Uses of coconut water and pulp.

🥥Coconut is used in sacred ceremonies from thousands of years as it is considered as divine fruit . It is of 3 types based on its life cycle baal , madhyam and pakva.

🌷Baal or tender coconut have 95 water which has best cooling effect.
🌷Madhyam which have soft pulp along with water it is most nutritive has more vitamin, protein, carbohydrates and minerals than other two form . This form is good for almost everyone.
🌷Pakva type have firm pulp🥥 and little water it is heavy to digest , decrease digestive fire and if taken in large quantity can cause hyper acidity and can increase cholesterol so it should always used with other ingredients which increase digestive fire like ginger, mustard and cumin,they all can be grind to make chutney .
🌷 It pacify vata, pitta and increase kapha.

🌺Tender Coconut water benefits👇

👉Used in excessive thirst.
👉Best natural electrolyte drink. Great to use in summer.
👉Flushes out toxins.
👉Relieve burning sensation, burning in urine and painful urination.
👉Hyper Acidity.
👉Improve muscular strength.
👉Cardiac tonic.
👉 Used in Fever.
👉 In Skin rashes.
👉In Spermatorrhea.
👉In Dry mouth.
👉Nourishes mind , calm overactive mind if someone is short tempered it help them to stay cool.
👉In menopausal phase it relieves hot flashes and restore emotional balance.
👉Stress buster.
👉It should generally avoid in night
👉Support fat metabolism help in stay slim.
👉Improve skin texture, complexion , can be used in face pack.

👉It should not be used in cooking

🌺Ripened coconut qualities👇

🌻Useful to gain weight and strength.
🌻Can cause constipation
🌻If taken in large quantiy can cause stiffness and heaviness in body

🙂Coconut oil is keshya, it promote hair growth.
🙂Its oil can be applied on feet after stressful day and it is also applied to prevent scar.

Amazing uses of curry leaves!!

☘️Curry leaves are used in food for its aroma but it also make food healthy.

☘️Ayurveda suggest it internal as well as external use.

☘️ It has carbohydrate,fibre, alkaloids, calcium,iron, phosphorus , vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, vitamin B etc.

☘️Curry leaves are alkaline in nature and bitter, pungent in taste.

☘️ It improve taste of food,act as appetizer,good for digestion, prevent gas formation and relieve constipation.

☘️It has antidiarrheal action.

☘️ It relieve nausea , vomitting and morning sickness in first trimester of pregnancy.

☘️ It lower cholesterol level , improve fat metabolism, used in weight reduction,its decoction or powder can be used for this.

☘️It has anti diabetic action help in controlling blood sugar level in type 2 diabetes,its dried powder can be taken for that.

☘️It is good for eyes ,it improve vision.

☘️It is good for hairs,it’s paste can be applied on scalp to cure dandruff or it can be boiled with coconut oil then filter, this oil is good to prevent greying of hairs and also improve hair growth.

☘️It protect liver, remove toxins from it.

☘️Good for kidney and heart.

☘️It is rich in antioxidants,it has anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial activities.

☘️ Its paste is applied on skin for wound healing,cure skin eruption,acne, black heads,burn,insect bites and lighten dark circles.

☘️ It reduces stress, anxiety and depression with regular use.

☘️ It improve memory.

☘️It helps in fighting cancer.

How to use it?

✅Fresh leaves can be added in food or chutney can be made from it.

✅Fresh leaves can be dried in shade then coarsely powdered it (3-4 gm of this powder can be used ) to use food.

✅Boil leaves in 1 cup water and reduce it half , filter this decoction this water has all the benefits of leaves.

☘️Leave paste is applied externally on skin and scalp.

👉There is no side effects but do not use it in excess

👉Curry leave or kadhi patta is called so because it can be add in any curry to enrich its taste and aroma.
👉Some people remove it while eating but after knowing it’s health benefit hope they start eating this leaves.

👉It can be easily grown in pot in balcony or garden.

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Kushmand, winter melon or ash gourd- best summer vegetable.

🌼It is a best vegetable for summer.
🌼Light to digest, sweet taste, cold in potency and balances vata and pitta dosha in body.

👉It is nourishing, 💪increases strength and immunity of body.

👉Relieve excessive tiredness.

👉Good for those suffering from burning sensation, bleeding disorders like nasal bleeding, anal bleeding and heavy periods.

👉It is medhya i.e improve memory, intelligence and concentration. 😎

👉Relives excessive thirst and dry mouth.

👉Good for heart. ❤️

👉Someone with excessive anger should consume it.

👉Good for use in burning urine, UTI, pain during urination and kidney stones.

👉Useful in chronic fever specially if someone feels feverish in evening, burning in feet and hand.

👉Good for diabetic person.

👉Useful for those continously losing weight.

How to use it?

🌷It can be cooked to make sabji.
🌷Juice can be taken.
🌷It’s halwa or mithai, the famous AGRA PETHA is made from khusmand only can be consumed.
🌷Ayurvedic formulation like kushmand rasayan can be taken.

Urad daal (black gram) useful in 80 types of diseases .

☘️In India various types of pulses are used as a part of our diet which slowly restricts to only moong, toor and chana.

☘️Urad daal which is a rich source of protein, carbohydrate, dietary fiber and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium is called MASH in ayurveda as it increases muscle mass of body.

☘️It is used as food as well as medicine from ancient times. If you are a vegetarian and worry about protein in diet, then urad should be an essential part of your diet.

☘️Ayurvedic properties of Urad Dal

👉It is sweet in taste

👉Heavy to digest.

👉Snigdha (unctuous)

👉Hot in potency

👉Best vata dosha pacifier

👉It increases kapha, pitta and rakta dosha in body

☘️Benefits of Urad Dal

✅It gives nourishment to body.

✅It improves body strength.

✅It increases urine and stool excretion thus person suffering from constipation and difficult urination should have it.

✅It improves muscle strength, good for sportsperson and body builders.

✅Helpful for those who want to gain weight.

✅Imbalance of vata dosha cause 80 types of diseases in body including all types of pain,Parkinson, sciatica, facial paralysis, partial paralysis etc as urad is excellent vata dosha pacifier it is used in all those conditions both externally and internally.

✅Those with extremely dry body should use it.

✅In old age vata dosha gets aggravated cause weakness , pain and improper intestinal movement, black gram is beneficial in this condition.

✅It is used in neurological disorders.

✅It works on male reproductive system. It is recommended to use with ghee in males.

✅It acts on female reproductive system – it is used in treatment of painful menstruation, amenorrhea and PCOS.

✅ It improves breast milk production in lactating mothers. It is recommended to use with oil in females.

When to avoid it?
❌It should not be consumed on daily basis.
❌Avoid it in skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis and itching
❌Obese person should not eat it.

🤔How to use it?
✅It can be cooked as simple daal

✅It can be used to make Ladoo.

✅It can be used to make Khichdi – with rice, green gram, til and ghee.
✅ Idli or dosa can be made using it.

Amazing uses of Aloevera!!

🌺It is known as’ ghrita kumari ‘in Sanskrit.Ghrita ( ghee like pulp in leaves)
Kumari ( used in young girl disease like acne and menstrual problems).
🌺It is used internally as well as externally.
🌺It is sweet bitter in taste, unctuous, heavy and cold in nature
It balances all three doshas

🌱Aloevera Benefits

👉It is a good source of vitamin A C, E and B. Rich in minerals, amino acid and enzymes. 😊

👉Good for digestion as it contains lot of enzymes.
👉It has pre biotic activity so it improves growth of good bacteria in intestine.🤗
👉 Relieves constipation, gases and bloating . 😀
👉Useful in liver disorder like hepatitis, hepatomegaly, jaundice and fatty liver. 🌳
👉 Useful in spleenomegaly.
👉Improves strength and immunity. 💪
👉Natural Blood thinner. 👌
👉 Maintains cholesterol levels.
👉Purifies blood. 👍
👉Help in weight loss. 😎
👉Prevent gall bladder stones formation. 🌵
👉 Make skin smooth and glowing.👩 Cure Skin allergies, itching and inflammation.
👉 Useful in acne and blemishes.
👉 Repair wound and burn.

👉 improve vision. Used in conjunctivitis. 👀
👉Used in cough, cold, asthma and breathlessness. 🤧
👉 Anti aging as it rejuvenate all cell and tissue of body, prevent wrinkles. 👩‍🦳
👉Improve hair quality, prevent hair fall and cure dandruff.(apply its gel or boil it with oil use this oil on scalp) 👩‍🦱👨
👉On burn, acne boil or other skin allergies it’s pulp can be applied alone or with turmeric. 🍂🌼
👉It is extremely useful for women👩 as it helps in normal ovulation, inducing periods, prolapse and fibroids. Used in infertility treatment. 👍
👉Prevent cancer.

🤔How to use Aloe Vera?

🌷Its pulp or gel can be used directly or by adding little water its juice can be made.
🌷It’s Sabji, chapati or laddoos can also made.

Gel 1-3 gm
Juice 10 – 20 ml
Empty stomach in morning

,🤔Is there any side effects of it??

🌷Aloe Vera is no doubt very useful herb but in some conditions it should not be consumed .
❌Avoid during diarrhea and IBS .
❌ Avoid in pregnancy and lactation.
❌ Do not consume it in excess.
❌Do not consume it for long time continously give gap of 15 – 20 days after 3 months.

🌺Must have this plant in your home.
🌺Use fresh aloevera in place of packaged juices or gel.

Parwal( Pointed gourd) is good to use in healthy as well as in disease condition!!

🌿Parwal or patol( Pointed gourd)

🌷Parwal is one of the best vegetable according to ayurveda which is good for consumption in healthy as well as in diseased condition.

🌷It is so good that it is recommended by ayurveda to use regularly by all. It can be consumed round the year but summer and rainy seasons are best time for its use.

🌷Parwal is ancient vegetable of India as in all the major ayurvedic texts there is mention of it benefits.

🌷This easily available, economical and quick to make vegetable is full of nutrients.

🌷Its leaves and roots are used in preparation of many ayurvedic medicines.

☀️Properties of parwal

👉It is bitter and pungent in taste. Fruit is little sweet also.
👉Light to digest.
👉Dry in nature and hot in potency. 👉It fruit is cold in potency.
👉It balance kapha and pitta in body, it do not increase vata dosha.
👉Its fruit, roots and leaves are used

☀️Health benefits

✅It control excessive hunger and thirst.
✅Improve taste in food.

✅It improves digestive fire, it is useful in gastrointestinal disorders.

✅It is good for skin, improves skin complexion.

✅It gives nourishment to body.

✅ It Increases strength and immunity of body.

✅Good for liver, improve bile production and secretion.

✅It removes toxins form body.

✅Purify blood.

✅Helps in weight loss.

✅Helps in downward movement of vayu, expel excess gas(flatus) from body, prevent bloating.

✅Good for eyes .

✅Good for hairs .

✅Aphrodisiac, improves sexual potency.

✅Helps in quick healing of wound .

✅Good for consumption of kids, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

✅It should be eaten during recovery from illness.

✅Its consumption is good in following conditions-

👉Fever and burning sensation.

👉cough, cold, flu and throat pain. 👉Skin problems, worm and inflammation.
👉constipation, acidity, gastric ulcer and jaundice.
, 👉Diabetes, high cholesterol and kidney disorders.

What causes skin disorders?? 🙄

👉Skin is first line of defense of our body.👍
👉Beautiful skin is attractive and increases confidence where as skin with issues affect negatively .😭
👉Some skin problems may not be painful in nature but they give emotional pain . 😥
👉 Today there is whole industry for skin care, beautification and treatment, but still every other person is suffering from skin problems. 🤐

👉According to Ayurveda, skin diseases take time to manifest and take time to cure as well, they are most prolonged diseases which sometimes runs across generations.😮

👉So it is very important to know the causes of skin diseases for everyone so that they can protect themselves from any skin diseases and if someone is already suffering then they should know there cause and stay away from them which helps in early recovery.👍

👉Skin diseases are considered as Mahavyadi (major diseases) in Ayurveda, it is always best to know the causes which helps in their prevention.👍

🌷Causes related to diet

  1. Eating wrong combination food.
    (will write about it in detail) 🌺
  2. Eating without digestion of previous meal. 🌿
  3. Overeating 🌿
  4. Eating heavy to digest food and oily food. 🏵️
  5. Consuming excessive liquid(including water) . 🍶🍵☕🥛
  6. Having extremely cold or hot food. ☕
  7. Having cold food after hot or hot food after having consumed something cold. 🍦🍵
  8. Excessive fasting. 🌿
  9. Regular consumption of curd, fish, excessive salt and sour things
  10. Consuming newly harvested grain,🌿 rice flour and other flour dishes on daily basis.
  11. Excess consumption of milk and its products. 🍶
  12. Excess consumption of jaggery and its products.

🌷🌷Causes related to lifestyle

  1. Holding natural urges, specially urge of vomiting .
  2. Not holding negative mental urges.
    ( read post about natural urges)
  3. Sleeping in day time ( waking up is also day time sleep) 🌼
  4. Bathing immediately after exposure to strong sun, exertion and in fear.
  5. Excercise or exertion in hot climate. 🌱
  6. Due to improper panchkarma or detox therapy.
  7. Fear and anxiety.

🌷🌷🌷Causes related to behavior

  1. Insulting elders,teachers and learned people. 🙏
  2. Smoking and alcohol.
  3. Doing sinful acts .

👉Due to above causes metabolism gets disturbed resulting in production of toxins and accumulation in body (ama) which block body channels, deprive body tissues of nutrition which cause damage of skin tissues, results in skin disorder.
👉In skin disorder skin, blood, muscle and body fluid get effected.
👉All 3 doshas get imbalanced in skin diseases .

🌱Ayurveda has best treatment for skin related problems. 🌷

Successful treatment of any disease depend on 4 components – Doctor,medicine, patient and attendant.

Chikitsa chatushpad (4 components of treatment)

🌷Disease is imbalance of dosha, dhatu and mala.
🌷Bringing them back to equilibrium is chikitsa or treatment.

🌷 To treat any disease is not only physician responsibility but there are 3 more aspects to it.

🌷In absence of them even a great physician will not be able to cure disease.

4 components which are responsible to cure any disease effectively there are-

1.Bhishag( vaidhya or doctor)

  1. Upasthata(attendant)
  2. Rogi ( patient)

These 4 components should possess following qualities

  1. Vaidhya or doctor
    He is most important component as he is the one who is using other 3 components, doctor should have following qualities

✅He must be knowledgeable, he should have knowledge about sign, symptoms and treatment of disease.
✅He should have experience and practical knowledge in his field of expertise.

✅He should be disciplined and proficient in his work .

✅He should be clean physically, mentally and emotionally.He should not work under effect of any negative emotion like greed, hatred or jealousy.


✅It should suitable for disease.

✅It can be used in different forms and dose.

✅It should have all the required qualities.
✅ It should be available easily.


The person who takes care of patient he can be nurse or family member,attendant should possess following qualities –
✅He should have knowledge of nursing.
✅Proficient in his work.
✅He should be affectionate and compassionate towards patients.
✅He should follow cleanliness physically and free from negative emotions.

4.Patient –
Patient is the one for whom all are working, he is also responsible to cure illness. Patients with following qualities definitely helps in speedy healing-
✅He should have good memory to follow instructions given by doctor like to take medicine on time and to come for follow up.

✅He should be obedient, he should follow diet, exercise or therapies suggested to him.
✅He should be fearless and courageous.

✅ He should have ability to explains about symptoms of illness as it is, without exaggerating or tone them down .

🌷Combined efforts of all of them restore health.

🌷Among them also Doctor is most important, as it is only doctor who is responsible to use other components effectively.

🌷Like to cook food even with all the ingredients, vessel and fire food cannot be cooked if cook is not efficient .

🌷Similarly a vaidhya with the help of 3 other aspects of treatment with required qualities can successfully treat diseases.

Exercise – why, when and how much as per Ayurveda.

🌷Exercise is called Vyayam in Sanskrit means which produce tiredness in body.🚶‍♀️🏋️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️🚴‍♂️

🌷It is mentioned under dincharya or daily routine in Ayurveda that means benefit of doing regular exercise has been taught from thousands of years. 🌞

🌷Benefits of regular Exercise

✅Increase body strength, firmness and causes lightness in body. 💪
✅Improve digestion, blood circulation and improve immunity. 😀
✅Relax mind ,improve memory and concentrate. 😇
✅Remove toxins.
✅Improve body tolerance for hot or cold weather. 😎
✅Good for joints🦴
✅Body become curvy. 💃
✅Best to treat obesity. 😅

👉According to Ayurveda well exercised and well oil massaged body keep diseases away. 👍

🤔 How much exercise should one do?
👉Ayurveda says a healthy person should exercise half of his strength . Now how you know that you have achieved half of your strength So it says when you sweat from forehead and breathing starts from mouth. It means you have pushed your body to decent extend.

✅Intensity of exercise also depends on weather

  • In summer and rainy season mild to moderate exercise. 🌞
    -In winters heavy exercise. ❄️ You should exercise less warmer places and exercise in full capacity in colder places.

👉Above rules are for healthy person, for obese person he should do exercise in his full capacity and keep increasing its intensity and duration.

When not to Exercise?🧐

❌After having food
❌In disease conditions.
❌When feeling thirsty or hungry. ❌After heavy work.

🌷Signs of Over Exercise

👉Tiredness, feeling exhaust😨😩
👉Body strength decreases .
👉Excessive thirst. 🥵
👉Fever, vomiting, respiratory problems, skin issues, bleeding disorder and cough. 🤧

🤔Should exercise be done during menstruation ?

This is one common question every lady has, as per ayurvedic texts you should avoid heavy exercise as it may increase pain and bleeding.👩

Which is best time for Exercise?

✅Morning( 6 to 10am kaha dosha time) is best time to exercise. 🥇
👉10-2pm is pitta time if you do exercise in this it may increase body heat causes pitta aggravation which may leads to different diseases.
👉2 – 6pm is is vata time, exercising in this time may causes excessive tiredness and body ache.
👉Doing heavy exercise in evening or at night can cause sleep disorders.

✅But if it is absolutely not possible for you to exercise in morning
than it can be done in your convenient time . 👍

Should we exercise daily or 3-4 times in a week is enough??🤔

👉It is part of ayurvedic daily routine so as per ayurveda it should be done on daily basis.

Is chilled water is good to quench thirst in hot weather ?? 🤔

Avoid ice cold water or drinks.

👉Drinking ice cold water is strictly prohibited in Ayurveda. 👍

👉 In summer, vata gets accumulated, vata which is cold in nature get aggravated when things similar in its properties like cold water is taken. 🌱

👉 Vata aggravation can result in 80 types of diseases like pain in body parts,stiffness, bloating, constipation, dry skin, rough skin,black discoloration of skin, hair fall,dandruff, tinnitus, pulsation, tremor, memory loss, convulsions, unstable mind etc. 🌷

👉 Extremely cold water dampen digestive fire which causes Indigestion resulting in accumulation of toxins which clog body channels and ultimately cause many health issues like obesity, hypothyroidism,constipation, bloating, respiratory disorders etc. 🌷

👉Use boiled and naturally cooled down water as it is easy to digest and improve digestive fire. 🌷

👉Use khas, rose buds, amla, chandan, Manjishtha, fennel, clove, mulethi etc to make water cool, boil them with water and let the water cooled down, filter it and store in mud or silver pot.
Make it fresh daily.

👉This type of cold water is good for use in hot weather, in alcoholic intoxication, fatigue, vomiting, excessive thirst , burning sensation,increased pitta, blood toxicity and in bleeding disorders.

Can we drink warm water or hot water in hot weather??

👉Vata and pitta dominant person should avoid hot water in hot weather, kapha person or in kapha disorders warm water can be taken .

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