Madhur rasa(Sweet taste) – Properties and functions 

 Any happy occasion is incomplete without sweets  as it is most liked taste among all 6 tastes.

This one taste is congenial right from the time of birth to body as mother milk is also  sweet in taste.

Properties of sweet taste

It increases kapha dosha, pacify pitta and vata dosha.
It is dominant in earth and water elements.
It is cold, heavy to digest , unctuous, soft and  moist.

It nourishes all the 7 dhatus( tissues) of body and also ojas.

 It is satvic in nature.

樂How sweet taste effects physical health??

✅It gives instant energy and increases strength of body.

✅ It  promotes growth and give long life.

✅It nourishes and increases strength of all the 5 sense organs.

✅ It nourishes all 7 dhatus of body.

✅It is good for children as  it helps in growth and it is nourishing, children also naturally like to eat sweet things but always give them natural sweet taste thing not heavy and clogging sweets like chocolate and cakes.

✅Sweet taste is good for aged people as in them tissues are depleting causing weight loss, weakness of sense organs, vata increasing and loss of strength, so including sweet taste in their diet is must.

✅It quench thirst and give relief in dry mouth.

✅Sweet taste helps in healing fracture and wound.

✅It helps in maintaining healthy pregnancy and during lactation.

✅It relieves burning sensation.

✅It improves skin complexion.

✅It is good for hair.

✅It is good for voice.

✅It has anti toxic effects, it protects from various toxins.

✅It is good for those who wants to gain weight.

樂How sweet taste effects mentally and emotionally??

✅It give sense of happiness, satisfaction, contentment, comfort and pleasure.
✅It is soothing to mind

✅It invokes positive emotions like love, share, compassion and  happiness when consumed in moderation

✅If it is consumed in excess  it causes greed, attachment, possessiveness

樂When to eat sweet taste food?

Ayurveda instructs anything which tastes sweet should be eaten in  first part of meal  as they are dominated by earth and water elements which are heavy by nature and due to it they are heavy to digest.
 At starting of meal  digestive strength is maximum and  vata is high,so having sweet tasting food( sugar, rice, wheat, etc)  first, helps in pacifying vata and easy digestion of sweet taste.

樂What are the sweet taste things?

✅Old Wheat, rice, green gram, black gram, red lentils and barley.

✅Sugarcane and its products like sugar, jaggery,mishri.


✅Milk and milk products like ghee, paneer, curd etc.

✅Banana, mango, pomegranate, melons and other sweet fruits
✅Potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumber, carrots, corn etc
✅Raisin, fig, dates, prunes, cashew nut, almonds.

✅Saffron, bayleaf, cardamom cinnamon, fennel and mulethi.

✅Meat of desert animals

✅swarn bhasm

樂What are most safe sweet taste things ?
✅Old rice, barley, green gram, honey, wheat and meat of desert animals as they do not increases kapha dosha.

樂What are the effects of its over consumption?

Excessive  of sweet taste causes
Increase in kapha dosha and result in kapha disorders.

Low digestive fire, nausea, lack of interest in food, heaviness and  lethargy.
Obesity, asthma, diabetes,fatty liver, worms infestation, respiratory disorders  and eys diseases.

Excessive saliva secretion.

Excessive urine.

樂 What to do to overcome from bad effects of sweet taste over use?
Have bitter and pungent taste food.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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