, oil pulling, as nasal drops and ear drops. Til oil used for head massage relieves headache and helps in sound sleep.


Person with extreme body heat should avoid it.

🤔Why you suffer from same health problem again and again??

🌷Many times people suffer from same health problem even after taking remedies and treatments for same.🙄

🌷Be it acidity, gas, constipation, respiratory issues,skin problems, piles, kidney stones or tumor.

🌷 Minor or major health problems repeat in same person after some gap.🤔

🌷 This is because if you do not understand cause of your problem and stay away from them this repetition cannot be prevented.👍

🌷 In ayurveda first step of treatment is’ nidan parivarjan ‘ that is staying away from cause, without that no treatment is completed.✅

🌷That is why when you visit a vaidhy he asks in detail about your routine and food habits. ✅

🌷 Then he suggest some changes in routine and diet which helps you to regain health fast and prevent recurrence of disease. 😊✅

🌷 So in ayurveda treatment is very individualistic.

🌷 For this problem take that medicine is not a ayurvedic way of treatment.

🌷A real vaidhy never suggest any medication just by knowing the name of problem.

Ayurveda concept of Hot and Cold Food

🌷In Ayurveda food classification is based on many things ,one of the classification is based on effect of food after eating which can be heating or cooling,it is called veerya in Ayurveda.
🌷It can’t be decided by temperature like for example icecream is cold in temperature but it induce heat in body. Veerya ( potency ) is innate characteristic of food which is not dependent on temperature.

🍁Importance of veerya🌿

👉To understand food impacts on body.
👉different body type is affected different ways by hot and cold.

👉While preparing meal also it is important to maintain balance between hot and cold like you can balance heating property of karela by cooking it in ghee .
👉To prevent seasonal diseases like with the start of winter it is good to include hot potency food in diet likewise with onset of summer cooling food should be preferred.
👉Have hot or cold food according to body type ( prakriti) like Pitta body type should avoid hot potency food while vata and kapha should include them in diet.

Properties of hot potency🌞🌻

👉Sour, salt and pungent taste are heat producing,they improve digestion, Improve appetite,Improve blood circulation, Produce feeling of lightness and easy to digest.
👉Excessive consumption of this type of food cause gastritis, ulcer, rashes, burning sensation loose motion etc

🌼Properties of cold potency food

👉 They provide nourishment,Improve physical strength,Produce fluid in body,cause heaviness in body, Hard to digest,in excess causes cough, cold,fever, numbness etc.

Hot potency food👇

🔥Tomato,ginger, onion, garlic,eggplant, mustard, cumin, pepper, broccoli, spinach(cooked),tomato, beans, carrot, radish, karela,turnip, chillies, cinnamon and pepper.
🔥Green grapes, cherries, orange, papaya, pineapple, plumes,peaches, tamarind,lemon.

🔥Buckwheat,corn, Millet,rajma,tuar daal,urad dal.

🔥Almond with skin, cashew, peanut, pistachio, walnut.

🔥Butter, cheese,curd and buttermilk.


Cold potency food 👇

🌼Cauliflower, pumpkin, bottle gourd, winter melon, mushroom, coriander,potato,raw spinach, amla, cucumber,green peas, coriander leaves and cardamom

☃️ Oats, barley, rice, wheat,mung,soya beans and chickpeas.

❄️Melons, Coconut, banana, watermelon, strawberry,kiwi, apricot,apple, plum, litchi, pomegranate,dates, black grapes, raisins,figs,pears,dates soaked and peeled almond

❄️Sweet fruits🍉🍇🥭🥥

❄️ Milk,makkhan and ghee.

👨‍🦱🦸‍♂️For healthy person balance of both hot and cold potency is needed, simply eat what available in season and listen to your body as your body itself indicates it’s requirements like in summer it wants to indulge in cooling 🍉🥭🍇🥥food but then you should act wisely by consuming cool potency natural food like watermelon rather then processed factory made products.
🌳🌾 Eating Ayurvedic way is key to health which only deepen your connection with nature.

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