Ayurvedic tips to manage old age problems.

Jara (old age)

👉It’s a natural stage of life, aging is a natural process, it is considered as natural disease as it is not comfortable. 🌻

👉It is very important to age gracefully and with no or less diseases as population of old people in our country is growing
and most of the aged people spend poor quality of life with dependancy on lots of medicines. 👍
👉There are 2 types of aging one is timely and other is untimely. 🌺
👉In timely aging occurs by effect of time or Kala, it’s signs and issues appear after 65 years of age but in untimely aging, signs appears early.

👉 Untimely aging is caused by not taking care of diet and lifestyle, eating excessive sour, salt, bitter and astringent taste food. 🙄

👉Aging can be postponed , maintained and treated with proper diet, lifestyle and herbs.🌿🙏

🤔What are the common changes and diseases of old age?? 🌺

👉 In old age vata dosha is dominant which causes degeneration all tissues of body. 🌀

👉Dehydration and emaciation is common.
👉Loss of memory,loss of cognitive functions,loss of muscle strength, body strength and immunity.

👉 Skin becomes dry, wrinkled and lustre less.

👉 Sense organs becomes weak causes poor vision, loss of ability to smell, taste and sensation of touch.

👉Bone becomes weak and brittle .
👉Gastrointestinal motility decreases cause constipation and other digestive disorders , ability to absorb nutrients reduces.
👉 Respiratory disorders increases .
👉Chances of infections are high
👉Chances of cardiac, renal, endocrinal and neurological disorders are high .
👉Increased risk of anxiety, stress, fear,insecurity, aggression and depression .

🌿All these signs intensity depends on habits of individual in previous stages of life.

🌿We cannot control or stop aging but we can slow down it.
🌱Preventive steps should be taken to counter its effects.
🌿Living without attention will complicate old age.
🌱One must learn to accept, adopt this stage of life with pride and joy

🌱 Today due to nuclear family old age become more uncomfortable due to fear, helplessness and uncertainty.
🌱 Never neglect any health problem always consult ayurvedic doctor at earliest.

🙄How to delay and manage old age??

🌷Ayurveda is the first science where there is branch called jara chikitsa(or Rasayan)which is dedicated to prevent, manage and treat aging issues. 😊

🌷Balancing digestive fire is first thing to consider in managing old age symptoms. 👍🔥
🌷 Vata pacifying diet and lifestyle are suggested to follow. 🌀🌞
🌷 Rasayan (rejuvenator) herbs and preparations are advised to take. Rasayan prevent tissue degeneration, they are immuno modulator and delay aging symptoms. 👍🙏

🌺Here are few rejuvenators

👉Take amla with honey and mishri.

👉Take vidang, ginger or bhallatak with honey and ghee.

👉Have ginger, turmeric with milk.
👉Take Shashtik rice with milk.

👉Honey with matulunga balances vata and gives good sleep.

👉Loh bhasm with milk.

👉 Have chyawanprash or bhram rasayan in morning.
👉 Have Sugar, vanshlochan and ghee.
👉 Triphala is not only mild laxative but it is a great rasayan or rejuvenator too.
👉 Herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari, mulethi, giloy, shankhpushi, Brahmi, amla and harad are also very beneficial.

🌺Always consult Vaidhya before using rasayan, he will suggest best suited for your needs.

Diet tips

👉 Eat on fixed time and with full attention on food.

👉 Chew Ginger slice and pinch of salt before food, chew fennel seeds after food.
👉 Include kushmand, black pepper, coconut, pomegranate, raisin, Pippali, dry ginger, poppy seeds, ragi, betel leaves and til in diet .

👉Include Bajra, amranthas, rice, wheat,barley, jowar, kulthi,moong daal and chana daal in food .
👉Brinjal, radish leaves, mint, fennel, parval, snake gourd, almond, apple, dates,grapes, pineapple, orange, litchi,sweet lime, ginger, garlic, drumstick pod and leaves should be part of diet.
👉 Consume Milk, ghee, white makkhan and buttermilk according to digestive capacity.

👉 Ayurvedic recipes like Yvagu,yush, odan, laja and mand are very nutritional, light to digest and they increase digestive strength.
👉 Avoid bad combination food.
👉Avoid sour thing, jamun, orange and cold food like banana, guava in throat problem.
👉Avoid excessive tea, coffee as they disturb absorption of calcium and iron.
👉Avoid refined flour, refined sugar and refined oils.
👉 Avoid dry food.

👉If weight is Lossing continously then avoid bitter taste things like karela, hing etc

🌺Lifestyle related tips

👉Follow fixed daily routine.
👉Regular oil massage before bath with Mahanarayana oil.
👉 Foot massage at night.
👉 Sleep early and wake up early.
👉 Maintain personal hygiene.


👉Basti, abhyangam, Shiro abhyangam, shirodhara etc
👉 Seasonal mild Shodhan can be done at ayurvedic hospital or clinic.

For mental well-being

🌺Don’t presume negative things or situations like what if you fall and no one is there, always think positive that you will never face such situations, visualize only positive things.

👉Follow sadvritta ( good personal and social conduct).
👉 Following ethics works as rejuvenator (Achar rasayan)
👉Involve in knowledge of atma and paramatama.
👉 Utilize transition period of nature which is brahmamahurat in morning and evening time for prayers, gyan, satsang and meditation, they increase satva quality of mind.

Which is the best or the greatest medicine among all ?

👉Food is considered as mahabhaishaj, greatest of all drugs in Ayurveda , with proper food one can live without any medication and with unwholesome diet one cannot stay healthy with any medication. 🌻

👉 To protect health and to cure any disease, proper diet plays very important role. 🌷

👉 Quality food if taken in proper quantity, on time and by following ayurvedic rules regarding food intake then it gives good health on the other hand if one do not take wholesome diet then food becomes the cause of diseases 🌻🌿 .

🤔What is food (ahar or aana)?

👉One which can be consumed with mouth, passed through tongue, chewd by teeth and engulfed by throat is food.
👉 Food is life. 🙏

🤔Why food is important?

👉Without food life cannot sustain.
👉From the time of conception in mother womb till the time of death one needs food, in its absence life ceases to exist. 🌷

👉For nourishment, growth,protection strength,immunity, vitality, intelligence, memory, complexion, good voice, good hair and happiness food is required . 👍

👉 Food is one of the pillar of good health.🌷
👉 As per Ayurveda balanced digestive fire is must for health and for this fuel is required, wholesome food act as fuel for this fire. 🌻

🤔What are the types of food as per ayurveda?

In modern food is categorized as carbohydrate, protein and fat.
👉In ayurveda food is classified on basis of their source, usage, taste, property and combination. 👍

👉Food types according to source

-Sthavar(from plant source) and jangham(from animal sources )🌿

👉Classification according to usage

  • pana(drinkable like water, milk, buttermilk etc)
  • Ashan ( which is soft to chew eg. rice)
  • Bhakshya (which is hard to chew eg. Sugarcane)
  • leh(lickable) 🌹

👉Classification based on taste

  • Sweet, sour, salt, pungent, bitter and astringent. 🌺

👉Classification based on properties
20 types
Heavy – light, dry-unctuous, soft-piercing, hot-cold etc.

👉Based on combination
Food is innumerable

👉Based on effect on mind
Sattvik, rajasic and tamsik

👉In charak samhita there is mention of 12 divisions of food

1.shook- wheat, barley, rice etc

  1. Shami- different types of pulses
  2. Meat
  3. Vegetable
    9.Milk and milk products
    10.Sugarcane products
    11.kritaanna- recipes of peya, yush, mand, laja, panak etc are mentioned
    12.Aahar upyogi- oils, spices.

👉These sections describe the properties and uses of each food item.
👉Ayurveda has always believed in the importance of food in health and in disease condition.
👉Deep knowledge of food like Ayurveda will not be found in any other systems .
👉It is better to consult an Ayurvedic doctor to know about your food requirements then a dietician.

Things you should know about detox. 🧐

👉Detox word is getting popular these days, many people have
‘ detox drink’ daily to get rid of toxins.🌺
👉Products are selling in the name of Liver detox, kidney detox, skin detox or body detox. 🌿
👉Having some drink and then doing forceful vomit or motions is not ayurvedic detox.🌼

👉You might feel light by doing so called home detox but they might prove harmful later on. 🌷

👉In ayurveda detox is called shodhan and it is recommended in healthy as well as disease conditions, healthy person should go for shodhan during change of seasons and in disease conditions it is suggested according to patients condition.🌹

👉 Ayurvedic detox involves preparatory procedures, main procedure and post procedures. 🌸

🤔Does Ayurveda recommends home detox??

👉No, shodhan is a proper process which should be done only under vaidhya’s guidance in ayurvedic hospitals. 👍

🤔How you know there is toxins accumulation in body??

👉When there is feeling of heavyness, laziness, mental blockage, white coated tongue, digestive issues, pains and stiffness in body these are the symptoms of accumulation of toxins in body.

🤔How toxins form in body??

👉Toxins get formed naturally in body due to its various functions and due to seasonal effects .
👉Toxins enter in body through environment and food .
👉External toxins enter through mouth, skin or nose.
👉Negative emotions and thoughts create toxins in body.

🤔Is there anything we can do to remove toxins from body at home??

👉Yes, follow Ayurvedic daily routine, seasonal routine and sadvritta(good conduct) to remove physical, mental and emotional toxins .
👉In ayurvedic daily routine many things are suggested to remove toxins from body.
👉Body gets rid of toxins through its opening which are mouth, anus, private parts, skin, nose, eye and ear, cleaning these opening regularly are also detoxification.

Following practices can be done to clean body openings –

👉For Mouth – cleaning teeth, scrapping tongue , oil pulling and cleaning mouth after eating anything.

👉For Eyes – Apply medicated anjan and wash eyes.

👉For Skin- oil massage, using herbal powder for bath, applying herbal paste, bath and exercise.

👉For Nose – nasya (apply oil or ghee)

👉For Ear- karn puran or apply oil.

👉Pass stool in morning,
clean anus and private parts with water regularly .

8 specialized branches of Ayurveda!

Branches of Ayurveda–

Ayurvedic treatment is categorized into 8 branches

🌱Kaya chikitsa( medicine)- Treatment of metabolic disorders and general diseases like diabetes, joint pain, asthma, T. B, fever etc through oral medication and therapies.

🌱 Shalya chikitsa( surgery)- surgical procedures are described in it like for fracture, tumor, plastic surgery etc .

🌱Shalakya ( ENT)- Treatment of diseases of part of body above neck .

🌱 Bhut chikitsa ( psychiatry)- Management of psychological disorders,mantra chikitsaa.

🌱Kumarbhratya ( pediatrics)- child and mother related care and management of their health issues.

🌱 Agadtantra( toxicology)- study and treatment of various poisons, toxic elements, air pollution and water pollution.

🌱Rasayan ( rejuvenation and immunomodulator)- for longevity,youthfulness, graceful aging, complexion, memory and immunity.This is a very special branch of Ayurveda as only in ayurveda importance of preventing, managing and treatment of old age issues are described in detail.

🌱 Vajikaran ( aphrodisiac treatment)- for fertility and reproductive issues .

😊I am sure many of you surprised to learn about above mentioned branches of Ayurveda📜,yes about 5000 years ago all these separate specialized parts were there , these are not modern science discoveries, even exclusive rasayan branch😇 is there which is not in any other system of medicine.

👉First goal of Ayurveda is to maintain health of healthy person (preventive) and then second aim is to treat disease (curative).
😇 For maintaining health at physical, mental and spiritual level
proper eating, thinking and habits are important for which daily routine🌄, seasonal routine🎡 and sadvritta🧘‍♀️ are described.
🌞To fulfill second aim, that is to treat disease it is divided these 8 branches.
🌞 Each branch has vast practical knowledge of most of the health issues.

🌿Health problems which are only suppressed in other systems can be cured through proper Ayurvedic treatment.

👉 Next time if you want specialized treatment, Ayurveda should be your first choice.👍

Why it is important to know what type of agni (digestive strength) you have.

🌻Agni means fire🔥 ayurveda compare digestion with agni as it converts food into energy.

🌻For healthy,long and happy😊 life balanced agni is very essential,most of the disorders originated due to impaired agni.😱

🌻You may notice🧐 in your family or in friends after having same type of food say pizza some feel absolutely fine after having it and next day also ,his bowel movement is easy but with some even after having small portion they feel heavy, bloated,gasy and next day no proper bowel movement.

🌻From this you can understand we all are different bodies we all have different digestive strength or Agni🔥 which should by different solutions maintained in balanced condition.

🌻It is not that someone always has imbalanced agni in younger age you might have strong agni which can digest whatever you eat but with diet, lifestyle and age it changed. 👍

🌻According to dosha involved there are 4 types of agni

  1. Visham agni-In this type vata(air) dosha is involved.This type is completely unpredictable🎠, some time after meal you don’t have any digestive issues😁 and other times you are bloated,gas, colicky pain etc😫
    👉Symptoms- bloating,gas, constipation😓, sometimes loose motion, gurgling intestine, abdominal colicky pain,dry mouth, carvings for hot, spicy,fried foods, cracking sound from joints,low backache,less sleep, anxiety,fear etc.

👉Solution- follow vata pacifying diet and routine.
✅.take equal quantity of roasted fennel and plain fennel, mix them and have 1 teaspoon of it after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

✅ Have warm, unctuous, salty and sour taste dominate food.

✅Avoid raw vegetables,
include ghee,root vegetables in diet.
✅Take hingvashtak powder.

  1. Tikshan agni -In this type pitta🔥🔥 ( fire) dosha is involved,in this condition person ( hyperactive metabolism) feels hungry all the time,he cannot tolerate hunger, he can even digest large 😋and heavy food quickly, it is so quick that food is not actually digested but burnt so there is no nutrients absorption.

👉symptoms -* they suffer more often from acidity,diarrhea inflammation, hot flashes and skin problems.

  • angry, irritated, hate, envy, impatient, perfectionist, obsession, controlling and judgmental in nature .

👉What to do??
✅ Follow pitta pacifying ( that is cold in nature ) diet and lifestyle.
✅ Coriander , fennel, mint, amal,dates raisins, coconut, pomegranate and alovera should be part of regular diet.
✅ Buffalo milk and ghee or medicated ghee should be taken.
✅Should not skip meals, eat heavy to digest food. Avoid spicy food.
✅Apply sandalwood paste on body and wear pearl.
✅Spend time in moonlight and listen soothing music.
✅ Pitta pacifying yoga like moon salutation and sheetali pranayam along with meditation to be done in order to control anger and other negative emotions.
✅Purgation or virechan treatment is given to balance pitta dosha.
✅Take pitta balancing medication.

  1. Manda agni- This type is related to kapha dosha,where digestion is slow, underactive. If you feel full even after many hours of meal,feel uneasy after heavy meal, want to take nap after food🥴, even after eating less you are gaining weight clearly you have Manda Agni.

👉 Symptoms- weight gain,low appetite, easily caught cough and cold. Other kapha related disorders like allergies, swelling, Diabetes, hypertension, excess sleep, lethargy, white coating over tongue.
👉What to do?
✅ Eat light, appetizing and digestive food .
✅Fasting once in a week .
✅Have pungent, bitter and astringent taste food.
✅Cumin,turmeric, ginger, sauth, pepper, haritaki, lemon juice and Pippali should be taken .
✅Take mixture of ginger, lemon juice and salt before food.
✅ Avoid milk products and starchy food.
✅Do regular exercise.
✅Do not sleep during daytime.
✅Do not hold back natural urges.
✅Take ayurvedic medicines for dipan( increasing digestive fire) and pachan( digesting).

4.Sama agni-this is a balanced condition of all three doshas😀 , where there is no digestive issues , after eating food one feel satisfied and comfortable .

👉 Symptoms- daily bowel movement with no digestive problems like bloating,gas, acidity, lethargy, constipation, loose stool.Good skin, hairs, eyes,sleep, strong body, strong immunity, tolerate seasonal changes easily,clear and calm mind.😎😇

😲Unfortunately due to unhealthy diet and stressful life Sama agni is very rare.

✅Once you know what type of agni you have more effective measures can be taken to restore balance.

Shatavari prevent early aging!

What is shatavari??

Shatavari is a herb whose roots are used in Ayurveda  for its medicinal properties.
It is cold, heavy to digest, unctuous, sweet and bitter in taste.
It balances vata and pitta dosha in body.

Is Shatavari useful for women only??

No anyone can take it according to requirement.

What are the uses of shatavari??

1. Improve strength, weight and immunity 
– it is useful for children , for those who do heavy exercise or exertion, those who are loosing weight due to any disease and in old age emaciation. 

2. Gastritis
-it gives relief in gastritis and ulcers – have it with milk or ghee. 

3. During pregnancy and after deliver
– taking it  during pregnancy gives nourishment to both mother and foetus .
– prevent constipation during pregnancy.
– taking it after pregnancy helps in proper lactation and helps uterus to
get  back in its original shape and strengthen its muscles. 

4. Menstrual disorders 
– PMS, heavy flow, less flow or white discharge in all conditions it is useful. 
– it helps during menopause phase . 

5. Eye disorders 
-useful in dry eyes and in burning sensation in eyes. 

6. Good for heart. ♥️
7. Anti aging
– it prevents early signs of aging like premature greying of hairs, wrinkles, moles etc.
– it rejuvenate body tissues.
– nourishes body tissues.

8. Medhya
– it improves intelligence, learning, grasping and recalling power.
– calm mind.
– induce sleep.

9. Nervin tonic
– useful in neurological disorders.
-diabetic neuropathy .
–   helpful in conditions like numbness, anxiety, fear, excessive anger, IBS, epilepsy, palpitation and  insomnia.

10. Infertility
– it is used in both male and female fertility issues. 
– it improves sperm and semen quality and quantity.
– it regulate hormonal balance in female and strengthen uterus wall.
– Act as aphrodisiac.

11. Bleeding disorders 
– it is useful in nasal bleeding, rectal bleeding and heavy menstrual flow.

12.  Useful in Inflammation.

13. Good for skin
– treat acne due to hormonal imbalance
– improve skin complexion and glow. 
14.  Used in treatment of Urine incontinence .

How to use it?
It is generally adviced to take it by boiling with milk.
1 tablespoon shatavari mix with 1/2 cup of milk and 2 cup of water boil them till it reduces to 1/2 cup mishri can be added in it.

It can be taken with ghee.

It’s tablet can be taken.
 Oil prepared using it can be applied on skin.
Shatavari kalp can be given to children with milk in place of health drink powder.

Who should avoid it?
Kapha body type and kapha dominant disorders it should be avoided.
They can have its green leaves after cooking like vegetable.

Always consult Vaidhya before using it.

Mulethi (licorice) – excellent health tonic for elderly people.

Must keep this herb at home as it is very useful in many conditions .

🌼 It is Sweet, cold, vata and pitta balancing herb.

🌿Used in _following conditions_

👉Acidity, acid reflux, ulcer and excessive thirst. 🥵
👉Improves strength💪 and immunity.

👉Useful in Allergy rhinitis, bronchial asthma, cough, dry cough, chest congestion and sour throat.
👉 Eye tonic.👀
👉 Good for heart💖, prevent clogging of blood vessels, maintain cholesterol levels.

👉Liver tonic. 👌

👉Improves hemoglobin level and purify blood.

👉Improves skin colour and complexion, 🌻cure acne, pimples, black head, white heads and blemishes – apply its paste.

👉Hair tonic, prevent hair fall 😃and early greying👧 – use its water to wash hair, use it to make hair pack, apply oil boiled with it and use it internally .

👉Relieves PMS and menopausal symptoms. 🧘‍♀️

👉Antidepressant, brain tonic. 🧠

👉Heal fracture and wound.🦴

👉 It an excellent tonic for elderly people.

👉 Avoid its regular use in diabetes.

How to use it?? 🤔

🌷 Take its powder 1-3 gms with milk, honey or ghee.
🌷Tablets 1-2.
🌷Kada- boil 1tsb of mulethi in 1 glass of water till it remains 1/4, filter and drink little warm .
🌷Ksheerpak- mix 3gms of mulethi with 25 ml of milk and 100ml of water,boil this till only milk remains .
🌷Chew its stick.

Ashwagandha for fatigue, insomnia, immunity and depression.

🌺Ashwagandha is most popular, powerful and useful herb of Ayurveda due to its immense health benefits .
Ashwagandha means which smells like horse or which gives strength and stamina like horse .
🌺 Roots of Ashwagandha are o medicinal importance .

🌺Ayurvedic properties of Ashwagandha

🍁It has katu, tikta and kashay rasa.

🍁 It is snigdha, laghu (light to digest)

🍁Hot in potency.

🌺Health benefits of Ashwagandha

👉Ashwagandha is rasayan, it rejuvenates, provide nourishments, delays aging, improves life expectancy and virility. It works as a health tonic.

👉 It improves immunity, it can be used with ghee in children also to boost immunity.

👉It improves muscular strength,💪 good for those who are doing body building and regular gyming, better than any drink or supplement available in market.

👉 Ashwagandha is used in both weight gain and weight lose.😁

👉Helps in insomnia by calming mind, helps in better sleep.😴

👉 It is good for heart💓, it gives strength to heart muscles, reduces blood pressure by reducing stress, decrease cholesterol levels.

👉 It is good for liver.

👉Ashwagandha improves blood circulation in body, helps in relieving numbness.

👉 Helpful in arthritis, relieve inflammation.

👉It is used in treatment of bodyache, fatigue and anemia.

👉 Ashwagandha is very beneficial for diabetic patients, as it lower blood sugar level .

👉It is used in respiratory problems specially in asthma.

👉 Used in leucoderma, helps in wound healing, itching and other skin problems.☘️

👉 It is useful in female👩 reproductive system disorders, it gives strength to uterus muscles, helpful in dysmenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, used in treating infertility, prevent frequent miscarriage.👌

👉It is useful in male sexual problems. It improves sperm count and quality. Used in treatment of ED, premature ejaculation etc.

👉It has aphrodisiac property.

👉It improves memory and intelligence by improving brain function.🧠😎

👉 One of the best medicines for anxiety, depression,😫 Parkinson, paralysis and other vata disorders as it pacify vata, acts as nervine tonic and soothes nerves.😇

🤔How to use it?

🌱It can be taken in powder or tablets form.
🌱 It can be used with ghee or milk as suggested by the doctor.
🌱It is used in combination with other herbs according to requirement.

Painful menstrual cycle (Dysmenorrhea) – it’s causes and few remedies.

🌿Painful menstrual cycle or periods is very common now a days but it is not normal.

🌿Menstruation is a monthly process in women but in some it become so painful that it interfere in her routine activities even she has to take break from her work, school and other routines.😢

🌿Menstrual pain is of two types

  1. Primary- it is mostly occur occur in adolescent ,there is no other pathology ,it subsides with age.
  2. Secondary- it occur in older age due to some pathology like fibroids, endometriosis,polyps, intrauterine contraceptive device etc.

🌿Menstrual cramps occurs due to dysrhythmic contraction of uterine muscle and insufficiency supply of oxygen to uterus.

🌿Generally it is cured after pregnancy and vaginal delivery.


👉Menstrual pain is dull throbbing pain in lower abdomen radiate to back, waist and inner thighs. It begins few hours before menstruation and continue for few hours or maximum 24 hours.

👉 Along with pain some may have headache, fatigue, diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea.
👉Secondary type of menstrual pain start 3-5 days prior to cycle and subsides after start of bleeding.

🌿Ayurvedic perspective

👉It is called kastartav in ayurveda it is not mentioned seperately but as symptoms in other gynaecological disorders. It’s main cause is vata aggravation due to diet and lifestyle.🙄


✅It is prevented through following ayurvedic dincharya( daily routine) and ritucharya ( seasonal routine) .

✅Ayurvedic medicines like rajahpravartini vati, dhanwantari gullika, kumaryasava, dashmoolarishtam etc are very effective without side effects but should be used under supervision of doctor.

👉Lifestyle changes-

✅regular exercise,yoga and meditation.

✅Good sleep of 7-8 hours.

✅Avoid smoking and alcohol.

✅Reduce caffeine intake.

✅Eat warm fresh food

✅Whole grain like wheat,rice,oats, Millet and legumes.

✅Leafy vegetables, fruits like plum, grapes,apple, pomegranate etc.

✅Pumpkin seed, flaxseed, sesame seeds and nuts.

✅Include garlic, Ginger, cumin, turmeric,Ajwain in diet.

✅Avoid high fat and sugar food.

✅Avoid salty, cold food,junk food, processed foods and cold drinks.

✅ Follow rajaswala parichariya( care during menstruation) like avoid excessive physical exertion, day sleep,too much talking, heavy food and stress. Be relax, calm and have light food.

🌿Few home Remedies

👉Take ginger and cinnamon tea ( boiled them in water , filter then drink)

👉 Mix equal Ajwain,jeera, Fenugreek powder, 1 tablespoon of this mix take twice daily

👉 Make Ajwain decoction ( boil it in 1 glass of water till water remain 1\4 filter,add jaggery )

👉 Take aloevera juice

👉 Take decoction of black sesame seeds and dry ginger powder.

👉Take 1 tablespoon of Triphala at night.

Use above mentioned remedies 2-3 days before start of period and stop after onset of bleeding or when pain subsides.

🌿Yogasanas like unshtrasana, pavanmukt asan,bhadrasana, vajrasan, pashchimottan asan,katichakrasana ,bhujangasan,and gomukhasana are helpful

🌿Secondary Dysmenorrhoea is cured by treating the underlying cause.

Dry ginger is a natural pain killer!!

🍁Dry ginger or Shunthi is also called vishvabhejhaj (universal medicine) due its many uses.
🙂 It is a natural pain killer, used in Ayurveda to relieve all types of pain including abdominal colicky pain, joint pain, headaches and menstrual pain as it balances vata dosha in body.

🍁It balance vata and kapha dosha in body.

🤔What is the difference between fresh ginger and sonth?

👉Fresh ginger is dry🍁 and hot🔥 in nature, it should not be used for a long time👍. On the other hand, dry ginger is hotter but snigdha (oily) in nature it can be used for long time.👌

👉Fresh ginger is useful in constipation while dry ginger is absorbent and useful in IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and diarrhoea.
👉 Excess of fresh ginger causes dryness and throat irritation.

👉 Dry ginger acts deep on tissue level and is fast in action .

🤔What are the uses of dry ginger powder?

✅It improves digestion, used in bloating, colic pain, acidity – add it in vegetables, in buttermilk or have it with amla powder.

✅Relives swelling, pain in joints, stiffness, rheumatoid arthritis – consume it, massage with til oil + shunthi.

✅It is good for your heart.

✅Good for liver.

✅Useful in anemia, jaundice – have shunthi with jaggery.

✅Helps in relieving pain during periods- take it with ajwain and jaggery.

✅Piles- shunthi with jaggery

✅Toothache – apply paste of shunthi.

✅Obesity – boil Jeera, shunthi in one glass of water till it remains 1/4, drink it in morning empty stomach .

✅It is useful in respiratory disorders.

✅Headaches -apply its paste on forehead.

🌞What should be its dose? 🤔

Ideally you should consume sonth between 250 mg – 1gm, depending on the severity of the health issue or consume as directed by the vaidhya .

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