Ayurveda should be first choice of treatment of diseases.

🌷There are many systems of treatments available today like allopathy ,homopathy,Unani,siddha and ofcourse ayurveda.👍

🌷Among all allopathy or modern medicine 💉is most prevalent and easily available but other system of medicines🌞 are also helpful that is why in-spite of presence of modern medicine hospital or clinic all over, traditional system of medicines survived and gaining popularity back again🌟 not only in India but all over the world specially Ayurveda🌱.

🌷You must think🤔 why world is looking at Ayurveda for chronic diseases,autoimmune diseases, lifestyle diseases and other disorders which modern medicines not able to cure, also why you should follow ayurveda so here are some points for you to consider before choosing any other system🧐

👉 First and most important thing about Ayurveda which I like most that it is not only for sick person unlike modern medicine, main aim of Ayurveda is to prevent health👩👨‍🦱 of healthy person which is easy, less complicated and far more beneficial.It is the only science which emphasis more on preserving health rather then treating only diseases.👍👌

👉 For preserving health many effective ways like daily routine🎡, seasonal routine🌏 , great description about food🍶🍲🥗, seasonal detoxification etc are described in texts. It make body strong which prevents disease or helps in fighting disease.

👉Ayurveda believe in physical💪, mental😇, social👨‍⚖️ and spiritual health🧘‍♂️ which is need of today.

👉Ayurveda is most ancient system of wellness which exists even today ,thus this time tested science proved its importance and relevance. Compared to ayurveda other systems are much newer and there principles keep changing .

👉Ayurvedic treatment is slow compared to modern medicine but in this hurry mostly diseases are suppressed while ayurveda gives permanent relief.

👉Mostly symptoms are treated in modern medicine but ayurveda treat cause of disease and distroy them by root.

👉Ayurveda treat body as a whole, improve overall health while other system only target problematic area.

👉As Ayurvedic medicines prepared from natural herbs or minerals they are comparatively safe then synthetic chemicals which have side effects, contradiction and also withdrawal effects.

👉Ayurveda is more environment friendly.

👉Modern medicine is best during emergencies as they are better equipped ,other time it is always wise to go for ayurveda.

👉Ayurvedic treatment is comparatively cheaper.

👉In most cases Ayurvedic medicines can be taken with allopathic medicine like diabetic patients can take herbal medicine which helps him not only in controlling blood sugar but also combating diabetic nephropathy.

🌷So choosing right system is very important and hope above points helps you in making right decision for you and your dear ones.😎

Gulkand or rose petals jam – tasty health tonic.

Gulkand or rose petals😋 🌹 jam is a delicious Ayurvedic preparation which is used in many health issues.
🌹 It can be easily made at home by arranging alternate layers of rose petals and mishri or sugar in a glass jar then putting this jar in sunlight for 3-4 days, then mix it properly and add cardamom.👌

🌹It is used alone or with other Ayurvedic medicine, it balances pitta dosha in body due to its cool property.

✅Health benefits

👉Gulkand is full of goodness, it’s regular consumption is really beneficial in maintaining health and in many disorders. 🌿

👉 It rejuvenate body and mind, used as health tonic to maintain good health. It can be consumed daily.🌞

👉 It relieves acidity. 🔥

👉 Used in mouth ulcer. 👍

👉Useful in constipation. It is safe to use in pregnancy and in kids. 🧒

👉 It improves digestion, good for intestinal health. Used in peptic ulcer, GERD and acid reflux. ☃️

👉Good for heart and useful in palpitations. 💓

👉 It is used in pimples, skin rashes, itching, boils and other skin problems due to excess heat. It protects skin from sunburn.😎

👉Useful in heavy menstrual discharge, white discharge and painful periods.🌸

👉 Helps in conceiving by strengthen uterus, prevent abortion. 🌻

👉Reduces hot flashes during menopause.🌿

👉Improves sperm quality and quantity.

👉Helps in reducing burning sensation during urination, it is used along with other Ayurvedic medicine in urinary infection. 🌼

👉 Decreases uric acid level.👌

👉Good for eyes, it relieves burning sensation and irritation of eyes. 👀

👉 Relieves heat related fatigue, muscle pain, headache, nose bleeding and excessive sweating.🥵

👉 Relieves burning sensation in sole and palm. 🔥

👉 It is an antidepressant and calms the mind. 😇

FAQs about milk consumption as per Ayurveda.

Ayurveda recommends daily consumption of milk🍶 for all healthy individuals and for all ages, it pacifies vata and pitta dosha and increases kapha dosha.

🌻Here are some FAQs about milk consumption as per Ayurveda:

When to drink milk?🤔

Drinking milk in different time of day has its own effect

🌄Morning milk – this increases strength of body💪, provides nourishment and good for those who want to gain weight. If drinking milk in breakfast makes you feel lethargic, heavy, dull and causes acidity, then they should avoid milk in morning.

🌞Midday milk- it increases strength, improves appetite, helps those who are suffering from difficult or painful urination and kidney stone. It is particularly recommended for children. 👍

🌜Night milk- it pacifies all 3 doshas. There should be sufficient gap from dinner and have it at least 30 minutes before you sleep.

What can be added to milk?🧐

👉Milk can be consumed plain.

👉Mishri, ghee, dates, saffron, turmeric, ashwagandha and shatavari can be added according to requirement.

What to do if not able to digest milk?? 🧐

👉If someone finds milk heavy to digest then black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon or cardamom can be added in milk, they also reduce mucus causing effect of milk.

What are the uses of herbs with milk??🤔

🌿Milk with shatavari increases breast milk in lactating mothers.

🌿Milk with ashwagandha induces sleep.

🌿Milk with shatavari helps during menopausal phase.

🌿Milk with turmeric is anti-inflammatory, act as analgesic, improve immunity and relaxing.

Warm or cold milk which is better for consumption?🤔

👉Only warm milk is good, Ayurveda is not in favour of cold milk.

Milk shakes are good??
👉 Ayurveda do not ❌recommend taking fruits and milk together .

When to avoid milk?🧐

👉During fever, indigestion, cough, increased kapha dosha in body, diarrhoea, certain skin diseases and intestinal worms.

Must follow ayurvedic rules about FRUIT consumption to get maximum benefits.

🥭🍊🍉 Fruits are nature’s best gift to us they are full of nutrients, energy and happiness which we only get if they are consumed in proper way.

👉Consume fruit seperately. 🍍

👉Ripen fruits are most easy 😀to digest even they immediately convert into rasa( nutritive fluid) but when we eat them immediately before meal or with other food like milk,curd ,cream etc which are heavy to digest they obstruct fruit digestion🌻 and cause them to ferment which in result produce acidic waste and if this habit continued then digestive disorders like gas, acidity, bloating,😫 indigestion etc will appear.

Sometimes you wonder🧐 even after having healthy food you suffer from digestive disorders but following simple rules like avoiding fruits with meal you can prevent yourself from such problems.🌼

👉 Consume fruits few hours gap with food.✅

👉Fruits also should not be combined with vegetables ,now a days smoothies are made combining vegetables and fruits but it is not ❌recommended.

👉Timing to take fruit is also depends on nature of fruit like heavy fruits like mango🥭, jackfruit should be consume when hunger is more as before meal similarly light fruits like pomegranate can be consumed after meal.

👉 It is best to avoid fruits🌛🌟 in night as sweet fruits increase kapha and kapha is naturally dominated in night .

👉Sequence of having food according to there rasa is sweet , sour,salt, pungent , bitter and astringent similar pattern can be followed in case of fruits.🍓

👉Fruit juices 🍹are believed to be more nutritional but they are more concentrated and heavy to digest compared to whole fruits,so it is better to have fruit🍉🍇🍊 then juice , occasionally you can have juice in moderate quantity.

🌱 Ayurveda do not have fix rules for all as we all are different and have different dosha prakriti and it is recommended to eat fruits according to prakriti and digestive strength.

👉fruits for Vata prakriti🌪️ – cooked apple, banana, Coconut, dates,fig, grapes,kiwi,lime,ripe mango, melons, orange, papaya, plumes, soaked raisins etc .

👉Fruits for pitta prakriti🔥- they should take only ripen fruits, sweet grapes,pear, pomegranate,apple, coconut, dates,fig, melons etc.

👉Fruits for kapha prakriti🌊- they should have small quantity of fruits. Apple, pomegranate,fig, lemon, pear, soaked raisins etc.

👉Most simple rule 👍is to have fresh ,local and seasonal fruits🌏 only. Take one fruit at a time which helps you to understand there effect on you, avoid fruit salad or other fruit dishes like smoothies and all.☘️

Dhoopan – herbal fumigation, natural disinfectant!!

🌷In most of the Indian household burning dhoop and karpur was practised in morning and evening on regular basis that was the natural method of fumigation environment but with time this practice is almost stopped.
🌷In ayurveda fumigation using herbs and minerals are done for labour room, room where newborn kept, surgery room, patient room, for wound healing, in various gynecological diseases and in ear diseases.

🌷Dhoopan is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, insecticidal and purifying.
🌷It has physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

What are the things that can be used?🔥
🌱neem leave, neem bark, haldi, rai, hing, tejpatra, clove, bhimseni karpur, elaichi,Jau, chandan, tulsi,guggal,black pepper and ghee.

🌱To burn use dry cow dung( upala)👍 or coconut husk or any wood piece.

🌻How to do it?
Burn upala, once it burns properly and there is no flame put Dhoopan dravya whichever available at your home now give fumes in each room.

👉Person with cough, cold or asthma should not be give Dhoopan.

Dincharya ( Daily Routine) for Healthy Life🌞🌜🌄🌃

🌴Ayurveda is a science which believe in preventing healthcare for which it emphasis on following daily routine😊🌞.

🌻Daily routine has deep effect on health it is stronger then any preventive medicine😀👍.

🌻 It is necessary for balanced body and mind. Dincharya helps in good digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients , thus gives long,healthy and happy life.

1.Wake up early🌅 – For good health waking up early is very important ideally before 6am .If you are not habitual of waking up early you should gradually make effort.

2.Drink water-Drink one cup of warm water🥛 it helps in flushing out toxins from body, improve digestive fire and rehydrate body tissues. Wash face and eyes with water😊.

3.Evacuate bowel💩 – It is good to evacuate bowel once in morning and that too early morning as soon as one wake up ,as with sunrise body moves in absorption cycle and if bowel is not evacuated body start to absorb toxins😯 from waste which reduce immunity,stool become hard causes constipation and other digestive disorders🙄.

4.Oil pulling🌺-Next steps are to clean other body opening. Take tablespoon of sesame oil and swish around it in mouth for 2-3 minutes then spit it out. Oil pulling remove tartar from teeth and gums😁 become healthier.

5.Brush teeth-Clean teeth with twig of neem🌿 or with herbal tooth powder👍.

6.Tongue scrapping👅 – Scrap tongue for 6-7 times to clean white coating and also stimulates taste buds.

7.Abhyang or self massage🌱-Give self massage with warm sesame oil ,it improve skin texture ,tone muscles, relax body and mind.👌

8. Take warm water bath. 🛀

9.Yoga asanas🧘‍♂️ , meditation and prayer-Regular practice of asanas improve blood circulation, good for all the systems of body and improve overall health.
Meditation improve concentration , remove stress , anxiety and give mental clarity😇. Through prayer🙏 one should thank almighty for giving this beautiful day.

10.Put oil in nostrils and ear. Apply anjan in eyes.

11.Breakfast-Have warm ,cooked food in breakfast at regular time.🍲

12 .Work10 am to 2pm is pitta time it is best time to complete your work which require focus and concentration👨‍🏫👨‍💼👮‍♂️👳‍♀️.

13.Lunch😋-As digestive fire is strongest in mid day eat your lunch in between 12-1 pm following short walk to aid digestion.

14.Dinner😊-After digestion of previous meal ,have light dinner preferably before sunset or atleast 3 hous before bedtime.👍

15.Relaxation🌼-After dinner it is good to have short walk , spend time with family ,read books, listen music etc to relax. 🌌

16.Sleep😴-Sleep around 10 pm ,for good sleep apply oil on scalp🙆‍♀️ and feet👣.

🎡Body works in harmony with nature ,by following cycle of nature we can live healthy , peaceful😇 and happy life. You can start by incorporating only 2 changes👍 in your present routine like include self massage and oil pulling , observe change in yourself then slowly start following rest of the mentioned routine😊.
👉Today when lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, depression and stress are increasing day by day following ayurvedic daily routine is easy,economical and effective☘️.

Few important points to know before using copper vessel for drinking water

1.Copper vessel should be of good quality. 👌

2.Vessel should be cleaned properly regularly , it should be shiny 🌞with no oxidized layer on it,also avoid bottles with small mouth. 👎
🌻Imli or lemon🍋 can be used to clean it.

3.Copper is hot🔥 in nature it increases pitta so person of pitta body type should avoid its water. ❌

4.Person with pitta disorders like excessive body heat🥵, burning sensation and bleeding disorders should also avoid its usage. ☘️

5.Ladies with heavy periods should also avoid it. ❌It is good for kapha person🌊 or in kapha disorders like obesity, hypothyroidism, respiratory disorders . 👌

6.Never put sour things like curd,fruit juice in it. 🍹❌

7.Never put boiling water in it. 🔥

8.There is no mention in ayurvedic texts🧐 about keeping water whole night in it and drink in morning empty stomach, actually avoid❌ this water if there is layer on it in morning. 👍

Dates, tasty and full of health benefits!

🌷Khajoor or dates are used in ayurvedic medicines and in many desserts it is a healthy substitute of sugar as it is good source of protein, carbohydrate, dietary fibres, minerals like iron, calcium,zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium and vitamins ( B,C,A).

Ayurvedic properties🌴

🌷It is sweet in taste, Guru,snigdha,
Cold potency( opposite of common belief)
It balance vata and pitta.

Health benefits🌴

👉It is best to improve health and immunity in children.
👉It improve physical strength ,provide nourishment and energy.
👉Useful to increase body weight.
👉 Used in Anemia( have date milkshake).
👉It is alkaline so reduce acidity of blood.
👉 It is good for heart.
👉Useful in bleeding disorders like bleeding nose, heavy period etc
👉Useful in fever.
👉 It relieve excess hunger and thirst.
👉Help in relieving respiratory disorders, cough cold🤧, asthma as it has soothing effect, expectorant property( boil it in milk for 5 minutes then drink milk and eat dates)it not only give relief in cold but also prevent one from getting cough and cold frequently .
👉Helpful in painful urination,act as diuretic.
👉Relieves constipation .
👉 It is antiviral, antifungal
Antioxidant , anti-aging.
👉It is neuroprotective, improve brain function.
👉Aphrodisiac, increase sperm quantity and quality.
👉Promote bone health.
👉Help in bed wetting problem in children ( give date and roasted black sesame seeds Ladoo)

Side effects

👉There is no side effects of dates but diabetic person should use it with caution.

👉Excess of it can cause indigestion as it is heavy to digest.

🤔How and how much to consume??

🌻It depends on person digestive strength but generally 2-3 are good enough.

🌻It can be consumed directly or have it by boling with milk.

🌻Can give to children by making delicious Ladoo with other ingredients like cashew nuts, peanut, jaggery, raisins, coconut ,ghee and honey.

Draksha( Raisin) is best fruit among all as per ayurveda!!

🌹Children, young or old all like raisins, this sweet and small wonder are dried and shrunken grapes.

🌹According to ayurveda it is best fruit among all .

🌹From ancient time its benefits are known to Indians that is why it used to be part of regular diet.

🌹It is used in many ayurvedic medicines as well .

🌼 Ayurvedic Properties of raisin

👍 It is sweet in taste.

👍 Cold in potency.

👍 Guru ( heavy) to digest

👍 Pacify vata and pitta ( sweet variety of raisins not sour one), aggravates kapha

🌼Health benefits

👉 Draksha improves appetite😋

👉 Helps in easy bowel movement , relieves constipation, gastritis and piles. 👌

👉 Helpful in mouth blister, bitter taste of mouth and dry mouth. 😀

👉It relieves excessive thirst. 🥵

👉Useful in nausea and vomiting. 🤮

👉 Useful in liver disorders. ✅

👉 It strengthen heart muscles.💓

👉Good for skin,detoxify skin,cure skin dryness,prevent wrinkles, treat burning sensation of skin and skin allergies.😎

👉 Useful in fever.🤒

👉It is used in respiratory disorders like cough, cold🤧,asthma, short breathness etc . It improves respiratory immunity👌. It is one of the main component of Ayurvedic medicines for respiratory problems.

👉 Useful in general weakness🙁, tiredness, improve immunity and provide nourishment.😀

👉 It is rich in iron and improves hemoglobin level.

👉Raisin is medhya,act as brain🧠 tonic, improve memory and calms mind. 😇

👉 It is good for eyes.👀

👉Relieves hangover due to excessive alcohol, it is good for regular alcoholic as it reduces the effect of alcohol .🥴

👉Draksha is good for throat, soothes throat, relieves hoarse voice and improves voice.🎵🎶

👉Useful in urinary problems as it promotes urine outflow.

👉Improve fertility in both men and women.

👉Good for children, it improves their weight and also relieves constipation in children. 🧒
👉 Best for excessive heat related problems like bleeding disorders, burning sensation, anger, thirst and ulcers.
👉Best for age related pain in joints, constipation, physical and mental weakness. 🧓👴

🤔How to use draksha?

👉Can be consumed directly.
👉It can be added in sweet dishes like kheer ,halwa etc.

👉It can be soaked overnight and consumed next morning empty stomach.
👉 15-20 raisins can be taken in a day.

☘️It is high in glycemic index ,so should be consumed in moderation, using it with cinnamon and cardamom helps in reducing glycemic index.
☘️Use dark coloured raisins.

Do not drink lots of water in morning!!!

🤔There are lot of confusion about water, how much, when and what type of water to drink, ayurveda has all the answers of these questions.

Q. When and how much water we should drink? 🙄

🙂There is a very simple answer to this. In healthy condition when you feel thirsty you should then only drink water and amount of water should be according to thirst only .

👉Thirst is a natural urge when body requires water it gives single and we have to just full fill the need of body.
👉Internet is flooded with information like drink more and more water to stay hydrated or to remove toxins but when you put anything in body without its requirement its only going to harm it same goes with water, so just follow the instruction of your body instead of listening to unverified source. 👍

✅Thirst depends on weather, physical activity, age and type of food you eat so it is a very individual thing, we cannot generalize it.

✅This is the beauty of Ayurveda, it never gives one fix rule for all as we all are different body type.

✅ Drinking water in excess in morning empty stomach can cause mand agni(slow metabolism) which is main cause of all the health problems as per ayurveda.

Q. Cold or warm water which one to prefer?🤔

👉Cold water is not recommended by Ayurveda, in summer water from earthen pot is advised otherwise normal room temperature water in normal weather and warm water in cold climate is recommended.

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