Abhyang or Massage – To improve immunity💪, to remain young and beautiful.

🌷 It is part ayurvedic daily routine. 🌷It should be done by everyone and everyday in all the season.👶🧑🧓
🌷Do self massage daily before having bath it takes only 15 minutes or minimum 5 minutes .
🌷Oil is called sneh (love) in Sanskrit so abhyang is like giving affection to self.💓
🌷Abhyang not only good for skin but it is beneficial for whole body system that’s why it is integral part of Ayurvedic treatment.👍
🌷It is useful in healthy as well as many disease conditions. 👌

Benefits or Regular Massage

🌻Strengthen bone, muscle,tendons and ligaments.
🌻Increase body strength and immunity.
🌻Prevent Arthritis, spondylitis and other joint disorders.
🌻Lubricate joints, Muscles becomes well toned and strong.
🌻improve skin quality and complexion. ☺️
🌻Remove toxins.
🌻Improves quality of sleep.
🌻Improve vision.
🌻Hair becomes soft,glossy and thick. 👩
🌻Prevent wrinkles.
🌻Relax body and mind. Stress buster 😇
🌻Best anti aging

How to do self Massage?

Take oil in any bowl warm it little ( in Summer heating not required) then sit or stand at comfortable place and start massage in following way

👉Scalp – Apply oil with finger tip in circular motion.
👉Forehead- Centre to outward with finger tips.
👉Face in circular motion in upward direction.
👉Neck front and back.
👉Chest and abdomen in clockwise direction.
👉Hand and legs – Long stokes in downward direction and on joints circular.
👉Back – Centre to outward.
👉In last massage foot.
👍Leave oil for 5-10 minutes then enjoy bath with lukewarm water.

Which Oil to use?

☘️Choose oil according to your prakriti ( body type).
☘️Sesame oil can be used by everyone.
☘️ In pain use mahanarayan oil and in stress use Brahmi oil.

Best time for Self Massage??

🌞In morning before bath. Foot massage at night.

When to avoid Massage?

🍁In Indigestion and illness.
🍁During mensus gentle massage is recommended.
🍁In pregnancy also self gentle massage can be done it prevent pain, stretch marks, itching and skin discoloration.

In which health problems Makhana ( fox nut) is useful and how to use it??

🌺Fox nut or Makhana is roasted and popped seeds of euryale ferox ,which grow in ponds.
🌺In India it is generally used during fast as it is a great source of nutrients and gives instant energy.
🌺It is rich in carbohydrate, protein and minerals like calcium,iron, phosphorus and zinc.

🍀 It is guru ( heavy to digest ) , Snigdha ( unctuousness) and sweet in taste.
🍀Cold in potency

☘️It balance vata and pitta, increase kapha

🌻Uses of fox nuts

🌷It increases strength, stamina and immunity. 💪

🌷 Due to absorbent nature it is used in diarrhoea and IBS , but it should be avoided in constipation and bloating.

🌷 it is good for heart💖, prevent heart diseases, gives strength to heart muscles, maintain proper rhythm of heart beats and relieves palpitations.

🌷 Good for liver. 👍

🌷Antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and anti-aging action.😎

🌷Improves fertility in both men and women, useful for those who want to conceive.👶

🌷 It improves sperm count and quality.

🌷It strengthen uterus muscles, prevent miscarriage.

🌷It improves strength after delivery.👍

🌷 Prevent heavy menstrual bleeding and pain.

🌷Used in leucorrhoea.

🌷Good for bones and teeth. 🦴

🌷 Due to vata pacifying action it is useful in insomnia , restlessness ,dry hair and dry skin. 😀
🌷 Prevent wrinkles.
🌷 Due to pitta pacifying property it is used in burning sensation🔥 ( gastritis, burning eyes etc) and bleeding disorders.

🌷It increase kapha so it should be avoided in increased kapha conditions.

🌷 It has antidiabetic action,it maintain blood sugar level, reduce insulin resistance,improve glycemic control and prevent diabetic complications. Great snack 😋for diabetic person as it also gives energy and relieves fatigue.

🌷 It improves lipid profile, lower blood pressure.👌

🌷 It helps in weight lose ,as it is high in fibres and gives feeling of fullness,but it should be consume in limited quantity.🤠

🌷 It is also helps in gaining weight by regular use, take 5 gm of its powder with milk twice daily.
🌷 Good for sport persons and gym goers.

How to use it?🤔

👉It can be consumed by roasting with ghee ( improves vata pacifying property).

👉Can be added in dishes. Kheer or raita can be made using this.

👉Roasted Makkhan can be a healthy replacement of chips for children. It can also be used in place processed breakfast cereals.😊
👉It’s powder can also be added in baby food.

Why not to stay awake late night?? How it effects health??

🌺Sleep😴 is one of the piller of life along with food and brahmacharya.

🌺According to ayurveda proper sleep😊 and improper sleep 😕is responsible for happiness and unhappiness, nourishment and emaciation, strength and loss of strength, intelligence and poor concentration respectively.👍

🌺Now most people think sleeping hours are important it does not matter at what time they sleep but it is not so.🧐

🌺Only night sleep is good for health,prevent diseases, it is natural and in accordance with our biological clock. 🕰️

🌺With only proper night sleep body rejuvenate, repair and refresh for next day.😀🌛🌟

🌺 Humans are diurnal mammals, they are not nocturnal mammals but due to availability of artificial lights we suppress our nature which ultimately harms us only. So there is no such thing like night person. 🙄

🌺Best and easy time to sleep is before 10 pm or at least by 11 pm. 😅

🌻What happens when sleep after 11 pm?? 🧐

👉If you sleep in between 11pm -2am it causes pitta dosha increases in body which causes skin diseases, headaches, hair fall and greying of hair. 😱

👉After 2am vata dosha gets increased causes dry skin, rough skin, weight loss, irritation,memory loss, anxiety and depression. 🥺

👉Sleep disorders, body ache, heavyness in head🤕, heavy in body, disturbed digestion, tiredness, excessive yawning, weakness, impotency, obesity, wrinkles and visual errors 👀also caused by staying up in night. 🌻

👉 Causes Hormonal imbalances. 😕
👉 Increase risk of many physical and mental disorders. 🌞

🌺6pm to 10 pm kapha time which is slow, dense and heavy energy so it naturally helps in sleep. ✅

🌺10 – 2 pm pitta time, agni time body and mind becomes active, hard to sleep , increase in body temperature, metabolic rate is fast you feel hungry and eating in this time of night causes weight gain and disturbed digestion.

🌺2-6 am vata time, time of activity, movement in nature starts, difficult time to sleep, not good quality of sleep and lots of dreams. Vayu dosha aggravates which can cause 80 types of diseases.

Know what is the best time for exercise and why!!

Exercise or vyayam 🏃‍♂️🧘‍♂️is a part of ayurvedic dincharya🌞 or daily routine, now it is very important to know the right time of excercise as now a days people are becoming health conscious and have started doing yoga,gym or other physical activities 🏊‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️to maintain health but they are doing excercise as per their convenient timings🤔 which sometimes instead of doing good can cause harm😳.

🌱Ayurveda divide day🌞 into three parts-
🕕 from 6am to 10 am kapha dosha dominant part,
🕙10am – 2pm pitta dosha dominate part
🕑2 pm – 6pm vata dosha dominant part of day.

👉Each dosha has some function in body like vata dosha🌀 is responsible for every activity or movement of body so during exercise it tends to increase so if you exercise in vata dominant time you feel more tired as vayu is already high in body.

🌻Pitta time is also not suitable for exercise as pitta is fire🔥 due to exercise temperature of body increase which in result aggravat pitta dosha.

🌼kapha dosha which is slow, cold, stable and causes sluggishness in body 🌊, exercising during kapha dominant time helps in counter these effects of kapha and you feel more energetic, strong and fresh after exercise, as kapha dosha also give strength to body it will become easy to do exercise during this time. If you exercise in evening or in night it may disturb natural sleep rhythm.

👉So according to ayurveda ideal time to exercise🏃‍♀️ is from 6am to 10 am.

Uses of cinnamon.

🌿Cinnamon is commonly used in dishes to enhance there aroma and flavor. It is part of famous Indian spice mix garam masala.

🌿It is used in many Ayurvedic medicines specially in medicine for digestive and respiratory disorder.

🌿One of the most commonly used medicine for cough and cold sitopaladi powder contain cinnamon as one of it ingredient.

👉It is sweet, pungent and bitter in taste.
Light, dry and piercing.
Hot in potency.
Pacify kapha and vata.
In excess it increases pitta.

👉It has anti microbial, antispasmodic, antifungal and antioxidant property.

👉 It improves digestive strength by activating liver .

👉Useful in low appetite,loss of taste( rub on tongue mixing with honey) and in diarrhea. 👍

👉Useful in diabetes as it lower blood glucose level-take its kadha or add its powder in food. 👌

👉 Used in allergic rhinitis,cough,cold,flu as it has decongestant,expectorant and demulcent action( consume it by making paste with honey 2-3 times or boil it with ginger,clove, black pepper)🤧

👉 It maintains cholesterol level, improve blood circulation, improves wbc count, act as blood thinner and it is good for heart. ❤️

👉Relieve throat pain,cleanses throat and improve voice. 🎶

👉 It give strength to teeth and remove bad breath ( can chew for 5 minutes or rub on teeth ) that is why it is used in herbal tooth powder😁

👉 Relieve headache, headache due to sinus ( apply its paste on forehead for 2-3 minutes )🤯

👉Improve skin complexion ( apply by making paste with honey and lemon juice),cure acne , pimples ( apply mixing with lemon juice).😎

👉It has diuretic action so used in urine retention, painful urination and useful in UTI. 💁‍♂️

👉 Relieve menstrual pain, used in absence of period or in less bleeding but it should not used during periods and if someone has heavy period it should be avoided.💁‍♀️

👉It help in weight loss and in maintaining healthy weight. 😅

👉It’s oil is applied on insect bite use it by mixing in til or coconut oil as it is very strong and can burn skin. 👌

👉 In hairfall it can be apply on scalp by mixing in oil for 15 minutes then wash.😎

👉 Cinnamon tea ( boil it in water honey can be added after cooling down) is useful in insomnia. 😴

👉 It is applied on joint in arthritis pain and stiffness . 🦴

👉 Used in worm infestation. 🐛
👉 Useful in travel sickness 🤮- chew its small piece.

👉It is used for aroma therapy, its smell calm down brain useful in anxiety, fear, excessive thought, migraine and mood swings.

🌿Part used
Its stem bark,leaves and oil is used.

🌿How to use it?
✅It’s powder can be added in food ,salad,juice and fruits to reduce their kapha inducing property.

✅Powder dose 1-3 gm.

✅Its stick can be chew.

✅Oil (2-5 drops) can be used.

✅Cinnamon tea has all the above mentioned benefits. 🍵

✅Can applied externally but for 2-3 minutes. 👍

🌿Who should avoid it?

❌It is hot in potency so person with bleeding disorders, gastritis,ulcer, heavy period,pitta nature should use it with caution.
❌It can be be used in less quantity during pregnancy, lactation and for children.

WAKE UP EARLY MORNING – first rule to stay fit. 🌞🕓

Ayurveda is all about timing it is not about whether you are sleeping 8 hours per night but rather what time you’re going to sleep and waking up is more important .

To stay in sync with nature Ayurveda recommend that it’s best to wake up in Brahma mahurat ( 45 min before sunrise 4.30 to 5.30 or at least by 6am) .If u wake up between 6am and 10 am in spite of completing 8 hours sleep you tend to feel heavy ,slow due to kapha dominance.

Benefits of Waking up Early

🌻Getting up early inject enthusiasm in mind and stimulate all body organ. Improves digestion.
🌻Best treatment for obesity , allergies, arthritis, depression and anxiety.
🌻Best time for yoga pranayam prayer or exercise as body and mind both are strong and active.
🌻Brahm mahurat is very satvik time so waking up in this time fill mind with positivity and good energy, never suffer from depression, anxiety and fear.
🌻Got lot more time for daily work so less stress.
🌻Best time to study.

Tips to wake up Early🌅🌞

👉Switch off TV and put mobile aside by 10 pm.
👉 Set up target in your mind.
👉Have early and light dinner.
👉Drink 1/2 glass of water before sleep.
👉Keep alarm at distance for bed.
👉Don’t stay in bed after waking up.
👉Wash face with cold water.

For good digestion eat food in particular sequence of taste .

Eating order of food should be according to taste – sweet, sour, salt, pungent , bitter and astringent.

  • For good health eat food with all 6 taste .

Q- Sweet should be first thing to eat?

A. Yes. Anything which taste sweet should be eaten first as they are dominated by earth and water elements which are heavy by nature and due to it they are heavy to digest, at starting of meal digestive strength is maximum which helps to digest sweet tasting food( sugar,rice,wheat etc) easily.

In India we have tradition also to serve sweet first , by eating sweet at the end of meal reduces digestive fire ,cause slow metabolism which is the main cause of many diseases including obesity , thyroid gland disorders, PCOS etc.

  • Sweet taste also has property of mukha upalep( coating) which is also not good for oral health if eaten in last.

Q. So what should be taken in end of meal?

A. Buttermilk which is astringent in taste helps in digestion of food and also clean mouth. Betel leaf or nut can also be eaten.

Swarnprashan bindu or drop

Swarnprashan bindu or drop is a unique, specialized and effective ayurvedic technique which is meant for children only, it is given to boost their immunity naturally. There are many other benefits of swarnprashan –

1.It improves physical and mental strength of the child.

2. Improves digestion.

3. Improves intelligence, memory, concentration, learning and retention capacity of the child.

4. Protects them from infection .

5. Good for skin, hair, bone and muscle growth. It can be given from a new born to 16 years of child.

It should be given continuously for 6months or at least one month, after that it should be given once in a month on the day of pushya nakshatra till the child reaches 16 years of age. There is no side effects of it but it should be given after consulting ayurvedic doctor. It’s dose is decided according to child’s age and weight. We are also manufacturers of good quality of Swarnprashan drops. I am using these drops in my clinical practice since long and getting very good response.

Saffron health benefits and uses.

Kesar ( saffron)

🌺Kesar is used in food all over the world for its flavour and colour , there are many health benefits of this one of the costliest spice which makes it essential ingredient in beauty product, food and medicines.

🌺It is also called Kumkum in ayurveda.

🌺 Kesar from Kashmir which is thin, reddish orange in colour and have fragrance like lotus is of best quality.
🌺 Pure kesar tastes bitter, when rub between fingers do not break and felt little oily in texture. When it is put in water it float and colours the water but do not lose its own colour.

🌺Ayuvedic properties of kesar

👉 It is katu(pungent) and tikta( bitter) in taste
👉 Slimy
👉 Hot potency
👉Balance all three doshas

🌺Part used

Dried stigma of flower

🌺Health benefits

👉It not only add colour and aroma to your food but it also improves appetite and digestion.

👉It is rich in antioxidants ,act as anti-aging, improve immunity and memory.😎

👉Saffron is helpful in asthma as it clear air ways,and reduce inflammation which helps in easy breathing.👌

👉It is extremely good for skin it😀 improves skin tone and complexion,it cleanse,hydrate, reduce oiliness, soften ,tone and disinfect skin.
Used in melasma, freckles, acne, pimples, blackheads and wounds. 🤗

👉It is widely used in cosmetic products.it is main ingredient of kumkumadi oil.

👉 It purifies blood.
👉 Good for eyes. 😍
👉 Saffron is cardiac tonic💓

👉Saffron is good for male reproductive system as it improves sperm count, help in treating premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc.

👉 It is good for female reproductive system also, useful in menstrual cycle related problems, during pregnancy and during post partum. 👌

👉 Used in worm infestation. 🐛

👉It should be use from second trimester of pregnancy as it helps to get rid of constipation,gas, nausea , morning sickness, acidity etc during pregnancy and helps in easy delivery. It should not be used in first trimester of pregnancy. 🤰

👉Useful in rheumatoid arthritis. 🦴

👉 Helpful in easy urine flow.

👉It has anti depressant action. 😇
👉 It Helps in good sleep. 😴

👉 It is rejuvenating. 😃

👉Anti cancer action.

How to use it?? 🤔

Add in desserts.
Add in milk,honey or ghee.
Apply externally.

🌺Do not use it in excess, 2-3 stigmas are enough for one person in a day.

Few Uses

✅Drinking saffron powder with milk treat – impotency, improves immunity and memory. 🌱

✅Apply saffron with milk or honey on face improve complexion, remove black heads, pimples,acne, freckles,dark circles around eyes and other skin problems. 🌻

✅In headache it’s paste can be applied over head. 🌷

✅ In migraine 2 drops of saffron mix ghee should be instilled in each nostrils.🌷

✅ Its used after delivery gives strength to uterus. 🌷

✅ Use it 3 days before periods with honey or ghee till the end of period to treat heavy bleeding, painful periods, premenstrual syndromes and mood swings during mensus.🌷

✅ Make thin paste of Kesar and rosewater, apply this in eyes to improve vision., 🌷

Know Why you should never hold urge to urinate!!

👉Urge to pass urine is a natural reflex which occurs when body wants to expel unwanted liquid out of body.👍

👉Urine 💧form on regular basis due to metabolism it is a waste product of body .

👉Through urination this waste product is thrown out of the body.🌺

👉Body gives signal to urinate, now it is our work to obey these demand of body as soon as they appears. ✅👍

👉Most the people do not know how important it is to attend this natural urge, they suppress them due to work or any other reason. 🙄

👉 When body wants to expel out something it is sure body do not require it or it must be harmful for body,🌻so we should never become obstacle in this cleansing and detoxification🤷‍♀️ process of body.

👉Urine contains unwanted and harmful materials which body wants to get rid of. 👌

👉Holding urine damage organs of urinary system like kidney and urinary bladder.

👉It causes diseases of urinary, reproductive and even systematic disorders like diabetes . 😱

👉Apan vayu🌀 is responsible to expel urine by holding urine habitually it gets imbalanced and move upwards, causes many health issues including menstrual problems and digestive issues. 😱

🤔What happened by habitually holding urge to urine?

This habit of holding urine may causes –
😓Scanty and frequent urination.
😨Painful urination.
😫Pain in naval, below naval, groin and anal region.
🙄Uro genital disorders.
🧔Benign n prostate hypertrophy
👩Menstrual disorders in women.

🤔What should we do?
✅Attend urge to urine as soon as it appears leaving all the work,by doing so we protect ourselves from many diseases. 😊

👉If you are already suffering from problems due to holding urine😥 then without delay you should visit ayurvedic doctor🌿 for proper treatment and therapies. 🙏

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