Benefits, types and rules regarding boiled water intake as per Ayurveda.

🌺Drinking boiled water helps in preventing and treating many diseases.

🌺 In present scenario where government also advise people to drink warm water it is very important to know about benefits of it and some rules about its consumption.
🌺 Ayurveda suggests 4 types of boiled water.

  1. Simple boiled water, till it starts boiling .
  2. Water Boiled till it reduces to 1/4-drinking that helps in vata disorders, neurological disorders, irregular appetite and irregular digestion.
  3. Water boiled till it reduces to 1/2-drinking that helps in Dry cough, Indigestion, pitta disorders, excessive body heat and bleeding disorders.
  4. Water boiled till it reduces to 1/8(eg.boil 8cups water reduces to 1cup)- this is best type, useful in most of the diseases specially kapha disorders obesity, lethargy, fatigue, diabetes, hypothyroidism, asthma, anemia etc.

Benefits of warm water
👉 It is light, easy and fast to digest compared to normal or cold water.
👉 It improves digestion, prevent and cure Indigestion.
👉 It improves appetite.
👉 Good for throat and throat related problems.
👉 Relieves Bloating, gas , heaviness after food, hiccups and Colic pain.
👉 Prevent and treat respiratory disorders like cough, cold, asthma and allergic rhinitis.
👉 Helps in weight loss, remove extra fat from body.
👉 Good for person suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
👉 It cleanse urinary bladder. Useful in urinary system related issues.
👉 Drinking warm water before sleep helps in digestion and proper elimination of stool next day.
👉 It clean body transporting channels.

How much one should drink warm water??
Drink as per your thirst, season, place, body type and disease. It is totally dependent on person, there is no fix amount.

Drinking boiled water is must in rainy season, winter and spring.

Some points to keep in mind 👇

🌻Let boiled water to cool down naturally, do not put it under fan.

🌻Boiled water should be used on same day.
🌻Boil water daily for use, avoid drinking previous day water.

🌻Do not reheat boiled water.
🌻 In excessive body heat and in bleeding disorders like nasal bleeding, heavy periods, drink completely cooled down water.
🌻 Cumin, pepper, clove, cinnamon, dry ginger powder, ginger,tulsi, coriander seeds, carom etc can be added in boiling water according to requirement.
🌻 Never add honey in hot water.

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